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11 gennaio 2023

Leider funktioniert das überhaupt nicht es ist nicht möglich seine Konten zu verbinden geschweige denn Produkte zu verwalten

Bobbis Store
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Codisto ha risposto 11 gennaio 2023

Danke für deine Rückmeldung.
Wir würden Ihnen gerne helfen und haben uns mit Ihnen in Verbindung gesetzt, aber wir können keine Support-Anfrage von Ihnen finden...

Thank you for your feedback.
We would like to help you and have reached out but we can't find a support request from you...


10 gennaio 2023

I am leaving one star because the customer service team was attentive and kind, and tried to help. I would really proceed with caution if using Codisto. I installed it as a last resort to manage my Ebay store, once the Ebay app was no longer available in Shopify. At first glance and based on the first few reviews it seemed great, but shame on me for not researching more. It's a great idea, and I suppose it could work in some cases however with a consignement business like mine, with so many different types of inventory, details and information to sync it was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. The video explaining how to link listings is short and sweet, so I watched and did it however it never warned what would happen if you did not make certain selections. Literal YEARS of work was ruined with a click. All of my carefully organized details (categories, styles, condition of items) was taken out. I had to put my store on vacation mode and pause sales in order to at least return the proper items to the proper condition before I was able to sell them ethically, and the best part was I couldn't even work on them until they were unlinked from Codisto which I was told could only be done on their end. Red flag to have that much control over one's listings. I was PROMISED twice by the agent I was chatting with that once unlinked everything would return to how it was before i installed, not to worry nothing was lost. NOT THE CASE. It has been over a week and I am still fixing over 2000 listings one by one, and the kicker is now I have to remove the Codisto logo in each and every one of them because I am sure as anything not advertising for them. IT IS A HOT MESS, and has completely ruined the beginning of my 2023 year of business. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AND EXTENSIVE RESEARCH IF IT'S RIGHT FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Makenna’s Threads
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Codisto ha risposto 12 gennaio 2023

Thanks for your feedback
We understand you did not have a great experience and we accept this. We are now implementing changes to make the process more robust and highlight areas of significant change. This is rare and we have many merchants who are very successful and selling on eBay.


Data modifica: 10 gennaio 2023

Switched to Codisto when the eBay integration app ceased.

Day 1:
Linked existing listings. This reset all of my eBay prices to my lower website prices - a few eBay customers got a bargain. Not a big deal. Then I tried to update the prices: didn't work. Contact support. Support said 'Oh, there's a problem with linking listings from eBay sometimes, let me unlink them and you can link them again'. I did this. Pricing still didn't work.

Day 2: I noticed that my VAT rate had been set to 0 on all of my listings. By this time, my eBay prices had somehow updated to the correct amount. I then proceeded to change my VAT rate for my eBay listings to 20%. Didn't sync. Contact support, and they tell me to unlink and relink again. This seems to be their answer to everything.

Day 3: Tried to list NEW listings on eBay duplicated from my website. Listing about 8. Only 1 was successful. Didn't contact support, as they are fairly useless. Just uninstalled and went with another app.

Throughout this ordeal, eBay listings had to be temporarily supsended as pricing/vat rate was wrong, resulting in lost sales.

Not recommended.

Toys 'N' Geek
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3 gennaio 2023

The app works kind of ok but it has some very serious issues.
I have 2 Shopify stores and 2 eBay stores, the issues im having are across both stores so its not a localised issue or settings, its the app thats faulty.

It creates return policies and assigns listings to it automatically
It creates shipping policies and assigns listings to it automatically

I have to check daily and reassign listings to the correct eBay business policies and the next day the app has assigned other listings to policies it created all by itself.

Support are nice but apparently blocked by back end engineers or something, Its been months of back and forth emails with no solution - however they're more than happy to take my monthly fee for an app thats not working as advertised

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25 dicembre 2022

ein Haufen Inkompetenter.
7 Monate, um ein Problem zu lösen, ohne Erfolg.
Ich habe praktisch 7 Monate bezahlt, ohne das Programm nutzen zu können

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Codisto ha risposto 4 gennaio 2023

Thank you for your feedback

We can see from previous tickets that your eBay account link is broken, we had offered to fix this but your authorization token needed to be renewed. We reached out to you in August and awaited confirmation so we could proceed. Unfortunately we didn't get in touch further to confirm this.

This could be a very simple solution if you were to re-authorize your eBay token.


