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all my ebay listings dissappeared after a problem with paypal. after caloing ebay and paypal they said it is a codisto problem. ebay account was relinked and all ebay listings dissappeared. 3 days i have been asking for support and keep getting idiotic answers. we have a business to run. have had to migrate and reintegrate another software because we have not made any new listings and our turnover is way down. CRAP CRAP SUPPORT TECHNICIANS!

Developer reply

February 3, 2020

We're sorry to hear you had problems but to clarify: Your eBay listings didn't 'disappear'. You disconnected your eBay account and then subsequently linked a different eBay account. Consequently, the listings from the first eBay account were of course no longer visible in the second account.

As you mention, this was initially caused at your end with a Paypal issue which required you to use a different eBay account. Our product has performed correctly but we are happy to work with to get you the result you are looking for (despite the problems not being caused by us).

We acknowledge it is frustrating when things don't go as expected but it is important that reviews are accurate because it affects other merchants not just the app developer.

We are sorry to hear your experience with our support agents wasn't as expected but as the vast majority of other reviews attest to, this is highly unusual.

Home on the Swan

We have been using Codisto for some time, is our second store that required a sync from Shopify to Amazon. The application works well and the support is great!

Tees by Susan

Excellent, excellent app! There is a learning curve with all this Shopify, POD apps, Codisto and Amazon integration (took me 6 weeks to iron out all the quirks). But, now the Codisto Amazon integration is working so well! My products are on Amazon, and I can customize how I want them to appear using the Codisto grid. I have a GTIN exemption from my POD apps, and I do not need any UPC codes. There are a thousand columns in the Colisto grid (well, it feels like it...), but each column has its purpose, and I've found at least one crucial answer to a problem with a grid column. Support has been responsive. Do have patience and work through it -- the results will be worth it. Thank you Codisto people!

Developer reply

January 15, 2020

Great to hear you're having success and thank you for your comments. It's this type of considered review that can be really beneficial to others!

It can be challenging to 'fit' a merchant's bespoke web catalog into the rigid structure and data requirements of Amazon. As you point out there is a learning curve with all software but we have done our best to make listing on and managing Amazon as easy as possible. In fact, some merchants are using Codisto for Amazon via Shopify without ever publishing a webstore just to be be able to use our solution which speaks to the ease of use relative to using Amazon directly.

Unlike other Amazon apps, we support all Amazon fields, all categories and all country sites which is why there can be a lot of columns (Amazon fields) in the grid but many can be hidden if not used.

Congrats and thanks again!

Modern Furniture

We are using Codisto to connect our Shopify store to Amazon. The support given by the Codisto team was amazing. Very quick response time for emails.


Feellikebeauty USA

I am happy with the features in the app, It is easy to use and the customer service are very responsive.

Green Snow Outlet

This app is brilliant. I am in the uk and there's not much out there to link Shopify to the huge marekt places that are Amazon and eBay. I found this, installed, massive free trial which allows a huge amount of trial and error without paying for it, the support is fantastic, almost immediate responses. Any one badly reviewing this app needs to learn how to use it before saying it doesn't work, all of the reviews that claim this I can see are mistakes of the user, not the app. We have a WMS plugged in to the back of Shopify too, so in all, 3 systems relying on the app, absolutely no problem, plenty of sales coming through, in fact we took 4/5 ebay sales in the afternoon we set the listings up, that look brilliant might I add. Highly recommend this app, it works, it's easy to use (once you understand that there is some basic set up to do), the support team are awesome and it's pays for itself in 1 or 2 sales a month. You could easily triple sales with this app without investing any more than about $30 and a few hours a week. Brilliant.

Golden Beards

I tried this tool to import my shopify list to ebay, the result was completely unsuccessfully, the lists were created without VAT so they all had 25% less price, the list were created with a paypal account inactive, the list were created without shipping costs, I had to cancel orders from ebay due all this mistakes, can't get the money, can't chage the lists, a COMPLETELY NIGHTMARE and the MOST important thing - **WATCH OUT* . they still have access to your store as soon as you uninstalled your app from Shopify, you need to ask them to cancel "another account" otherwise another account remains active with them, they sent me screenshots proving that, then I got an email saying that it was not true ( I got asked twice if I wanted to cancel also their account with them) And apologize for the confusion, what a customer service, what an app, stay away if you have a lot lists, instead of saving time, could create more and more headaches, NEVER AGAIN, STAY AWAY.

due to an app developer answer, I'm going to update my review with their almost harassing e-mails:

Firstly I would like to correct an error that was made in the responses you received. Uninstalling was enough to disable the app. Nothing further was necessary. Apologies for the confusion on that point. It stems from the fact that the other e-commerce platforms we support behave that way due to limitations of those platforms. It is not a limitation that Shopify has.


