Collection Import/Export & SEO

Collection Import/Export & SEO


Import/Export Collections to CSV + Generate from Type & Vendor

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Save a tonne of time!

Creating collections in Shopify takes time. Use our app to make the process of managing your collections more efficient!

Export/Import Collections

Export your collections for an overview. Edit and update existing collections or create new.

Export/Import SEO Meta Data

Edit your collection SEO meta data in bulk and import to update.

关于 Collection Import/Export & SEO

Collection Import/Export by provides the missing feature of importing and exporting your collections in bulk, coupled with some handy scripts for quickly generating Smart collections for all your Vendors and product Types.


Is your Shopify store on a Trial plan without billing? Get in touch to activate Pro Plan on your store for a one time fee of $50.

Our app can handle 7000 or more rows for import and export. No need to import multiple files.


New store builds - Import collections rapidly

Agencies - use for new client stores

Efficient collection management - Get an overview of your collections in csv format.


  • Free trial - Limited to importing 5 collections per feature.
  • Generate collections from your product types and vendors
  • Import / Export collections
  • Export SEO meta data from collections
  • Supports smart collections and manual collections
  • Update existing collections

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Limited Trial Plan


  • Test the app to see if it meets your needs. Limited to 5 collections for exporting and importing.

Pro Plan


  • All features with unlimited usage
  • Import/ Export collections

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

3.1 评分

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The Parfumerie

Would not recommend. Upgraded to the full app to export/import collection pages from one site to another, but the app would not save more than a handful of items and was not working as it should. The app was uninstalled the same day. The developer promised to refund but then refused to credit the fees back.


Performs very poorly and doesn't allow beyond five items after the upgrade. When you pay bloathed monthly fees for minor features, you don't expect to spend time on support issues, too. I hope the developer can refund us. ** The developer promised a refund but demanded a removal of the "very damaging review" in an extortion attempt. The review is accurate and there is nothing that is damaging or untrue in it. It's been days on end haggling for a refund. They owe us $40 for two apps that never worked. We would definitely NOT recommend this developer's apps. Beware. You won't get a refund when it doesn't work....



Please see this video showing the app working as it does for all our customers. We are importing a file with 4000+ collections.


Link to file:

As we already said we are more than willing to refund you but feel your review is simply unfair and misleading. Expecting an immediate response on a Sunday by leaving a negative review, even though we did reply to you on the day, is really foul play and beyond reasonable.

Hi, thanks for the feedback but this is not correct because the purpose of upgrading is to get out of trial mode into unlimited usage. If after upgrading, one was still limited to trial mode, the app would not function and you would see a tonne of customers saying the same thing as you.

You have since uninstalled the app so we can't really assist to see what issue you were facing.

Happy to refund you in any case but this review is simply not helpful at all.

John Diven & Cº

I had a few little issues uploading as I have hundreds of collections - but the app support were great and helped me get things sorted quickly This app is going to be a big help !!