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Carbon neutral shipping integrated into your customer's cart

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Your shipments, green

Your customers care about the environment. Now they can get green delivery of their shipments from your store.

Easy carbon offsets

We'll show your customers exactly what offset we’ll purchase to green their order.

Location matching

We have offsets available throughout the US and Canada. We always try to match the offset to the location of the shipment.

À propos de Cloverly

Package shipments carry a significant carbon footprint. Cloverly allows you to make those deliveries carbon neutral.

Welcome to Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets, or what we like to call Sustainability as a Service. Cloverly was born out of our founders' frustration with the carbon cost of shipping. We’re all buying more products online, and each shipment carries an environmental cost.

Environmentally conscious consumers have been applying carbon offsets to emissions associated with their homes and cars for years. But there's never been a great or easy way to offset emissions from ecommerce transactions. Until now. We built Cloverly to make carbon avoidance accessible to the digital world. We’re excited to offer a plugin that makes using our service dead simple for Shopify store owners.

How it works

  • Cloverly calculates the carbon impact of a customer’s order as they start to basket items.
  • Your customers will see a checkbox in their shopping cart that enables carbon neutral delivery.
  • If they elect to green their order by clicking the box, they’ll be charged a little bit extra—almost always less than $1—on their Shopify order.
  • You’ll ship the customer's package as you normally would. Cloverly will handle all the procurement and compliance regarding the carbon offset.
  • Want to green all your orders? No problem, just choose the "Always Green" option in the settings. Every delivery on your Shopify store will be carbon neutral.

Carbon offsets, accessibility, and transparency

  • We source a variety of carbon offsets from around the United States and Canada.
  • We show the customer exactly what offset is being purchased, where the offset is coming from, and the amount of carbon being offset.
  • We always try to match the customer to the closest offset. If you are mailing a package to Atlanta, we’ll pair it with an offset in Georgia.

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Avis les plus récents


After researching carbon offset apps, we decided Cloverly was the best platform out there, even better than Shopify’s product. Integration is quick and easy, but more importantly their support is amazing (thank you, Lydia!!). They’re happy to set things up for you and help with customizations! Customers love that they can green their shipments and get more transparency into how their offset will help, and we’re amazed by the amount of people who do so each day!

S. Howell Studios

This app is fantastic. Choose whether you want to give your customers the option to offset their shipment or have your business pay. The setup video is understandable and walks you through getting the app integrated. And support is amazing. They were there to help promptly get the app in my side cart and change the look to a minimalist design. Highly recommend.

SHAI Collective

I am inspired that a company like Cloverly exists. Grateful to have this solution for our customers. The set up was a breeze (Cloverly was so helpful when I reached out for support).