Order Verification by Call

Order Verification by Call

da Hillteck

Save delivery cost by avoiding fraud or fake order

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Prevent cancellation & bogus

Verify that a customer has legitimately placed an order by generating an automated call.

Reduced operational costs

By reducing the number of cancellations and bogus deals, you reduce the number of failed attempts.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automating the process of verification backed by technology improves the operational efficiency of your business.

Sobre Order Verification by Call

Order Verification app will assist you in​ the reduction of bogus orders.

Why verify your COD orders?

Cash on delivery (COD) is a great enabler for the e-commerce industry. It contributes to more than 50% of all e-commerce transactions. But, it also is one of the leading sources of operational loss due to cancellations and bogus orders. Hence, reducing COD failures is a top priority for e-commerce players. Using Cash on Delivery Verification, you can ensure that your COD orders are legitimate before you ship them out.

How this app works?

  • Whenever customer places a COD (Cash On Delivery) order on your, App immediately call customer on given mobile number and call will be played for Order Confirmation. And ask for an input to approve or reject the order.
  • Customer will give an input and app will mark particular order with action taken by customer
  • In case of customer will not receive call or reject the call, order verification will be marked as Pending, so that you can take manual action on the same.

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4.9 de 5 estrelas

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I used this app, It saved many bucks of mine by saving me shipping charges of fake orders. I would recommend you to use this app too.

Urban Planet

The App is Really Awesome. Helps Reduce the RTO!. It's Excellent. Only if it had manual calling for the no Response orders then it would have been best.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

21 de março de 2021

We appreciate the review and recommendation so much. If you ever need anything, please let us know.

Gola Market

if your website has a COD option so this app very helpful for your website. this is not so costly also.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

21 de março de 2021

Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