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7. Juni 2019

The app isn't bad but it isn't great. I have been using them for quite some time now and stayed with them as they changed their name and started increasing their prices. I was not getting enough value for the price it costs so I decided to find an alternative.

Print Your Mind 3D
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Bearbeitet am 10. November 2021

The app is a bit confusing on some points, I have to read a lot of instructions that are not always clear. But it helps boost the company's image

AEON Skin Solution | Natural Skincare Products
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26. März 2019

Loved having this app previously but man, what a price hike! It went from free to over $70 a month for me! We've un installed the app and stopped using it, its a shame that the price went up so much and wasn't a more reasonable price hike. Otherwise it was great.

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
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CMC Campaign Monitor hat geantwortet 26. März 2019

Hi Kate,

Sorry for the confusion here! This wasn't really a price increase. You were using a very limited free plan (that included only a few of our Receipts tools) and we first announced that we will be removing the free plan in early-2018. To make the transition to a paid plan easier, we made a few discounts available throughout 2018 and then removed the plan in January 2019.

I have activated a 30-day free trial for you to test all of Conversio's features (we have way more than just receipts). Based on the positive ROI you had using just receipts, I'm 100% sure you'll love the fully-featured Conversio too.

Ping me any time:


Adii Pienaar

Bearbeitet am 5. Juni 2015

Generally it's a fantastic App, however it still feels a little undercooked and as if it's not quite at its potential.

My reason for saying this is the almost entirely based on the flexibility of the Upsell function, which is my primary reason for choosing Receiptful. It would simply be much more beneficial as a user to be able to customise the parameters for each Upsell function more - personalise the discount voucher, giving the options of excluding collections and tags, or conversely only including particular items or collections.

The same with free shipping - including or excluding particular items, collections, tags, and even countries. It's no good giving free shipping to everyone and having all profits chewed up by extra shipping costs to customers overseas. So, just being able to customise countries this applies to would be fantastic.

Otherwise, functionally it is a great App with a great user interface.

Signal Chain
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Bearbeitet am 23. April 2019

Learning curve is a little steep, but customer service is there to help. Visually this just never compared to mailchimp (can't outline my buttons, etc. little visual things) so I continued using mailchimp for newsletters.

Delia Langan Jewelry
Vereinigte Staaten
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16. Dezember 2015

They receipts looks great but I have not experienced any increased sales due to it.

Blk Blu
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
21. März 2015

This is an awesome app, easy to use and clean design. With better response from clients after purchase.

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17. November 2022

simple and easy to use. I really like this app. We will see how this app will treat me in the next couple of weeks when releasing my products.
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4. April 2016

It's a good app however we found people placing first time order getting a receipt good for 10% on next purchase only to cancel their order and replace with coupon generated by receiptfull on newer order. It would be good if receiptful would cancel coupon generated if customer canceled order.
In addition far too many coupon codes are generated and results in difficulty finding coupons that have been manually entered.

Nodal Ninja
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4 monate mit der App
1. April 2015

the app is really awesome, its perfect, i recommends it for all online store owners

Trueborn Online shopping Mall
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