9 novembre 2022

0 not option: Walmart integration broken, support useless The core of this product is to sync inventory/orders, well it cant do that for their Walmart integration. It does not work. You will not find information anywhere about this major issue unless you install the app, spend 2 days configuring and then open a ticket. Then they tell you, yea thats broken... Any reputable company/product would be responsible and notify users/customers there is an issue. How this app got so many 5 star reviews is amazing, seems suspicious.

Sole Cart
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Codisto ha risposto 17 novembre 2022

Thank you for your feedback,
We accept there was an issue, this was raised with our development team and has now been resolved. This had not been reported by other users and therefore we were not aware of it. We do hope your continued use of our app will help change your view in the future. Please reach out anytime.


Data modifica: 7 ottobre 2022

*In response to the reply, Codisto seems to have a Donald Trump culture of blame everyone else but say they dont wish to enter the blame game. Again they maybe quick to reply but thats the only positive thing I can add. Awful just awful. Seemed to do the job for Amazon FBM on a small scale, appalling for ebay. Support team maybe be quick to reply but do not seem to understand how eBay works, they spend more time arguing points that do not matter rather than deal with the issues. Their 'fix' destroyed sales, their 'refix' completely shot a six figure turnover ebay shop. Perhaps I'm really unlucky but Codisto doesnt seem fit for purpose .

Hook & Slice
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Codisto ha risposto 7 ottobre 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
In this case there has been an ebay account issue. We are working with you to resolve this.


Data modifica: 12 gennaio 2023

It has been three months without any resolutions. If you hold an extensive inventory catalog, we recommend testing first. Codisto has so many errors and automatically updates variables without our approval. Codisto has ruined our Top Rated Seller ranking with all their backend issues. For example, their system creates its own return and shipping policy and applies it to all our eBay listings without us doing anything. We now have buyers buying items thinking they get free returns worldwide free of charge. We have contacted Codisto multiple times. A resolution. As per other customers, I agree with Codisto pointing fingers and blaming the customer for any issues. I want to make this clear. This is not a seamless migration if you already used the Shopify eBay application. Do not delete your Shopify eBay application and keep it as a backup, even if they tell you to do so. We recommend pausing your eBay store during the integration to prevent any issues. You will have significant downtime and loss of sales opportunities on eBay during your migration period. After installing Codisto and syncing, our eBay categories, item specifics, and inventory were deleted. Since Codisto removed all of our inventory quantity, 70% of our eBay listings were ended, losing their historical data and Watchers. All this right before the Black Friday marketing campaigns for 2022. In addition, the eBay connection token expired within 72 hours without us knowing. We did not update anything on eBay or make any account changes. During this time, orders came in but needed to be synced to Shopify. We manually had to fulfill the orders on Shopify and eBay. If Codisto can help us get things on track 100%, we will update our reviews and experience.

Sugoi JDM
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Codisto ha risposto 5 ottobre 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
We have reviewed your experience and find this a very rare case. We continue to work with you on ensuring your account is working as it should.

This is not without noting we have large numbers of merchants who install Codisto daily without issue on any of our marketplaces.


25 settembre 2022

Codisto support assured me that that they had fixed and earlier problem and that Pryce Sync for Walmart could be turned off. After months of back and forth with support and countless hours of testing different options, they could not find a solution and not even an apology for the wasted time was offered. If they had just acknowledged that it didn't work from the beginning, I would not be leaving this negative feedback. But they just kept insisting that it did it work, probably thinking that I would just let it go. At first they blamed Walmart for it, telling me to disconnect their app and test. I did, I tested for a week and reconnected. It was not Walmart's fault. Their solution is, find another app that can provide a fix for their app. A gigantic waste of time.
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Codisto ha risposto 11 ottobre 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
We do apologise if this has caused unnecessary frustration.

The price sync is part of the feed and is how our app is designed to work. To overcome this we request the report from Walmart but they cannot provide this within the required time frame.


21 settembre 2022

False advertising. This app does not integrate with Walmart Canada, even though they claim to support GLOBAL marketplaces. Paid for a few months of subscription, trying everything to get walmart running, then they tell me that Walmart Canada is not supported.

The Cuisinet
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Codisto ha risposto 22 settembre 2022

Thanks for your feedback,
Yes, this is correct, we do not support Walmart Canada yet as they are still using an old API, we will connect once this has been upgraded.
Our intention is not to mislead and we apologise if this has made you feel this way. The service and performance of our app are not affected,