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Kimi's Beauty Shop

Started using the app for eBay was than looking around to remove unneeded apps and decided to use also Google Shopping. Was not a good idea, categories to be imported from the Support as first they where not there and than after a week they disappears again. Because I m selling products made too my specifications it's very important for me to have the attribute identifier exists, as this products do not have Grin or other identifier. Support was not really helpful just said that's not needed. As I provided Google Shopping help pages with details that show it's needed I did not get an answer anymore. Ok I fixed it now and decided to remove codisto and after a day using the old app again I can see a jump in revenue. Update: now after writing this review I got within less than 24 hours an Email telling me that the missing google shopping categories are now available and that the "Identifier exist" attribute would be not needed as there was no error returned from google. To the product categories I'm surprised that nearly 2 weeks nothing was done and now in 24 hours. In regards to the Identifier Exists I have clearly seen on my conversion rate that this field seems to be needed and it was even shown on a page the codisto support provided me with, in shopping you might not get a message when products only limited approved.

Japanese Taste

The interface of Codisto is integrated inside Shopify. While this might have advantages we found that it was difficult to work and navigate through the app.

Then, the app modifies the theme when installed. Even after uninstalling it some traces of software remain on the code so make sure to manually remove them.

Developer reply

April 1, 2019

Thank you for leaving a review. We are sorry you found the app hard to navigate. Generally, merchants are positive about the interface but all feedback helps us to improve. The theme modifications can easily be removed by following the steps in this article It is worth noting that removing the files is generally not required because they have no effect on merchants’ websites in any way. The reason they occur is to allow for eBay template changes to be made using Shopify’s ‘Liquid’ which makes it easy for merchants wanting to customize the look of their eBay listings. This is one of the advanced features of Codisto. Shopify doesn’t provide a way for this to be automatically done on uninstall but we're happy to remove them for you if you notify us prior to uninstalling.


We are really frustrated with CODISTO recently.
We had many issues for the past year but at least the support was fast and willing to help.

But recently the Support doesn't reply anymore and we got overcharged as the support confirmed itself - but no correction had been made. And still no reply.

For everyone who is looking for an App I would recommend checking out MAGNALISTER. Much cheaper and a lot more marketplaces to link.

This is the App we will switch too if Codisto doesn't get his customer support and charging right really soon.

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Thank you for your review - we appreciate all comments!

It's true that Codisto supports all Shopify store currencies and all Amazon/eBay marketplaces so in that regard, we are without competition. We also believe our performance, functionality and user experience are also without competition even for USD merchants :)

A couple of remarks worth making:

Regarding "Once you work with Codisto you cannot make changes inside Ebay, Codisto will overwrite it". This is the overarching design of the app. In general, it's far easier and quicker to update via Shopify/Codisto than it is on eBay directly. We have to overwrite eBay changes (where sync is on) else the app wouldn't work properly.

However, there are certain elements of listings that merchants want to update on eBay directly or not have Codisto sync. We have recognised this and have created settings for not synchronizing inventory (e.g. you use an inventory management system) or not synchronize price (e.g. you use an Amazon repricer). There has also been a recent (Dec '18) release of a setting to 'not sync eBay images' (e.g. you want different images on eBay to those in Shopify - now you can edit directly on eBay and not have them overwritten). Additional syncing flexibility may be released in the future.

With regards to Amazon sync, Codisto uses Shopify as the source of truth for what is on the marketplaces. There are other apps that can be used to perform a one time import of Amazon listings to create Shopify products (you can then use Codisto to link and sync those Shopify products with existing Amazon offers). We don't propose allowing changes on either Amazon or Shopify because it becomes very confusing as to what the 'source of truth' for catalog management is and from a data risk point of view, merchants are better to have their data in Shopify than Amazon. But always happy to hear of suggestions for features.

Cool Cat Designs

I really wanted to love Codisto. It has a huge potential. The ability to work on multiple products at the same time from within Shopify (instead of syncing to a different server) is great. The ability to map every field as I see fit, support of metafields and even formulas is great. That's the reason the app gets 2* instead of 1 (or 0).

But unfortunately, it did not work for my business for multiple reasons. First of all, it's very buggy. Following the help pages, tutorials and initial instructions provided by customer support did not work for me. I have thousands of products already listed on Amazon and Shopify and Codisto was supposed to seamlessly link them based on SKU and UPC. On their website they say "follow the in app prompts (including relinking any existing listings which can be done quickly in bulk)". This could not be further from the truth. All of my SKUs and UPCs match my Amazon inventory but still every product I tried to link required several additional manual changes (which the help pages say are not required but support, after escalations admitted they were). And then after taking 3-5 minutes to link ONE product I get an error message from Amazon.

Over and over, whenever I had an issue where something wasn't working as it should have according to their help pages, reaching out to support and having them take sometimes a day or more to respond yielded an instruction or clarification that completely contradicts their website, help pages and in-app help. Moreover, asking two support agents the same question produces a completely different, many times contradicting answer. The app says that if you disable the link between Codisto and Amazon for products that were not published by Codisto, only the link will be disabled. In reality (and what customer support told me after the fact, disabling a product on Codisto will not only delete your offer on Amazon but even the catalog page for the product itself - thus losing your BSR, reviews and any marketing efforts. Even on non-technical questions like how much the product costs I got 2 different responses from customer support, one of which contradicts the website (the websites says that plans are by listing, not SKU but the app says it is per SKU. One support person told me to trust the website and another told me to trust the app. When you sell clothing products, each with 20-40 different variation SKUs, this means a HUGE difference in price!)

To summarize, Codisto has a huge potential and may work for businesses that either haven't started selling on Amazon and eBay or have a few listings. If you already sell on Amazon and have many SKUs, or if you don't feel like having to beta-test a software with no reliable customer support or documentation, Codisto is not for you. I may give it a try again in the future if the software starts working the way they say it should.

Developer reply

March 14, 2019

Thank you for leaving such a detailed review. We are sorry that the experience wasn't as you expected.

Receiving feedback about help tutorials and articles is valuable to us and helps us understand where our weaknesses are (as opposed to just saying 'poor customer support'). We have recently had some videos produced to help with our help articles. Apologies that they weren't available at the time you tried our app.

Amazon can be challenging if a merchant's Shopify data doesn't match the format that Amazon requires for listing or matching. Codisto isn't perfect but as evidenced by other reviews, it generally performs very well. So we are disappointed to hear your experience wasn't good.

Our pricing recently changed (Nov 18) to be more generous to larger SKU merchants and Customer Support is definitely aware of the pricing structure. Apologies that they weren't clear at the time.

The Amazon API can take 3-5 minutes to list products but it's important to point out that this doesn't have to be done one by one. If you just list one product it can take a couple of minutes. However, if you list 1,000 products it can also take a couple of minutes.

Please reach out if you would like to try the app again and we will do our best to help you.

My Music Books

This app keeps having issues with ebay and Amazon, Looks like we will be looking for a new provider. customer service and support inst high on the list of things for this company.

Developer reply

March 12, 2019

Thank you for leaving a review. Sorry to hear you had problems with the app.

Merchants usually comment that our support quality is good and our response time fast. Apologies we weren't able to to meet your expectations this time.