Cost It! Cost of Goods Sold

Cost It! Cost of Goods Sold

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Track and Manage Product Costs

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Quickly Edit Costs in Bulk

Our export / import feature allows store owners to quickly bulk edit costs in Excel. Time = Money!

Automated Alerts

Store owners can set alerts and will receive notifications as soon as an order is paid that has a negative margin.

Reporting Dashboard

View highest margin products sold, lowest margin products sold, and margin on bestselling items when logging into the application dashboard.

Om Cost It! Cost of Goods Sold

Take Control of Cost

  • One of the most important accounting practices for a business is to track their product costs versus their product sales. Keep track of your product costs and never lose money again!
  • Export products & costs to .csv format for your own tracking & accounting purposes.
  • We provide analytics on your highest margin products, lowest margin products, and the margin on your bestselling products so that you can make smarter pricing and advertising decisions.

We Keep You Alerted & Updated

  • Forget to add a cost when you create a new product? Don’t worry, we can send you a weekly update of uncosted products.
  • Automated alerts will alert you when you start losing money on orders. Never have a mis-priced product or erroneous discount code cost you a ton of money again.

Seamless Integration

  • No extra installation steps necessary. As soon as you install the app to your store, you can begin tracking product costs.
  • Export all products and edit their costs in Excel to quickly get up and running.
  • When creating a new product in Shopify, you can edit product costs by simply pressing a button from the edit product page in your Shopify admin. There’s no need to separately load the application.



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