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Sell on any Amazon & eBay site directly from Shopify

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Alpine Start Outfitters

easy to use once you get used to the "excel style" layout. for the most part the app syncs and lists things superbly and would recommend.

for the price, the pros outweigh the couple annoying cons that we've experienced thus far.

Tree Tribe

Pretty good app.

Pros: When your FBM order fulfills in Shopify, it notifies Amazon and fulfills on Amazon on autopilot.

Cons: You have to manually "send" the order from Codisto to Shopify for your FBM orders. (you can choose to auto send everything, but then all your FBA orders would flood your store).

Developer reply

April 10, 2019

Thanks for your review - FBA/FBM order settings were on the roadmap and have just been released :)

Bealtaine Fire

Links eBay sales to Shopify as wanted, and the app support was prompt and helpful when needed. Would recommend. Backend could be more simple to use, with so many credentials needed to add to products

They are trying to improve all the time the level of communication.
In near future I am sure I can make my review 5 stars!


First, there is no other App out there than does the job, so Codisto is without competition. If you need to sync between your store-Amazon and Ebay for non-US/non-CAD companies this is the only option.

The App its job, but we do run into issues sometimes with unwanted syncs in Ebay. (Once you work with Codisto you cannot make changes inside Ebay, Codisto will overwrite it) and Amazon (Codisto doesnt sync from Amazon to the store, only Store to Amazon).

To get 5 stars Codisto would need to fix those things and improve the grid to make it more user-friendly and allow better control of what variables can be stopped from Syncing in Ebay, and allow Amazon sync in both directions.

The customer support is really awesome. Replies fast and very detailed with screenshots and so on. They also help you to make changes inside the grid for you if you cant get it right.

I look forward to future improvements so this App can reach 5 stars from us!

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Thank you for your review - we appreciate all comments!

It's true that Codisto supports all Shopify store currencies and all Amazon/eBay marketplaces so in that regard, we are without competition. We also believe our performance, functionality and user experience are also without competition even for USD merchants :)

A couple of remarks worth making:

Regarding "Once you work with Codisto you cannot make changes inside Ebay, Codisto will overwrite it". This is the overarching design of the app. In general, it's far easier and quicker to update via Shopify/Codisto than it is on eBay directly. We have to overwrite eBay changes (where sync is on) else the app wouldn't work properly.

However, there are certain elements of listings that merchants want to update on eBay directly or not have Codisto sync. We have recognised this and have created settings for not synchronizing inventory (e.g. you use an inventory management system) or not synchronize price (e.g. you use an Amazon repricer). There has also been a recent (Dec '18) release of a setting to 'not sync eBay images' (e.g. you want different images on eBay to those in Shopify - now you can edit directly on eBay and not have them overwritten). Additional syncing flexibility may be released in the future.

With regards to Amazon sync, Codisto uses Shopify as the source of truth for what is on the marketplaces. There are other apps that can be used to perform a one time import of Amazon listings to create Shopify products (you can then use Codisto to link and sync those Shopify products with existing Amazon offers). We don't propose allowing changes on either Amazon or Shopify because it becomes very confusing as to what the 'source of truth' for catalog management is and from a data risk point of view, merchants are better to have their data in Shopify than Amazon. But always happy to hear of suggestions for features.


This app is good if it works, saves soo much time importing to eBay. However it does really need to be looked at in terms of upgrading.


Template only english, must be translated by hand....
automatic product categories not always work....
lot of work...
After deactivation it still did not stop to work and lists products having not on stock to ebay.....