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28 maj 2021

App works great now. I had some trouble getting it visible on my site (due to some code left behind by another search app). I contacted support and thought i might had to wait for the weekend to be over to get a response but i was surprised by their very quick respons. Within minutes, Nikita had not only solved the problem caused by the other app, he also had the app up and running with some extra coding needed as i wanted it to the leftside of my site! Great! 5 stars for service alone, but app works great as well! Easy to use, no-nonsense app, that exactly does what you would expect.

Kinderkleding Partytime
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
31 december 2020

Perfect App with perfect functionalities .. being able to filter tags in an easy and professional way

Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
20 september 2021

The app worked directly with the theme, something some other apps could not do, making life easier. Just started using but support is also good.

miTrail GPS
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
11 juli 2022

I am REALLY happy with this app! I have over 4000 items within the store, and Shopify doesn't make it super easy when you have over 200 collections to easily search and filter what you are looking for. This app is worth it's weight in gold. AMAZING!!!!

Bright Swan
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
29 november 2019

its good app and i recomendet it to everyone, its do the searching more eazy and customers always like your store

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Redigerat 16 juli 2022

It uses default filter, can not add metafields filters. Tried to look for instructions of how to remove app but no luck

En dag användning av appen
NP Apps svarade 16 juli 2022

Hi! Our app does support metafields, though at the moment they must be configured on our end upon request and the app specifically mentions that. So you are more than welcome to contact us (and I just sent you an email as well).

As for the uninstall instructions that you weren't able to find – that's actually a good thing. Our app does not modify the store theme and it can be uninstalled without any extra actions.

All in all, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

15 december 2020

The app seems to have what I need for my collection page. I can't get the filters to work though. When I try to filter something on my page, it shows an error: "a liquid error: product form must be given a product" What am I doing wrong or is it just not working on my 3rd party theme code?

Ungefär 22 timmar användning av appen
NP Apps svarade 16 december 2020

Hi, thank you for letting us know about the issue! We're always here to help with resolving any issues. Looking forward to your response so that we can fix this.

2 november 2019

Ich habe die App von 10 Minuten installiert und bin schon von der Suche begeistert. Ich verwende das Theme Avenue und die App integriert sich perfekt in die Suche. Es wird das erste Bild angezeigt. Ich teste weiter, aber die ersten Statements hier schon mal.

23 minuter användning av appen
Redigerat 27 mars 2019

Simple yet effective, it definitely improves the basic (and flawed) default search that comes with Shopify.

17 minuter användning av appen
2 juli 2020

Top! Genau das was ich gesucht habe. Einfach zu installieren und sehr hilfreich! Sieht zudem gut und übersichtlich aus.

14 minuter användning av appen