Script Ninja

Script Ninja

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Create powerful scripts and tools to automate your store.

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For Merchants

Use our library of powerful example scripts and automations to speed up your workflow and connect to other webservices.

For developers

Unleash the full power of Ruby and the Shopify API to create custom automations and even scripts that run on the online store!

Hassle Free

Scripts scales with ScriptNinja servers so you don’t have to worry about support or maintenance headaches, especially during high traffic.

Script Ninja 정보

Script Ninja is an app that lets merchants create powerful scripts and tools that save time.

Merchants can create scripts to perform repetitive tasks, automate complex workflows and control Shopify.

Script Ninja uses Ruby, the same scripting language that Shopify is built in.

Beyond script editing, Script Ninja includes Workflows that invoke scripts periodically or when things happen on your Shopify store.

Scripts can even be invoked from your Shopify Online Store with their output shown in your store.

Example Scripts

Script Ninja comes with example scripts for automating your online store. More examples are being added every day.


Security is always our top priority and to attain the desired level of isolation, scripts run in their very own lightweight micro-virtual machines.

About the developer

We're merchants just like you! We run multiple Shopify stores. We built Script Ninja because we wanted a way to quickly create tools to automate our own stores.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or queries whatsoever!

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