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20 février 2023

We have used this app for several years. Suddenly we are unable to send emails. We are told our domain is not verified. We have updated DNS settings to no avail. Customer support is terrible. Our last attempt at getting help took 5 days before they responded. We are looking for a new app to send email marketing.

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7 décembre 2021

It's exceptionally lazy customer service, and they aren't helpful in the least. Not to mention the product itself is constantly changing since the team seems a little lost on which direction to take. I've been a customer for years, and they won't bother helping with a fix that needs to happen because their tech is built in an odd way for shopify. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Use Klaviyo instead.

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Modifié le 25 juin 2015


It is really annoying that we cant send out amended invoices. The app put the wrong credit card number on the invoice and we cannot fix it through receiptful!!!!!!!!!

We have had a chance to work with this app (and its developers) for a couple of weeks and hope to pass on some useful information that other users will appreciate. Our review hopefully will help you to understand what this app can really do and not do so that you can save valuable time. I hope anyone who leaves a review of this app or any other Shopify app will do the same. I find that most reviews through Shopify to be useless as they are first impressions or too brief.

First of all, I would like to say that this app makes giant steps forward in receipt design and will provide a realistic possibility of getting a repeat sale. It is also good at sending out an receipt on a timely basis which is should do without a glitch. So if this is all you want this app is good,

Also, it appears that this app is good at resending an invoice if customers want another copy, To do this, you can press "resent receipt" in the Shopify order page or from the Receiptful website.

However, this app needs more development. Currently, if a customer has given you an incorrect or new email address, you to change the email address in Receiptful and send it from there. This is unexpected for Shopify users as we would make the email change on the orders page or the customer page. We would then press "resend receipt" on Shopify orders page. If you do this, the receipt will go to the old email address. In the end, the email address will have to be changed in Receiptful and Shopify to keep your records correct. It is worth noticing that Receiptful will show this receipt as "not sent" but we can confirm that it has been sent.

The other downside of Receiptful is that some of the basic tasks that other Receipt/Invoice apps have, Receiptful is missing. If you need to change/edit your receipt and resend it, you cannot do this in Receiptful. So if you need to change the address, add a redelivery charge, add a discount, etc. you cannot do this in Receiptful. You will have to do this manually, This feature in almost all of the other receipt/invoice apps from Shopify.

Finally, some more good news that we just learned -- if you want to send a copy of an invoice to your business email automatically, this can do this with Receiptful. If you do this you may be able to amend an invoice.or at least indicate the amendment in an email. We will investigate to see if you can fully edit the invoice -- but if would likely be an awkward workaround at best.

Conclusion: this App is free for a reason -- it is not really a fully functional receipt app .It is probably the best receipt app with Shopify if you don't want the editing function (Invoice4Shopify has the editing function but no upsell function). It has the potential to be quite wonderful. The developers seem very keen to improve the App so hopefully the changes will be coming very soon.

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22 août 2017

i couldn't even edit the email receipt template... and the support team wasn't really helpful

Www Healthfreakstore Com
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
21 novembre 2017

Doesn't work anymore, i got this message all the time when i want to connect
Something went wrong, we're sorry! Try refreshing this page first to see if that helps.
If not, you can go to the Conversio Home Page here, or if you need to contact us, send us an email and we'll look into it.

Trends Cat
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29 juin 2019


Sententia Jewelry
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19 décembre 2019

Terrible support, nothing was resolved in the time i demoed this app. Overpriced! They wanted to charge me $99 and up for 55 active clients even though i have 4k clients that im not considering CLIENTS there is no way to remove those clients. They will force syn all the clients from your shopify account and consider those ACTIVE CLIENTS even if they are spam accounts or not. They did not want to work with me so F* them! Poor attitude.

The GearBuyz Store
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CMC Campaign Monitor a répondu 8 janvier 2020

I'm really sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our support team and I wanted to reach out to help rectify the situation. I believe there are some misunderstandings here as well as some of the figures you've mentioned are incorrect based on the conversations you had with my team and the activity in your account.

My team members thoroughly explained our pricing structure and what that meant for your account. I understand that you don't agree with our pricing but we were transparent about how we calculate contacts and what your billing would look like. In November, we explained that contacts and order history are pulled in directly from Shopify and could not be updated through CM Commerce.

A fundamental part of the CM Commerce platform is the ability to retarget inactive customers which is why we include them in our pricing. This is done through our workflows (for re-engagment campaigns, cross sell emails, etc) as well as our newsletters. While this feature may not be applicable for all of our customers, many find these features to be exceptionally useful in growing their returning customer base. As such, we cannot offer discounted pricing as we cannot omit those types of features from specific pricing plans.

Your calculations of active customers also seem to be incorrect. You say that you have 55 active customers, but in the month that you trialled with us you sent emails to 761 unique email addresses. That isn't taking into account any historical orders or contacts, only contacts that were reached by CMC in the one month free trial. With that in mind, I do believe the 1000 - 2501 customers tier is correct.

We're always happy to discuss this with you further offline and we'd love to offer you another free month's trial to use the platform.

17 mars 2019

So far not so good, nothing seems to work am I doing something wrong?
I am pretty sure I loaded it correctly

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CMC Campaign Monitor a répondu 18 mars 2019

Hi there, thank you for reaching out and for your feedback - I've sent an email to you directly about this issue. There are a number of features that you have not enabled that I think will help you to maximize your ROI for Conversio :)

8 avril 2019

Complicated setup i order to use the Newsletter function. Having to add various data with your domain provider (and waiting up to 4 hours for it to work) is too complicated and time-consuming for most people/companies. Other apps work straight out of the box, so I hope Conversio will change this in the future. Until then, we'll go with another solution.

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CMC Campaign Monitor a répondu 9 avril 2019

Thank you for your feedback and I'm so sorry that you've had this negative experience setting up your newsletters. We're happy to do this on your behalf, and have reached out to you directly via email. We're looking forward to working with you and getting your account set up!

29 octobre 2015

has a lot of mistake when you are trying to do your messages. specially the notification.

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