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Gadget World

Avoid this app! We've been using it for over a year ago and we decided to cancel our account, because the prices on CodesWholeSale are not always the same, plus profit margin is very little and there is too much competition, another reason that they have too much errors and conflicts with their product listings, for example when you add a deluxe edition, the price is for the standard edition, then we have to compensate the customer, they don't compensate us. They don't have accurate product descriptions as well, the integration is a mess. Another main problem with CodesWholeSale is the way they're doing business, mainly B2B, we wanted to finally close our account and withdraw the remaining balance, it's only 69.50 Euro and we are chasing them for this amount since 24th of November 2019, their customer support asked us to contact their B2B team, we did and followed up and sent reminders, and no response! It is worth to mention that CodesWholeSale is based in the UAE and they are not inline with the EU consumer protection laws. You have to be careful.

A Dona Coruja

My account are taking to loong to be aproved. i allredy sended a email but no one cares about my case


Scam Nothing in the app works. The upsell percentage integration is off because it doesn't convert eur to usd before doing the percentage. I had it set on 10% and euro to usd is 14% difference so i ended up loosing 4% on everything i sold. Big waste of time.


Absolute scam. Support will not respond. Been on this "app" for 3 weeks only to not get any help whatsoever.
Emails will eventually get responded with "we will pass your message along".
I don't need to be passed off after 3 weeks, I need my damn site up and running.
Incredibly frustrating.
I need help with:

* Product descriptions
* Price changing
* Platform types

Why can't the team simply upload or update this system??????????????


While setting it up I was unsure of some settings so I choose the defaults, The default settings locks up the app and you have to delete and start over. I tried to set up payment, errors on every option Paypal and Credit Cards don't work, Only Advance direct Cash Transfer actually works I think I was not about to give these people bank account info. (This was not the APP just the setup page). I tried to import products, 2 options are available are to import nothing or import everything. Have you ever had to delete 2100+ Unknow listings from a Shopify store? Leaving out that I already had 500 listings I could not delete It was fun took about a week. I do not know if the company actually does provide codes, I never made it that far. In short, This app is still in Alpha and should not be in App store.

Savvy Gadgetz

I'm really disappointed in this App it promises alot and only partially delivers. If it actually did what it was supposed to do then it would be a great app but it fails on the most important part. I've been supplying details to them and I've been as helpfull as I can but it's just not getting fixed.

On the video it promises "It's digital it's easy" thats a complete lie! They can't get their act together and the process only partially works.

1) You can import all the products in to your store and keep your prices up to date. However this feature can be massively improved with some simple tweaks. With an option to update the box art as quite often the standard black image is used. Most payment gateways ask for a percentage and a fixed amount but on the app you can only do one or the other not both.

2) This has been mentioned in other reviews but you have to have funds in your Code Wholesales account in order for the game keys to be purchased when your customers buy from your shop. Why they can't bill an account directly doesn't make a great deal of sense to me.

3) For 2 months I've been working the dev team to get their app to work fully. For the first month the orders wouldn't go through from Shopify to the Code Wholesales. After that was resolved when an order placed in my shop the game key wouldn't be posted to the customer. Another month has gone by and that still isn't resolved in fact it's gone backwards to square 1 where the orders are no longer getting through from Shopify to Code Wholesales.

UPDATE: Another 2 weeks have gone past an still no fix or word from them other than "Our main shopify dev is currently handling your case - I will be posting updates and questions from him to you.". Since then I've chased it and it's still being worked on. To be fair I would have expected this to be sorted inside a couple of days not be ongoing for months and weeks.

For what is supposed to be an out of the box working App I'm extremely frustrated and annoyed. They obviously do not test it that well or that thoroughly. If it actually worked it would be a great app unfortunately it falls flat on it's face and your left having to manually process the orders so you might as well go with other suppliers.

Thepink Label

The way this is explained via video and via the back end of the plug in, is an absolute lie.

Codes Wholesale's documentation says once your customer orders from your store, the key is automatically purchased from them and then sent yo your customer. They neglect to say you will HAVE TO PAY IN ADVANCE for this to happen. This is not a true dropship model. I launched a site using their Rest API and very embarrassingly had 2 pages of code/ errors go out instead of a key. When I asked what happened, I was told I didn't have money in my account. I had to deposit money in first.

**Updated 6/14/2017 here**

We checked and the code did not go out to our customer. However after a week of denying that it even happened, we were more than irritated that they hadn't even bothered to take a look and notice themselves, that it was an error on our part. Even still an email full of error code is still not something we wanted to see either. Had someone merely looked and not focused on the 'you have no money in your account' aspect. We'd have gotten it resolved quickly. This scares me and my team. Had our guy look over the code (which he didn't want to do, all of us are coders of some kind and we simply don't want to have to do that anymore. Takes away from us focusing on running our business) and he caught the error but pointed out..again..had they even looked at what I sent them, this wouldn't have taken over a week to catch and then possibly fix
Now back to the original post.
I asked what happens when at a trade show like E3 (we normally go every year, but sat the last two out) and end up in an area where it's too packed to get out a signal and therefore can't top up the account. Their response was to make sure I had money in my account before I went to E3....-__-
not only will customer not get a key, but will get a strange email full of code. I asked if the could change it to at least only go to us, and was told they cant, because Shopify sends the email....
This is not a dropship model and there is no rest involved. You still have to hustle to buy the key from CW and hope it's still available for your customer. They are sometimes slow to respond which means if you have an angry customer your cannot help them until Monday if it's a weekend. No, not even via email. They say if you put money in, the top up happens within a few minutes. But if something goes wrong, again, they are not there to respond or help. (Paypal is not perfect, sometimes crazy stuff happens there too)
Sad because I really wanted to work with them. 2 years of fighting with them (some of the fighting not their fault entirely, they had a bag egg in the bunch). And still can't work with them, because if my business depends on your business and you're absentee...what does that do to MY business?

Smartclicks Shop

I've been trying to interact with anyone from support for well over two weeks now and out of the three requests only once have i received a response "I'll send this to the team responsible for Shopify app" and that was after request one . Two more emails have gone without a reply so im thinking perhaps this is a dead app that is no longer supported or that there simply isn't support for actually using this app set up in the first place . I for one am not sure which is worse to be honest.

If things get turned around I will certainly revisit my review but as of this point there is certainly a bad taste in my mouth as well as that of my team.