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Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

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9 reviews
Edited November 11, 2022

Amending this from two to three stars. As soon as I left this review I received a phone call from a shift leader at Codisto. He offered to help me, which he just did through a teams meeting. He was able to see why I was so frustrated at the time it took to list anything and the fact that inventory levels were not updating from Shopify to eBay. He found a solution that he is still implementing. I am hopeful it will work and that I will be amending this higher. Their help, I must say, is very good. ------------------------------- I trialed this. I really wanted to like it. I switched to it from the soon to be retired eBay channel. The help is good so I didn't give it a 1, but the execution of the product not so much. Also, related to the help, they ask you to leave a five star review on the app store almost every time you interact with them so take all the highly rated reviews with a grain of salt. My items didn't pull into eBay correctly which means I was going through one by one to see if they were truly linked correctly or not. I figured one time issue and I could deal, but it would have cost me many hours of extra work. I had to end items on eBay and re-add them. Items are extremely slow to list from one platform to another. My final straw was seeing an item on eBay that I knew had sold previously that day. It had been five hours already and there was no update to inventory. I need something more responsive for inventory levels to avoid sell outs.

Galaxy Puzzles
United States
Time spent using app: 10 days
Edited September 19, 2022

Many things not working as expected and advertised. Some orders are marked dispathed on channels after long time and not real time as advertised and advised by their team. Some channels the exchange rate works for shipping, other channels not. And few more otehr things. Not consistent and therefore we need to find work arounds. Support try to help but chat box keeps going down and losing connection between inquiries. We dont want now before peak Christmas season to change things and set up elsewhere, but as soon as possible after Christmas season, and if problems are not fixed, we will defenitely remove this app and move to other.
Not a bad app but lots of wasting time to make things work.

SuperHeroes Warehouse
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 4 months
Edited January 6, 2021

App has been offline throughout the holiday period for us. Support almost non existent and not taking grasp of the issue to hand - just supplying us with articles unrelated to the issue. This has caused a lot of damage to our marketplace service as we can’t update stock levels and remove listings etc.

The Pop Up Deli
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Edited August 10, 2020

I run eBay and Shopify stores with 2,000+ Products. Using Codisto was a terrible experience for me. I wanted to sync quantity and item info between the stores. Currently using Inkfrog - Codisto erased all eBay item specifics through the import. Really unclear that the eBay item specifics are part of the listing description portion. It also couldn't match products very well (even though they have the exact same - identical titles). Because of this, Codisto mixed up a bunch of product titles with the wrong pictures / descriptions and many of our items have sold for the wrong prices to confused buyers. It also appears that it would be a lot of extra effort to enter eBay item specifics into the Codisto app (you have to type them in, there's no drop down or quick-click like on eBay). Maybe this app could work if you are starting fresh and don't have any existing prodcuts.

Unfortunately the mixed up product titles, pictures and prices as well as the template also got imported into our Shopify store. Now spending hours trying to erase their HTML garbage. Wouldn't recommend if you already have anything setup and working.

Klawk Watches
United States
Time spent using app: About 18 hours
July 13, 2020

I tried this App and did find it useful. Although I then found out about the 1.9% transaction fee on top of the monthly fee for the Flexi. Deleted immediately!

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 2 days