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Chess House

Overall a decent app and an easier way to handle Ebay and Amazon products and orders vs Shopify's channel. What would make it closer to 5 stars is an option for individual product Price Control. We have some items that are our products and no other competitors, so control pricing from our store pricing is fine (and I LOVE that I can use a formula to adjust pricing from ours); yet other products have competition, so allowing Amazon's auto price control to keep the Buy Box is preferred. However, with the current setup, I can only turn price control on or off for the entire list of products.

Developer reply

August 3, 2021

Thank you for your review, it is really appreciated!
We are glad you find it easy to handle your eBay and Amazon products.
Individual product price control is certainly a great suggestion - thanks!



UPDATE: Codisto reached out to me personally and said: "We also want to let you know that we have a potential solution with regards to the product title you wish to achieve for your listings.... When it comes to your eBay titles, we will be glad to discuss this further with you." A potential solution is what they offered. As I mentioned, their app can create custom titles but with limitations. I did try their settings and honestly, I absolutely loved the way Codisto showed what the title would look like when I selected the specific codes. However, I reached out twice and received the same answer. The titles my site needed would not be available without me adding additional metadata, information that was already in my product feed. Codisto stated that if I had just listed the product, then it would have worked. HA! Why would I list something that I can see is not right? With Koongo, the titles were apparent without having to list them first (though not as easy to access as with Codisto - really did love that their feature of showing what the title would look like as you typed). Sorry Codisto, yes, if your support AGENTS (multiple) had been "sufficiently educated" then perhaps it would not have been an issue. But by your own words, you got back to me and said you only had a potential solution, not a firm one. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Overall, the app was fine and I can see it working for shops other than mine but I ran into an issue that their tech support was not able to fix easily. I needed to create custom titles for different collections of products that I have. Their system is able to do that but with limitations, they have only a set number of fields they can pull information from. As an example, I need a SKU to identify a particular style of watch but I don't need that for a dress. Instead, I need sizes. I contacted customer support and was told that I would need to get a third party app to insert additional metadata into my site. I figured the woman I chatted with was wrong so the next day I contact them again to speak to a different person. I must say that their customer support was very quick. No waiting and they jumped into the problem quickly. Both times though I was told I needed an additional metafield containing the product titles for each different collection I wanted to change. If I added that, they would then be able to pull the information to title my products correctly. The issue I had with that was that 1) it would cost me more money to get another app, and 2) I already had the information in normal fields in my products that was necessary for the descriptions to be titled properly. I tried Koongo and they were able to pull the information from my site and extract just the parts I needed for my product descriptions without the need to install another app. I went with them instead.

Developer reply

July 7, 2021

Thanks for your review. Our app does support custom titles and works the way you wanted it to by default and if you had tried listing you would have seen it work. However, our failing here was that our support agent wasn't sufficiently educated on this matter and provided the wrong advice - we apologise for that and have provided additional training to our teams.

We use this app for order processing on Amazon AU. It's been a little tough to get used to as far as UI and fine-tuning Amazon listings, but mainly we use it for processing orders in Shopify. That part has been great. Relatively seamless, and support has been prompt and helpful whenever we have questions.

Hair & Beauty Co

We used this app to integrate Shopify inventory into Amazon and eBay. Relatively easy to use and does what is needed. The support team are quick to respond and offer solutions. Would be ideal if there was greater screen space when navigating the app.

S&S Electrical Supply

At First the app was not doing what I needed, after getting a hold of customer support I was able to walk though the steps needed to make the app work well. The app has a lot of moving parts for it all work well.

Octopus Denmark

There were some issues getting the right support in the beginning, but after a while everything was fixed - and thank you for that.


I used Codisto to help me bulk list my inventory from to ebay and amazon. This tool is EXTREMELY powerful so, before using it, be sure to go through all the documentation and tutorials. The codisto listing tool enhances your store listings and it has been my experience that I have received a sales boost because of the comprehensive listing tools codisto has. This tool is more comprehensive than the Shopify channel listing tools for amazon and ebay. Codisto populates more fields than the shopify channel tools do and therefore make your listings a better performer on those channels. Recommended for patient shop owners who are willing to review all documentation. The support is very helpful but this tool works best in the hands of a responsible shop owner!

