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Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

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937 reviews
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937 reviews
December 2, 2018

High recommend this app. It offers a great integration and functions well. Service is great and super fast.

The Fable
Time spent using app: 5 days
November 30, 2018

The customer services team have been amazing... extremely timely with responses and Harryl went the extra mile to help me this morning :-)

Captain Fawcett Limited
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 21 days
Edited November 27, 2018

Very quick to setup, updates to eBay were near instant. Still quite a new user but very impressed with this app all round. Support so far seems very good too, very quick to respond and nice clear explanations.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 11 days
November 24, 2018

Ottima app per Ebay e Amazon, assistenza veloce e disponibile, sono contenta di aver scelto Codisto, prezzo giusto. Grazie di tutto !!!
Time spent using app: About 4 years
November 14, 2018

I use this app to post products on Ebay and Amazon. Easy to use, great customer service, who assisted me with the initial set up.

More Than Variety
Time spent using app: 3 months
Edited November 13, 2018

Excellent app and support. Highly recommend! Makes it so easy to list and delist- all without having to access deep API. Does the work of 1-2 people when you consider listing and delisting all of the time. f

United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
November 7, 2018

If you have a Shopify store and you want to sell on Amazon - this is the only app you need. I'm sure the eBay integration is great as well - but i know 100% that this is THE tool for Amazon feeds. I went through two other apps and a few long nights before finding Condisto LINQ. The user-interface is highly intuitive. The platform is stable - no bugs. And the customer service is absolutely incredible. Responses to questions are quick and spot-on. Great app + great customer support = Happy days! Highly recommend.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 3 years
Codisto replied March 11, 2019

Awesome review! Many thanks xox

Edited November 6, 2018

Fantastic app. Brilliant customer service. Recommended all the way.
Helped me get into the 7 digits worth of eBay sales per year.

The Gadget Collective
Time spent using app: About 1 year
Edited November 15, 2019

The experience I had today with John has been outstanding. The service of back/forth emails to ensure would be a good fit with Joy was outstanding.
United States
Time spent using app: 5 months
Codisto replied March 11, 2019

Thank you for your review and apologies for the problems you experienced. Amazon can sometimes be challenging to list on if the data in your Shopify catalog doesn't match the format Amazon is wanting. That said, I agree support could have been clearer on this occasion to avoid you becoming exhausted. We will do our best to ensure support agents are fully clear on how to succinctly help with the Amazon errors you were being presented with.

To be clear on the plan upgrade - you were not being asked to upgrade to paid, only to select a plan during trial which increases the listing allowance during trial that's all. Again, apologies if this wasn't clear.

November 5, 2018

I really wanted to love Codisto. It has a huge potential. The ability to work on multiple products at the same time from within Shopify (instead of syncing to a different server) is great. The ability to map every field as I see fit, support of metafields and even formulas is great. That's the reason the app gets 2* instead of 1 (or 0).

But unfortunately, it did not work for my business for multiple reasons. First of all, it's very buggy. Following the help pages, tutorials and initial instructions provided by customer support did not work for me. I have thousands of products already listed on Amazon and Shopify and Codisto was supposed to seamlessly link them based on SKU and UPC. On their website they say "follow the in app prompts (including relinking any existing listings which can be done quickly in bulk)". This could not be further from the truth. All of my SKUs and UPCs match my Amazon inventory but still every product I tried to link required several additional manual changes (which the help pages say are not required but support, after escalations admitted they were). And then after taking 3-5 minutes to link ONE product I get an error message from Amazon.

Over and over, whenever I had an issue where something wasn't working as it should have according to their help pages, reaching out to support and having them take sometimes a day or more to respond yielded an instruction or clarification that completely contradicts their website, help pages and in-app help. Moreover, asking two support agents the same question produces a completely different, many times contradicting answer. The app says that if you disable the link between Codisto and Amazon for products that were not published by Codisto, only the link will be disabled. In reality (and what customer support told me after the fact, disabling a product on Codisto will not only delete your offer on Amazon but even the catalog page for the product itself - thus losing your BSR, reviews and any marketing efforts. Even on non-technical questions like how much the product costs I got 2 different responses from customer support, one of which contradicts the website (the websites says that plans are by listing, not SKU but the app says it is per SKU. One support person told me to trust the website and another told me to trust the app. When you sell clothing products, each with 20-40 different variation SKUs, this means a HUGE difference in price!)

To summarize, Codisto has a huge potential and may work for businesses that either haven't started selling on Amazon and eBay or have a few listings. If you already sell on Amazon and have many SKUs, or if you don't feel like having to beta-test a software with no reliable customer support or documentation, Codisto is not for you. I may give it a try again in the future if the software starts working the way they say it should.

Cool Cat Designs
United States
Time spent using app: 16 days
Codisto replied March 14, 2019

Thank you for leaving such a detailed review. We are sorry that the experience wasn't as you expected.

Receiving feedback about help tutorials and articles is valuable to us and helps us understand where our weaknesses are (as opposed to just saying 'poor customer support'). We have recently had some videos produced to help with our help articles. Apologies that they weren't available at the time you tried our app.

Amazon can be challenging if a merchant's Shopify data doesn't match the format that Amazon requires for listing or matching. Codisto isn't perfect but as evidenced by other reviews, it generally performs very well. So we are disappointed to hear your experience wasn't good.

Our pricing recently changed (Nov 18) to be more generous to larger SKU merchants and Customer Support is definitely aware of the pricing structure. Apologies that they weren't clear at the time.

The Amazon API can take 3-5 minutes to list products but it's important to point out that this doesn't have to be done one by one. If you just list one product it can take a couple of minutes. However, if you list 1,000 products it can also take a couple of minutes.

Please reach out if you would like to try the app again and we will do our best to help you.