Simple Carbon Neutral Carts

Simple Carbon Neutral Carts

da wonderflower

Your trustworthy partner for offsetting your stores footprint.

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Low fees

Unlike other apps which charge up to 30% commission we are going to deduct only 6 %. The rest is going directly to the projects.

Easy installation

You don't need to change any code. wonderflower automatically places the cart container into your theme.

Design matters

The cart container comes in a simple & clean designed rainbow design. Customize it with your own brand logo.

Su Simple Carbon Neutral Carts

What's the idea?

wonderflower let's you reduce the footprint of your store without any risks. It calculates the offset amount based on a fixed percentage off from the carts total value. You can always change that value in the settings. We recommend 1 - 2 %. As we monthly collect the money we are going to support environmental projects worldwide from GoldStandard where you will be notified about to be transparent.

What we do different:

If you want to offer your customers a beautiful opportunity to offset their emissions without creating new problems & costs for yourself - here we are.

Why reduce emissions?

Climate change is happening...let's do something. Customers appreciate brands who care about the planet ;)

Who is behind wonderflower?

We are a low-profit german based startup determined to make every ecommerce shop on this world more eco-friendly.

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Installazione gratuita

The money customers pay for offsetting their emissions is charged monthly to your Shopify bill

5.0 stelle su 5

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The Finiti

I think this app is great. There's no question in my mind that anyone who has a Shopify store should ABSOLUTELY download this app! Not only does it provide customers with an opportunity to offset their carbon footprint, but I think it also reminds us that we as consumers have the power to change the world with where we invest our money. As for people like me who are concerned about aesthetics, know that this plugin integrates quite seamlessly onto a range of themes (I've seen it on two of mine and they both look great). If you have any issues/inquiries, Christian -- the founder, is very approachable and can provide you with a quick solution. (Very impressed with his quick coding skills!) I was honestly really excited when I heard about this app and I'm confident it will make a great addition to your store. I love the vision behind this app and I'm looking forward to seeing Wonderflower's journey!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

2 aprile 2021

Thank you for your review, Marina! It's great to see shops grow every day to serve their customers and we're delighted to help you with this mission.