Co2ok: Carbon Neutral Checkout

Co2ok: Carbon Neutral Checkout


Carbon offsetting and climate action with our eco checkout

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Carbon offsetting

Allow your customers to offset carbon emissions through certified sustainability projects with a single click in the checkout.

Eco friendly shipping

We will make your last mile carbon neutral, you don’t have to change your shipping methods - we’ll offset for free!

Green branding & conversion

Consumers will love your efforts. Green brands have higher retention and conversion. Climate action will benefit you and the planet!

有關 Co2ok: Carbon Neutral Checkout

About Co2ok: Carbon Offsetting for e-commerce

Helping stores Offset their Carbon emissions and increase conversion since 2017. Join hundreds of e-commerce businesses in the movement to take meaningful climate action today!

How can Co2ok help me?

  1. Your customers can Offset their Carbon emissions with one click

  2. Eco friendly shipping included in the service for free

  3. Increase conversion and engagement through green branding

  4. Headless e-commerce integration supported

  5. Unique integration of sustainability in your customer journey

  6. Support gold standard certified sustainability projects

  7. Choose the Carbon Offset project that fits your story

  8. Small price, big impact!

Offset carbon emissions with one click:

Our easy to install app will empower your customers to offset the emissions caused by the production and shipping of their purchase. The impact calculator lets you show how much you’ve already offset.

Eco friendly shipping included in the service for free:

Co2ok will Offset the Carbon emissions caused by the last mile, you don’t have to change your shipping methods - let us take care of it!

Increase conversion and engagement through green branding:

Your customers will love your efforts in sustainability and so will be less likely to abandon their cart and be more likely to come back for more! We can give marketing support so you can engage with your customers on your joint offsetting efforts.

Headless e-commerce integration supported:

Don’t worry about expensive integration in your front-end. We’ll take care of the integration so your web developers won’t even break a sweat. Just relax, we’re as flexible as you are!

Unique integration of sustainability in your customer journey:

Make sustainability your USP by integrating it in your customer journey. We can customise the button and widgets to your design and our info hover tells your customers about your green efforts in an easy way.

Support gold standard certified sustainability projects:

We only work with the highest quality Carbon Offset projects so you can be sure there is no green washing. Our impact calculator lets you show how much you’ve offset already.

Choose the carbon offset project that fits your story:

Our sustainability partners have a wide variety of Carbon Offset projects; we’ll let you choose the one that fits with your sustainability ambitions!

Small price, big impact:

Our basic service is completely free of charge. Your customers will pay a small fee for the compensation, usually about 1-2% of their order value.

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The integration of CO2OK is a great way to show our customers that we do things different than other brands. This is a perfect app to raise awareness for the impact of your purchases. Plus, a wide variety of great CO2 compensation projects to support. Thanks for making the app, and for the fast and friendly support. Very much recommended!


I'm super happy with this app! As an eco-friendly brand, it’s important for us to have committed partners with whom we truly make a difference for a better world. Customers also feel much more invested, they really feel the importance of their act and this has also contributed greatly to a good image of our company. Thank you so much guys!!!


This is such an awesome idea. A great feature to add the option for customers. There was no hassle with the installation. A small step to make a big difference in the fight against climate change.