Handes of a Woman

Newest Final review update; 8:32 am CST 12-27-2019 This review is in regards to a work-around for use with Amazon Handmade. There are a growing number of indications that there is a good work-around for Handmade inventory and price sync when the product is loaded manually on Handmade. A guide is promised and I will probably be back to re-install once the guide is published. Straight product to product seems to work fine for syncing inventory and price; variant work remains in progress. I am leaving the app with solid 4 stars. Good work Codisto. And Thank you.
Final review: 7:27 am CST 12-15-19 This app was installed so I could see for myself about an off-label use with Amazon Handmade to sync inventory with Shopify; answers from Codisto about this had been inconsistent so I decided to check it out myself.

Overall app review is 3 stars, but I will be happy try this app again in future.
I did not test the app with regular Amazon. If this is your situation, I recommend trying the app!
Support gets 5 stars as they are knowledgeable, have responded and tried to help me.
Ebay part gets 5 stars; it seems to work pretty well and I did not loose any data when I tested an inventory sync with Shopify.
Amazon Handmade off-label work around gets 1 star. Not yet ready for prime time. The inventory sync seems to work but at an unacceptable cost; there is a good bit more chatter going back and forth between Shopify and Handmade than I understood. The chatter produces with some serious results like erasing product descriptions, changing production times, removing category assignments and removing listings from the Amazon catalog entirely. And once you have synced your Amazon Handmade, whatever you do, DO NOT disable the offer as it produces some of the above consequences, I was told.
I will be following Codisto in their facebook group to watch for updates and will hopefully try this app in future when work around bugs are worked out or a definitive connection is made with Handmade. And maybe even the addition of Etsy.

Update: 8:07 am CST 12-11-2019 5 stars for support with Noel. App is set up and seems to be working as advertised with a workaround for Amazon Handmade. The Amazon Handmade products (loaded manually on Amazon Handmade) have synced quantity with Shopify. The issue with Amazon Handmade seems to be the UPC which is not required on handmade goods. I will continue to update this review as the functions are tested. I really appreciate support working to help over the phone. This company clearly is interested in becoming a success.

Update: 7:09 pm CST 12-8-2019 Thanks to Noel, on the other side of the world, for helping with set up; 5 stars to Noel! There was a timing issue during set up which was explained well. And Noel was able to talk me through part of set up with Amazon which was most helpful. Codisto support is working with me at my own pace, since this app is way over my head. Situation is looking favorable for inventory sync with Amazon Handmade. And being able to talk on the phone with Noel is GREATLY appreciated. Now let's see how the app runs and works.
This will be a running review, updates at the top of the thread. App is installed, but not yet set up. 3 stars. Not for beginners. Information from support is conflicting at times, so am trying the app out to see for myself. My need is to be able to post all my handmade items for sale on all my channels and have the inventories synced back through Shopify so I don't oversell. Amazon Handmade is an Amazon outlier with respect to most apps. I have received info from one support person who says that if products are listed manually on Amazon Handmade, they will sync back to Shopify to keep inventory straight. This remains to be seen.
This morning I processed a return/refund on Amazon Handmade and then got a new identical paid order showing up on my Shopify hub coming from Codisto; pretty sure this is a glitch, as I cannot confirm the purchase on Amazon. Inquiry sent to support who has been responsive so far, though probably in a different time zone.


I used the app to list my products on eBay. The installation steps are quite easy. I enjoyed the ease of it recognising my inventory details and easily importing it into the app. I equally like the ease of setting the shipment for my products. I set the category for my product to be set automatically on eBay. However, I do not the category my products are automatically listed on is appropriate for my product.

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

Thanks for the review - the comments are appreciated.

Auto categorization uses a machine learning algorithm to find the most appropriate category for products. The algorithm continually improves results but it is unlikely it will ever be 100% accurate for all merchants on all products.

The auto categorization feature is designed to make it easy for merchants to list thousands of products quickly without having to painstakingly categorize each product. Most merchants find it delivers a high degree of accuracy even if it's not perfect.

The important point to note is it's generally much easier to re-categorize those products that aren't correct than it is to categorize every product prior to listing.

You can of course manually categorize (in bulk) prior to listing (this works well if you have a product catalog that only need categorizing into a few categories).

Der Werkzeugmeister

Easy to use. Good for individual items on Amazon. For variants unsuitable, because texts are not customizable. Unsuitable for Ebay because legal texts are not safe.