Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

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Add sustainable shipping options for your cart.

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Carbon Neutral Shipping

Sustainability matters to your customers. Give them the option to green their transactions at checkout.

Real-Time Estimates

Cloverly provides instant, in-cart emission calculations. Your customers will see the exact cost to opt-in for carbon-neutral shipping.

Verified Carbon Offsets

Our offset projects are verified by internationally recognized third-party organizations to ensure their quality and integrity.

Sobre Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

Why Cloverly?

Many everyday activities produce carbon. The electricity you use, the miles you drive, the shipments you send to customers—almost every routine activity produces a measurable carbon footprint. And while it's not always possible to do these activities without producing carbon emissions, it is possible to offset those emissions through a variety of accredited projects and initiatives. While carbon offsetting isn't a new way to mitigate your carbon impact, there wasn't a simple, easy way to offset emissions from ecommerce transactions. Until now. We built Cloverly to make carbon neutrality accessible to the digital world.

Our Mission

Welcome to Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets. Cloverly helps organizations go carbon neutral or carbon negative. We're pioneering a new type of SaaS model, one we like to call Sustainability-as-a-Service. Our API platform calculates the impact of common carbon-intensive activities in real time and uses verified, quality carbon offset projects to neutralize them. Our flexible API can be integrated with a wide variety of industries, like ecommerce, flights, ridesharing, supply chain operations, fleet transportation, and more.

For an ecommerce business, sustainability has never been more crucial. Online transactions and deliveries are on the rise, and research shows a consumer preference for eco-friendly businesses. Cloverly provides online stores of all shapes and sizes with an accessible, clear path to reduce their carbon footprint, and make their brand image a little more green.

We’re excited to offer a Shopify plugin that makes using our service simple for Shopify store owners who want sustainable shipping options. Curious about how it works? Read on for why Cloverly is the best option for carbon offsetting.

How It Works

  • Cloverly calculates the carbon impact of a customer’s order as they place items in the cart using available data like product weight and customer location.

  • Your customers will see a checkbox to "Add $0.46 for carbon neutral shipping?" in their shopping cart. Selecting this box enables carbon neutral delivery. Each estimate customers can view the specific amount of carbon emitted from the delivery of their order and the details of the specific offset project used.

  • If your customer elects to green their order by checking the box, they’ll be charged a little bit extra—almost always less than $1—on their Shopify order.

  • You’ll ship the customer's package as you normally would. Cloverly will handle all the procurement and compliance regarding the carbon offset.

  • Want to green all your orders? No problem, just choose the "Always Green" option in the settings. Every delivery on your Shopify store will be carbon neutral.

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Overall, I love the ease of Cloverly and its allocation of offsets to carbon projects nearest the customer. We were the first subscription box to offer carbon offsets and Cloverly has been with us for a long time. It's also free (always great!) with the funds getting passed to customers at checkout (though there is also an option to fund yourself depending on your set up). I'm only docking it a star because I've asked the team several times over the past year about integrating with ReCharge and it still doesn't work correctly. It's not a core functionality of Cloverly, but recurring memberships are a core part of my business. Due to this factor, my Cloverly sustainability reports are never accurate and so I cannot share them as part of my overall impact report.

Kodiak Cakes

Couldn't pick a better partner for a Carbon Offset app from an implementation standpoint! Lydia and Rob were awesome, the process was incredibly easy and their team did all the leg work to get the app up and matching our store theme. Would highly recommend Cloverly to anyone looking for a carbon offset partner.


Lydia with Cloverly was very helpful when I had an issue setting up the app because of my special circumstances. She and the team went directly into the store and fixed it, and now I can feel good about reducing the carbon impact of my store, while at the sametime building goodwill with my customers. So glad I found this app!