Please, lets fix this. At the very least, remove your review. It is not fair and not factually correct.
I had almost to ask to stop sending e-mails:
Stop sending emails,

this is the last time we are having any kind of communication.

like I said before, all the best ( I don't have anything else to say or add)

WATCHOUT - again, the software is not working correctly ( not user fault) customer service is not working correctly, they asked to remove my 1 star review, and the answer provided here it's only for clean their image,

this is so far my experience with them, I hope you don't have to deal with the same.

Developer reply

December 14, 2019

Your review is completely at odds with over 200+ 5 star reviews from other merchants. We support many more times merchants than those that have left reviews and we wouldn't be the leading Amazon/eBay app for Shopify if the app performed as you describe.

We tried calling you and did our best to engage with you on multiple support tickets but you declined to engage. It's disappointing to see misleading reviews that can negatively impact other merchants and the app developers that are trying their best to create and enhance tools to support merchant growth.

For the record:
1) We do not and cannot have access to your store after you uninstall the app - it's impossible due to the Shopify API architecture. The screenshot you were shown was how the app last looked before you uninstalled.

2) We have no control over your Paypal account and we were unable to engage with you to ascertain what this issue actually related to.

3) Prices and shipping costs will only be imported with the settings that you choose.

Given that the review is so incongruous with other feedback we can only assume user error. Whilst we are always sorry to hear of poor experiences, as other reviews attest to, if you engage with our 24/7 support team when you don't understand something we have a very good reputation for providing explanations and solutions.

Luli Fama

The support team is very effective, they helped me solve problems super fast. The app is super good and easy to use.

Handes of a Woman

Newest Final review update; 8:32 am CST 12-27-2019 This review is in regards to a work-around for use with Amazon Handmade. There are a growing number of indications that there is a good work-around for Handmade inventory and price sync when the product is loaded manually on Handmade. A guide is promised and I will probably be back to re-install once the guide is published. Straight product to product seems to work fine for syncing inventory and price; variant work remains in progress. I am leaving the app with solid 4 stars. Good work Codisto. And Thank you.
Final review: 7:27 am CST 12-15-19 This app was installed so I could see for myself about an off-label use with Amazon Handmade to sync inventory with Shopify; answers from Codisto about this had been inconsistent so I decided to check it out myself.

Overall app review is 3 stars, but I will be happy try this app again in future.
I did not test the app with regular Amazon. If this is your situation, I recommend trying the app!
Support gets 5 stars as they are knowledgeable, have responded and tried to help me.
Ebay part gets 5 stars; it seems to work pretty well and I did not loose any data when I tested an inventory sync with Shopify.
Amazon Handmade off-label work around gets 1 star. Not yet ready for prime time. The inventory sync seems to work but at an unacceptable cost; there is a good bit more chatter going back and forth between Shopify and Handmade than I understood. The chatter produces with some serious results like erasing product descriptions, changing production times, removing category assignments and removing listings from the Amazon catalog entirely. And once you have synced your Amazon Handmade, whatever you do, DO NOT disable the offer as it produces some of the above consequences, I was told.
I will be following Codisto in their facebook group to watch for updates and will hopefully try this app in future when work around bugs are worked out or a definitive connection is made with Handmade. And maybe even the addition of Etsy.

Update: 8:07 am CST 12-11-2019 5 stars for support with Noel. App is set up and seems to be working as advertised with a workaround for Amazon Handmade. The Amazon Handmade products (loaded manually on Amazon Handmade) have synced quantity with Shopify. The issue with Amazon Handmade seems to be the UPC which is not required on handmade goods. I will continue to update this review as the functions are tested. I really appreciate support working to help over the phone. This company clearly is interested in becoming a success.

Update: 7:09 pm CST 12-8-2019 Thanks to Noel, on the other side of the world, for helping with set up; 5 stars to Noel! There was a timing issue during set up which was explained well. And Noel was able to talk me through part of set up with Amazon which was most helpful. Codisto support is working with me at my own pace, since this app is way over my head. Situation is looking favorable for inventory sync with Amazon Handmade. And being able to talk on the phone with Noel is GREATLY appreciated. Now let's see how the app runs and works.
This will be a running review, updates at the top of the thread. App is installed, but not yet set up. 3 stars. Not for beginners. Information from support is conflicting at times, so am trying the app out to see for myself. My need is to be able to post all my handmade items for sale on all my channels and have the inventories synced back through Shopify so I don't oversell. Amazon Handmade is an Amazon outlier with respect to most apps. I have received info from one support person who says that if products are listed manually on Amazon Handmade, they will sync back to Shopify to keep inventory straight. This remains to be seen.
This morning I processed a return/refund on Amazon Handmade and then got a new identical paid order showing up on my Shopify hub coming from Codisto; pretty sure this is a glitch, as I cannot confirm the purchase on Amazon. Inquiry sent to support who has been responsive so far, though probably in a different time zone.


Very useful app, amazing support. I saved a lot of time by using this apps. I hope i can release new markets like Wish or Etsy.

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