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16. August 2022

please help me, on the first day, its all great, but on the 2nd day, its ruined my collection page. could you help me?

Elzatta Hijab Official
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Code Black Belt hat geantwortet 16. August 2022

Thanks for the feedback!

We know how important it is to have your shop running smoothly; we work every day to make the app better and adaptable for all themes and theme changes. However, you would understand that sometimes, due to theme particularities, issues may emerge. Luckily, we’re available 24/7 to make any needed adjustments to get things right if required.

Our team solved your issue minutes after you reported it; rest assured that you’re all set now and no issues or errors will come up.

We’ve messaged you directly as well to help you with anything else that you may need.

The Support Team

Bearbeitet am 25. Mai 2022

upon installation the support seemed to be very efficient and skilled at integrating the theme and we were testing the app for more than a month. After we noticed a small issue with product images caused by the app , the support have destroyed the whole theme grid and the work of almost 2 months. totally disappointed and frustrated, if the good work is not a constant then working with an app like this can cost your store MONEY, TIME and EFFORT.
28 tage mit der App
Code Black Belt hat geantwortet 25. Mai 2022

Sorry for the frustrations.

We understand you are about to launch your store in a matter of days, and having everything perfectly configured is crucial. We totally get that, as that's our priority. When you reached out for support since the first day, we've been there trying to provide you with a speedy and efficient solution. You've even mentioned your satisfaction with the support. The theme your store uses required extra effort to get everything fully integrated, and as you may imagine, while we were applying the improvements you requested, it took us some time, but we never touched your Theme code directly. Our team also worked on your store with the app disabled so the changes made weren't reflected in the shop while working on it.

The entire time we've not done anything else but try our best to ensure your desired outcomes. It has never been our intention to cause you frustrations, or waste time and efforts; on the contrary, we have been doing our best to help you get all set up since the very beginning.

We get your frustration, and we're honestly sorry for all the inconveniences this may have caused, but it's sad that all the efforts we've put into helping you vanishes all of a sudden as if we had been indifferent to your needs. All we want to do is help, and never impact your business.

If you happen to have any room for agreement, we'll be glad to speak and contribute with anything we can.

The Support Team