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TERRIBLE. DANGEROUS! BROKEN. Deleted listings! Set prices to 0, quantities to 0. Do not trust this app at all. I've wasted a month on this app. Friendly support though.

Developer reply

March 8, 2021

Sorry to hear you've had problems with the solution but as we have explained via support, the issues you are describing come from incorrect use (if this wasn't the case we'd be inundated with similar comments). Selling on multiple channels isn't always straightforward and in depth software is required to meet the demands of different merchants' needs. Per our support interactions we are happy to help you understand where you were going wrong and how to use it proficiently. Please respond via support if you wish to take us up on that offer.


The staff is very friendly and answered my questions very fast but could not help me at all. 6 times eBay locked my account and 6 times I had to call eBay and ask for unlocking my account. Just embarrassing. This app definitely does not work properly.

Developer reply

November 22, 2020

Hi there

Sorry to hear you've had problems with your eBay account but suspension of your account is done by eBay and has nothing to do with our solution. We are a Strategic eBay Partner and member of eBay's Developer Council. We wouldn't be these if our solution caused accounts to be suspended.

We want to help and will reach out to our technical contacts at eBay and see if we can understand why they are suspending the account (something that eBay Customer Support may not have insight into) and contact you via support.

We understand your frustration but it is misdirected - we wouldn't have a business if our solution was responsible for getting eBay accounts suspended.

Pacifique Sud

It is not the perfect application for Amazon Europe.
Many errors in product variations, due to flaws in the translation of fields from country to country (Spanish, Italian, Germany, French and English). After 2 months, the development of a solution to this problem is still not operational. The Shopify store cannot be integrated with all European countries.
Works Weel with EBAY.

Developer reply

March 8, 2021

Thank you for your review. We have spent time improving the translation of some fields for Europe which makes listing on European marketplaces easier.


all my ebay listings dissappeared after a problem with paypal. after caloing ebay and paypal they said it is a codisto problem. ebay account was relinked and all ebay listings dissappeared. 3 days i have been asking for support and keep getting idiotic answers. we have a business to run. have had to migrate and reintegrate another software because we have not made any new listings and our turnover is way down. CRAP CRAP SUPPORT TECHNICIANS!

Developer reply

February 3, 2020

We're sorry to hear you had problems but to clarify: Your eBay listings didn't 'disappear'. You disconnected your eBay account and then subsequently linked a different eBay account. Consequently, the listings from the first eBay account were of course no longer visible in the second account.

As you mention, this was initially caused at your end with a Paypal issue which required you to use a different eBay account. Our product has performed correctly but we are happy to work with to get you the result you are looking for (despite the problems not being caused by us).

We acknowledge it is frustrating when things don't go as expected but it is important that reviews are accurate because it affects other merchants not just the app developer.

We are sorry to hear your experience with our support agents wasn't as expected but as the vast majority of other reviews attest to, this is highly unusual.

Golden Beards

I tried this tool to import my shopify list to ebay, the result was completely unsuccessfully, the lists were created without VAT so they all had 25% less price, the list were created with a paypal account inactive, the list were created without shipping costs, I had to cancel orders from ebay due all this mistakes, can't get the money, can't chage the lists, a COMPLETELY NIGHTMARE and the MOST important thing - **WATCH OUT* . they still have access to your store as soon as you uninstalled your app from Shopify, you need to ask them to cancel "another account" otherwise another account remains active with them, they sent me screenshots proving that, then I got an email saying that it was not true ( I got asked twice if I wanted to cancel also their account with them) And apologize for the confusion, what a customer service, what an app, stay away if you have a lot lists, instead of saving time, could create more and more headaches, NEVER AGAIN, STAY AWAY.

due to an app developer answer, I'm going to update my review with their almost harassing e-mails:

Firstly I would like to correct an error that was made in the responses you received. Uninstalling was enough to disable the app. Nothing further was necessary. Apologies for the confusion on that point. It stems from the fact that the other e-commerce platforms we support behave that way due to limitations of those platforms. It is not a limitation that Shopify has.


Please, lets fix this. At the very least, remove your review. It is not fair and not factually correct.
I had almost to ask to stop sending e-mails:
Stop sending emails,

this is the last time we are having any kind of communication.

like I said before, all the best ( I don't have anything else to say or add)

WATCHOUT - again, the software is not working correctly ( not user fault) customer service is not working correctly, they asked to remove my 1 star review, and the answer provided here it's only for clean their image,

this is so far my experience with them, I hope you don't have to deal with the same.

Developer reply

December 14, 2019

Your review is completely at odds with over 200+ 5 star reviews from other merchants. We support many more times merchants than those that have left reviews and we wouldn't be the leading Amazon/eBay app for Shopify if the app performed as you describe.

We tried calling you and did our best to engage with you on multiple support tickets but you declined to engage. It's disappointing to see misleading reviews that can negatively impact other merchants and the app developers that are trying their best to create and enhance tools to support merchant growth.

For the record:
1) We do not and cannot have access to your store after you uninstall the app - it's impossible due to the Shopify API architecture. The screenshot you were shown was how the app last looked before you uninstalled.

2) We have no control over your Paypal account and we were unable to engage with you to ascertain what this issue actually related to.

3) Prices and shipping costs will only be imported with the settings that you choose.

Given that the review is so incongruous with other feedback we can only assume user error. Whilst we are always sorry to hear of poor experiences, as other reviews attest to, if you engage with our 24/7 support team when you don't understand something we have a very good reputation for providing explanations and solutions.

