Collection Manager

Collection Manager

提供者:Innovanet Solutions Inc.

Time-saving Custom and Smart collection management tools

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Intuitive Drag & Drop Sorting

Quickly merchandise using multi-select drag and drop sorting, product status icons, small/medium/large display options, and much more.

Export and Import Sort Orders

Re-position products more quickly by Exporting sort orders to Excel or CSV so you can work offline, then re-import when you're ready.

Duplicate Collections

Save time by duplicating Custom and Smart collections while maintaining the sort order of the original collection.

关于 Collection Manager

Popular Features

  1. Duplicate Custom and Smart collections while keeping sort orders intact*
  2. Full-screen product layout view with Drag and Drop sorting for better visual merchandising
  3. Customize display options to make the layout look like your shop while sorting
  4. Numeric sort for faster product sorting
  5. Export product sort orders along with product attributes (ex. Published Status, Vendor, etc.) for offline sorting using Excel
  6. Import product sort orders from Excel or CSV
  7. Remove/delete multiple products from collections (ex. Remove out of stock products)
  8. Transfer products between Custom collections
  9. Compare and merge Smart collections

*Full product duplication is also available but not enabled by default as it has some caveats. Please let us know if you require this feature so we can provide guidance,

Increase Productivity

Collection Manager is a productivity app that will help you save time! It will continue to evolve to include new collection management features. You can also make a feature request right within the app at any time!

Intelligent Collection Duplication

Collection Manager doesn't just copy collections, it also makes sure that manual sort orders stay intact. This means that the sort order of the duplicate will be exactly the same as the collection you're copying. No more wasting time trying to re-sort after a copy. Works for both Custom and Smart Collections!

Transfer Products

Want to quickly move a product from one Custom collection to another? Collection Manager allows you to quickly Drag and Drop products between Custom collections! Just select two Custom collections, click "Compare", and start moving products between them!

Compare and Merge Smart Collections

Quickly view and compare rules between two Smart collections. This allows you to optimize them, prevent duplicates, and merge them together to create a new Smart collection.

Simplified Product sorting

Sort your products using the large visual grid view, which is much more intuitive. You'll also be able to move products between collections while sorting them (just another way to save time).

Multi-Sort Products

The multi-sort feature allows you to select multiple products, and then drag them all together to a new position.

Numeric Sort

The Numeric Sort feature will let you sort your products by quickly numbering them. You can also export the sort order to Excel or CSV, change their position, and then re-import them. This is a great option for large collections that can't be sorted visually.

Many more features to come!

We're always making updates to the app so check back often for new features!

This app is partner-friendly!



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4.6 评分


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DeeCee style

Collection Manager has become indispensable for us to sort our collections wisely / seasonally and by inventory manually. The larger images, drag & drop and additional information make this so much easier than the Shopify standard. The team is super helpful and has even successfully implemented our request to have newly added products appear at the top of the collections. We can only recommend the app.



Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review, and for the kind words!

It's our pleasure to help out however we can whether it's tech support or feature requests, and we greatly appreciate this positive feedback.

All the best, and good luck with your shop! :)

11 Honoré

Super helpful staff and easy to use app! This makes assorting by stock so much better. I love you add in the fields you need for each export.



Thanks very much for taking the time to write this review! We truly appreciate the feedback, and we're happy to hear that the app is working well for you.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to work closely with our customers to achieve their Shopify store goals.

All the best!


We typically wait a few months before leaving any reviews on app functionality to ensure that we are able to test their true capability and customer support. I'm delighted to say that the app and the support team are excellent. If you are looking for a good merchandising application for your store, I would absolutely have no issue recommending Collection Manager. Full marks to Kris and the team.



Thanks so much for the kind review. We're happy to have you onboard!