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7 reviews

The Pop Up Deli

App has been offline throughout the holiday period for us. Support almost non existent and not taking grasp of the issue to hand - just supplying us with articles unrelated to the issue. This has caused a lot of damage to our marketplace service as we can’t update stock levels and remove listings etc.

Klawk Watches

I run eBay and Shopify stores with 2,000+ Products. Using Codisto was a terrible experience for me. I wanted to sync quantity and item info between the stores. Currently using Inkfrog - Codisto erased all eBay item specifics through the import. Really unclear that the eBay item specifics are part of the listing description portion. It also couldn't match products very well (even though they have the exact same - identical titles). Because of this, Codisto mixed up a bunch of product titles with the wrong pictures / descriptions and many of our items have sold for the wrong prices to confused buyers. It also appears that it would be a lot of extra effort to enter eBay item specifics into the Codisto app (you have to type them in, there's no drop down or quick-click like on eBay). Maybe this app could work if you are starting fresh and don't have any existing prodcuts.

Unfortunately the mixed up product titles, pictures and prices as well as the template also got imported into our Shopify store. Now spending hours trying to erase their HTML garbage. Wouldn't recommend if you already have anything setup and working.

Developer reply

August 6, 2020

Whilst we're sorry to hear you experienced problems, these were caused by user error where you have ignored in app messaging and also specific customer support advice.

When linking existing eBay listing, the app provides you with a clear choice whether to use eBay settings (values on eBay) OR Codisto settings (that either uses Shopify values or specific Codisto values). To retain eBay values (because you don't have the data in Shopify) you have to link using eBay settings. If you link using Codisto settings and you don't have the data in Shopify then the Item Specifics will be blank.

Regarding the HTML, to be clear Codisto does not update Shopify hence that part of your review is inaccurate.

Regarding the HTML 'mess' your refer to on your eBay listings - that is easily avoidable. It is caused by eBay providing a 'description' when linking that contains your written product description AND any HTML that was on your existing listings (it would be great if they could supply those elements separately but they can't). Hence, if you use the eBay settings on linking for Description, it already contains HTML. Avoiding the problem can be done in two ways:

1) Use our blank template with your HTML description from eBay. If you use our standard template that contains HTML you end up with HTML inside HTML which will cause the eBay listings description not to look right.

2) The alternative, that most merchants use, is to simply have clean product descriptions in Shopify and simply use Codisto settings with our standard template. This avoids all the drama caused by eBay's inability to provide clean product descriptions. (You can use an CSV import into Shopify or look for a separate importer app to import data from eBay to Shopify directly then use Codisto to keep everything in sync).

Regarding mixing up titles with wrong pictures/descriptions - this again is inaccurate - Codisto does not link listings automatically. All linking needs reviewing by the users and accepting before anything is linked. The only way, what you describe can have occurred is by you linking the wrong product to the wrong listings.

Regarding "Codisto didn't look good in either store" - this is inaccurate - again Codisto can't affect your Shopify products and store - it only updates eBay listings. The eBay listings not looking good is covered by the points above.

Regarding "Codisto would require us to enter all the information over again into the new Codisto system" - this again is inaccurate. Codisto doesn't require you to enter all the information again into Codisto - the idea is you have that data already available in Shopify. But even if you don't we provide a way for you to use the data you have already on eBay (you just need to use the settings correctly).

We have helped thousands of eBay sellers link existing listings to Shopify products successfully because our process for linking listings is very robust. A large percentage of our uses are existing eBay sellers not just new sellers. We are always trying to learn and improve our user experience but after providing a robust in app flow and also specific customer support advice we aren't sure where we could have provided an improved experience in this case.


I tried this App and did find it useful. Although I then found out about the 1.9% transaction fee on top of the monthly fee for the Flexi. Deleted immediately!

Developer reply

July 13, 2020

We thank you for commenting that you found the app useful. But we are confused by your comments on pricing. Our pricing is very transparent - there is a 1.9% transaction fee on the Flexi plan only (all our other plans are fixed prices). This is stated on our website, in the app store listing, and on the plan selection page in the app itself so we are unsure why you were surprised by this and point out you were able to change to a fixed priced plan if that was cheaper for you at any time.

Rug Love

I tried Codisto, Export Feed then finally Koongo. Koongo was by far the simplest to set up and sync so I went with that. This one does work as does export feed. i would download all 3 and see which one you prefer. I would think Koongo would be best for the vast majority.


Please check your email. I sent a lot of emails to you but I don't receive your feedback. Thanks so much!

Developer reply

April 5, 2020

Hi Atledpro,

We have received 4 emails from you, all of which we responded to within an hour. Please check your junk/spam folders. We have also tried to phone you multiple times but there is no answer. If you email us alternative contact details we will try those. We are also online for chat, so perhaps you could try that? You can access chat via the support button in the app.


We've been using this solution for less than a year as an apparel seller. Overall, it's been a decent solution that will maintain the stock reliably and list products quickly to Amazon and eBay. However, there are two major issues that a Shopify retailer should be aware of before you move forward with Codisto:

- This app will only set parent SKUs to be FBA or FBM. This means that variant products can only be one or the other. If you run out of a size or color at FBA but you have it at your physical store or warehouse, it can't be listed until you run out of all the sizes and switch the parent back or send those units to FBA. This isn't a big deal for large retailers but if you're a smaller store, it means a good chunk of your inventory is unavailable to customers.

- Support. Right now, Amazon has set a series of mandatory requirements for Shoe listings. Codisto allows you to set up the required fields but it's been having a lot of trouble pushing the product to Amazon. We keep experiencing errors when listing this part of our inventory. We've been going back and forth with support and we're stuck in a feedback loop and nothing is being done about it. We hope Codisto's management will take notice and act swiftly.

Once these problems are fixed, we'll consider revising this review.

Developer reply

February 23, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. Great to hear you are mostly happy. Your improvement comments are welcomed. The SKU level FBA/FBM issue has been documented and we will look to get this resolved. The shoe listing issue is being investigated further because the errors being received from Amazon are too general for easy diagnosis. We will contact you once we have an update. Thanks again.

Update 17 March 2020:
The SKU level FBA/FBM functionality has been released! We have contacted you via support to let you know.


- In "Manage Marketplace" cant Unlink or add ebay/amazon accounts as the SAVE button dont work !
- Cant update address or setting as the clicking the save button dont work.
on the plus side there are more options than the other marketplace apps.

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Thanks for leaving a review. The problems you describe sound like a browser issue. Codisto works best with Google Chrome. Most functions are supported in Firefox and Safari although minor functionality can sometimes be missing with these browsers. We do not support Internet Explorer.

If you are experiencing any types of issues relating to button execution or on page rendering, we suggest switching to Google Chrome. Happy to explain why in more detail via support.