The Grail Room

app vergognosa, l assistenza idem , faccio prima ad inserire manualmente ogni articolo e mi han fatto pagare a vuoto l account amazon pro ,senza aver concluso la configurazione, vergogna!

Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Translated: "they let me pay the amazon pro account empty, without having finished the configuration"

We are somewhat confused as to what your complaint is here: Codisto doesn't manage your Amazon Professional account. It is your responsibility to manage that with Amazon. Codisto uses Amazon APIs to communicate with Amazon. Amazon requires a seller to pay for an Amazon Professional account to use their APIs.

Gofybr - Hair Building Fibers

I never write reviews, but this app is rubbish :( it's caused me so countless customer issue problems. It sends some orders through to Shopify and not other & if you use a fulfilment centre and want the orders to push through once dispatching them from Shopify the app only partially works on this front as well. I tried asking their customer service team and i simply get referred to either Shopify or my fulfilment centre...what a headache!!

Developer reply

June 23, 2019

Firstly, sorry to see you having problems - of course it's frustrating when things don't work as expected but you have to be careful to vent in the right place/at the right source.

This review is inaccurate and misleading because Codisto has correctly sent all orders to Shopify. The errors lies with the order fulfillment app NOT Codisto. Leaving inaccurate reviews causes problems for everyone in the app ecosystem (not just the app developers).

If you reinstall the app and reach back out to support we can find the thing causing your fulfilment provider to crash by looking at the set of orders failed and then you have sufficient data to work with their support.

Radical Fingerboards

I liked this app at first, as it linked ebay to Shopify without having issues with inventory. But the default description makes the ebay listing slow and clunky due to it being badly coded. This software is very expensive per month for its simply not amazing UI.
And the final blow was when this app started listing items way under price, as on ebay we mark our products up, and then app free shipping. But this app is constantly listing items to Ebay incorrectly. Making us lose money of a number of sales due to international shipping being FREE, and not marking the product up at all.
And now there is a direct integration between Shopify --> eBay, so why pay for this clunky software....?

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Thanks for the leaving the review - all comments are helpful.

We acknowledge your comments on pricing but firmly believe that quality software costs money to develop. We believe our pricing offers tremendous value for what it provides and believe merchants should be careful when being offered complicated integration software for 'free' as there is little incentive for these developers to maintain and improve the software. The performance, user experience and functionality of Codisto is market leading. Please visit the 'compare us' section of our website for more details.

We aren't sure what you mean by "But the default description makes the ebay listing slow and clunky due to it being badly coded" - by default we take your Shopify description to use on your marketplace listings but it's easy to switch to a custom description or amend the current Shopify description. Please email support if you'd like to learn more.

Regarding incorrect listing, the software will never list items 'under price', with free shipping when not intended or otherwise incorrectly. Listing will only occur with the settings used in the product. We can only assume you hadn't configured the settings correctly at the time of listing.

Last Shadow Marketplace

The first time I used this app it corrupted my 800 eBay listings. I had to delete all of them and relisted them. I decided to try it again for Amazon. It caused every product to over sell. I even got orders for items I have been out of stock on for a while now.

I don't know if it is USER error or not but I can tell you this...
The eBay and Amazon apps from Shopify do a much better job and they are free. BEWARE and know this app is 100% unnecessary.

Codisto LINQ enjoy the $85 you charged me for 3 days of sales. You only created a mess and hurt my customer experience.

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Thanks for the review and sorry to hear you had problems. But we are very surprised with the content of your review. "Corruption of listings" and "over selling" are anathemas for software like ours.

We couldn't successful provide thousands of Shopify users with Amazon/eBay integration if the problems you described were inherent in the product. That is further supported by the app reviews.

Our strong suspicion is that it was misunderstanding or user error that caused your problems. We wish that you had waited for our support to respond and help you prior to uninstalling.

The three days of sales were not charged, only the $29 monthly fee.

We respect your opinion but firmly believe Codisto is providing crucial functionality for selling on Amazon/eBay not found elsewhere in other solutions. Please see the 'compare us' section on our website for more details.

16/11/2020. Our best selling item is no longer listing properly on amazon, Codisto have now said it must be my fault or Amazon (usual excuse) as they cant get it to work either , What is the point of this software please tell me!!!!!! 29/03/2019
Again more problems on Amazon. today was a catastrophic failure of Codisto with most of my listings either having no price, wrong price, wrong photo or wrong description, this error seems to have coincided with a new update today . I was told 7 hours ago it was fixed and it wasnt and now i cant get any replies. I now have an Amazon business that has totally wrong data on most of my listings I am always shocked how fast i must reply to my customers but how slowly shopify app developers reply to questions, i really think that to sell apps on shopify they should guarantee a reply time of atleast 1 or 2 hours , or better still they should have a live chat works great with ebay but so many problems with listings on Amazon , constant errors that cant really be explained properly. If it worked on amazon as well as ebay i would give it a 5 and therefore really isnt worth the money they are charging

Developer reply

March 13, 2019

Thank you for your review. Apologies that you have experienced delays in support responses. We do offer live chat when agents are available and generally our support time is very prompt (as evidenced by many positive reviews about the quality and speed of our support). However, we acknowledge that at times, due to volume, responses can be slower than desired. The app has been a huge success and we are actively training new support staff to meet the growing demand. We apologise again and thank you for your patience at times in responding to support queries.

Amazon can sometimes be challenging if Shopify data doesn't match the structure that Amazon require. Codisto already contains many automated elements that solve problems listing on Amazon (unknown by many users). Whilst merchants will still be required to provide and amend data in certain cases, we are continuing to improve the product to automate as many Amazon requirements as possible.

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