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18 aprile 2023

Great app and really easy to use.
The tech team are very helpful too.
I would highly recommend using this app to help grow your business using influencers.

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18 aprile 2023

Collabs is a great system for influencer/affiliate marketing. We have used other apps before and this has really taken the stress and hassle out of everything.
They are constantly evolving and we cannot wait to see what they have in-store next!

Glisten Cosmetics
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17 aprile 2023

Shopify Collabs is a dream come true. It has helped us scale our Affiliate Program and increase overall sales. The automatic payments are convenient as well. I would definitely recommend this app!

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15 aprile 2023

Affiliate manager app for free - what can I say. Love the functionality too. FREE PAYPAL MASS PAYOUTS LETS GOOOO. Wish there was one big button to pay all affiliates at once though.

Fusion Motorsports USA
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5 aprile 2023

Shopify Collabs is by far the easiest collab tool to set up, kick-off, and maintain. While they are still adding new features, its come a long way in just a few months. Since the Shopify Flow integration, its opened the doors to automation. I highly recommend trying it out before you invest in other (much more expensive) tools.

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21 marzo 2023

A very good app, simple to set it up - Very Robust and no shit code to disturb theme....Hosting affiliates on shopify domain creates it more trustworthy and safe for affiliates - Negative reviews are by those cynical idiots who wants 24/7 contact support and for an app that is free is hard to provide you 24/7 support....Get your keyborad in some use. Thanks shopify for this app, I would suggest to add a feature that enables merchants invite potential affiliates from the app.

A Bit Orange
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 28 giorni
7 marzo 2023

Seriously amazing. Can't believe this app is free. We were paying $10k per year for Sideqik before we found this. The "recruiting" features could be more robust but heck, it's free. I love that you can change the discount code but keep the same affiliate link. Everything tracks well too. Love how seamlessly this app works with Shopify's back end. It automatically applies the coupon code when someone visits an affiliate link too. Love the tier system as well. I'd love to see a direct deposit payout method added. Would also love to see the ability to create dynamic coupon codes that automatically change every so often but tie to the same affiliate link. That would prevent Honey and Capital One Shopping from snagging our influencers' codes. I'd give this app 10 stars if I could. Thank you so much for making this!!!!

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9 febbraio 2023

We have uploaded over 80,000 affiliates into their portal as of to date! We are seeing promising growth and verified influencers that are making an impact for us through Colabs. Great support team that is willing to help accelerate your brand or products!

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 7 mesi
6 febbraio 2023

Nice app. Exactly what I need. Collab partners can see analytics therefore they trust us 100%. Support fast responding and solving any tech issues within a monute.

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30 gennaio 2023

Great application & very happy with the features Shopify does great as always in everything they do! I also have one suggestion for the future updates for this application, I thought it would be a great feature to be able to message all of your affiliates at one time, for example if you have a certain promotion that you'd like them to promote you can do this by mass messaging all of them at one time! Other than that I highly recommend Shopify Collabs to create a community around your brand/store.

FKN Rich
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