co‑op Post Purchase Experience

co‑op Post Purchase Experience

co-op commerce, inc.

Easy cross-promotion, partnerships, upsell, surveys, and more

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After capturing a sale, show your customers other products they might love from your brand and others.

More Opportunities to Sell

When a customer checks on their order, use this moment to upsell, cross sell or offer discounts on other products.

Survey Your Customers

Capture information from your customers, like where they came from via a user friendly survey.

co‑op Post Purchase Experience 정보

What is the post-purchase experience?

After capturing a purchase is a perfect time to upsell or re-sell to your customer. We've created a delightful mobile-first Post Purchase Experience, where you can acquire new customers by partnering with likeminded brands, upsell your own products, and learn more about your customers.

  • Cross-promote. Feature other products from other brands that your customer might be interested in, earn displays for your brand when doing so.

  • Upsell. Select products to upsell or feature to your customers after their first purchase.

  • Re-sell. Select products to re-sell to your customers when they check in on their shipping details.

  • Gain customer insight. Ask your customers questions like where they came from, or what their interests are.

  • Reward your customers. After a customer checks out, give them co-op credits they can redeem for discounts on any shop’s products.

All fully configurable and customizable in our merchant dashboard.


  • Malomo,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Facebook

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After 100 orders, $50 a month + .5c an order for PRO features

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가장 최근 리뷰

Bravo Sierra

Finally, a Shopify app that values best-in-class UI and design. I’ve been waiting for something that adequately speaks to our brand positioning and aesthetic. The user interface is beautiful and seamless, it just feels so good to use. It really shows co-op’s attention to detail and acts as a reflection of the amazing brands that are on the platform. In addition to the beautiful user experience, we’ve been able to tap into an entirely new channel to acquire customers and reach our desired segments. On top of that, we have access to upsell, survey tools to drive real measurable incremental revenue. Great app!


I was a bit skeptical at first but after my friends raved about the app, amidst rising CAC and CPM costs on Paid Social, I thought I'd give co op a try. In a week, we've generated a number of conversions and one that was $2K! I've never had a conversion with that amount before. This is just the beginning, co-op is tapping into something much more fundamental than the post-purchase page. They’re building a recommendation engine that will ultimately be the foundation for all 1:1 partnership and B2C collaborations in the future. If you're confused about the right brands to partner with, opportunities to upsell your own products post-purchase, highly recommend co op!

MATE the Label

We've been using co-op for a couple of months now and very quickly have seen a lot of success - we've acquired quality new customers for a fraction of the cost on other platforms. Their upsell feature has also done wonders for us - it's really an all-in-one tool and I've been able to move away from standalone upsell and post-purchase survey tools. The UI is fantastic, and their customer service is top! They're always quick to answer my questions and take in any feedback I have. I highly recommend co-op if you're looking for new ways to acquire customers while strengthening partnerships with like-minded brands!