COD Order Verification

COD Order Verification

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COD / Cash on Delivery order verification by OTP to reduce RTO

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Confirm COD Orders

COD customers confirm their order with an OTP after checkout. This verifies their number and re-confirms their intent of making a purchase.

Reduce RTO

Reduce RTO on your ecommerce store by eliminating fake/ unserious orders. Orders with verified mobile numbers also deliver quicker.

Whatsapp for Instant Delivery

No customer will ever wait indefinitely for an OTP. With one click, your customers can receive the OTP on Whatsapp.

Acerca de COD Order Verification

Codfirm helps ecommerce stores reduce RTO (returns) of cash on delivery (COD) orders by verifying COD customer’s contact numbers. Orders that have incorrect contact numbers are bound to return as RTO since delivery drivers cannot reach the customer when they are out for delivery. CODfirm ensures that every COD customer is asked to confirm their order with an OTP (verification code) sent to their phone via SMS/ Whatsapp. This not only verifies the customers’ contact number but also reconfirms their intent to make a purchase. With an OTP verification, customers feel the experience of authorising the order. This increases their likeliness of accepting the order and decreases the chances of it coming back as an RTO order.

How does Codfirm work?

  1. After choosing to pay via COD, the customer is redirected to an order confirmation page. On this page, the customer has to enter the OTP (sent to their mobile via SMS/ Whatsapp) to confirm their order.
  2. As soon as the order is confirmed/ cancelled from the confirmation page, the customer is redirected to the order status page where they can see their order status and summary.
  3. For store owners, the status of the COD confirmation is visible on the "Orders" tab on your Shopify dashboard - so that you do not have to open another page for the order confirmation status of each of your COD orders.
  4. When a customer chooses to cancel an order, the order is cancelled, an order cancellation email is sent to your customer and the items are restocked.
  5. The likelihood of the order coming as an RTO reduces since the customer’s contact number as well as their intent to make a COD purchase is confirmed.

How is Codfirm better than IVR/ Automated Calls?

  1. IVR calls have an accent that your customers might find difficult to understand.
  2. IVR or automated calls are outrightly annoying. Most of the time, apps like Truecaller either block the calls or display a “spam” warning. This not only harms your brand image but also leads to low order confirmations.
  3. Cellular network is unreliable and hence automated calls and SMS have low reachability. By giving your customers an option to receive the OTP on Whatsapp, we ensure that no customer ever has to wait for the confirmation message ever again.

Who is it for?

The app is built for ecommerce stores that are looking to reduce RTO on COD orders. The app currently works for stores shipping COD orders to India, Italy and Spain.

Se integra con

  • Whastapp

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Instalación gratuita

Per COD Order - $0.02 India | $0.20 Italy | $0.20 Spain

  • For new stores serving less than 100 COD orders a month



Per COD Order - $0.02 India | $0.20 Italy | $0.20 Spain

  • Unlimited orders

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


We've tried multiple applications for COD Order verifications but most of them have failed to do their tasks accurately. This plugin is a game changer & offers an experience similar to that of a big platform like Amazon & Flipkart. Love the quick turnaround from the team responsible who got in touch to get the plugin installed correctly. Great team, great efforts to solve the problem of the small-scale ecom ventures.

Respuesta del desarrollador

19 de abril de 2021

Thank you so much for your review. We at CODfirm do our best to make it an app you'd love to use. Your review is such a motivation!
Can't wait to show you the features we have under development :)
Kind regards,
Hriday Agarwal


The founder of this app is really helpful. Will customize all your requirements and give you suggestions that really really works well. The app has reduced my RTO very well and I would love to keep using this app. If you’re on the fence thinking of using this app or not, please go ahead and use it. App itself is really good as well as the support from the team. Thanks Hriday! Appreciate your efforts.

Respuesta del desarrollador

19 de abril de 2021

Thank you so much for the appreciation. We are absolutely thrilled to hear that CODfirm is helping you reduce RTO. Also, thanks for your suggestions and inputs to improve the app. 100s of businesses using CODfirm gain when you share your valuable insights with us.
Keep the feature requests and the feedback coming :)
Kind regards,
Hriday Agarwal


Perfect app to verify cod orders. I used it from past three months and my delivery rate increase. Because of the app i only have to call unconfirmed customers for verification that saves lot of time. Really appreciate cod order verification team for their great work.

Respuesta del desarrollador

19 de abril de 2021

Your appreciation means the world to us. Increasing automation in your business and reducing RTOs is exactly what we built CODfirm for. So glad to see it working out well for your store.
Exciting new features coming soon!
Kind regards,
Hriday Agarwal