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92 reviews
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  • Instant access to over 4,000 fashion & beauty items available immediately for dropship.
  • Automatic quantity update every 4 hours to keep your inventory updated.
  • Add thousands of products to your Shopify store with just a few clicks.

Collective Fab is a leading fashion and beauty dropshipper located in Southern California. We offer fashionable, edgy, and stylish young women's fashion and beauty products available immediately for dropshipping without upfront inventory costs.

We've been a Shopify partner for over 2 years but have recently joined the app store due to our clients demand for quick and easy integration. We have over 600 active businesses using our dropshipping program on a daily basis. 

Our catalog has over 3,500 items with new arrivals being added daily to meet the constant changing trends and demands of the fashion industry. We carry an average of 3,500 items in stock item at any given time. All products are shipped from our facility (California) directly to your customers with your company information (blind dropshipping).

What do we carry?

  • Shoes

  • Clothes

  • Plus Sizes

  • Accessories

  • Swimwear

  • Beauty 

Collective Fab inventory management software is designed to be user-friendly so anyone can operate without technical knowledge. We also provide video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use our software and services.

Collective Fab app allows you to:

  • Instantly add thousands of products to your Shopify store with just a few clicks.

  • Automatic quantity update every 4 hours to keep your inventory updated. 

  • Bulk edit pricing to add your own markup. You decide your profit margin.

  • Add single items or bulk import via CSV.

  • In-app live chat for support.

How do we get support?

We understand that many businesses reply on us for run their own business and that communication is key. We offer an in-app live chat support, where you can chat with a live support agent anytime between 9am-5pm pst Mon-Fri. We also have a ticketing system that allows us to effectively manage all inquiries. We try our best to respond to all emails/tickets within 24 hours or less.

Collective Fab allows you to open a fully stocked online boutique quickly and easily without needing to purchase inventory, equipment, or deal with shipping. Focus your valuable time on marketing your website and building your brand and let us handle the rest!



Collective Fab reviews

92 reviews
  1. 5 stars (41 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (27 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (6 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (16 reviews)

UPDATE: 5-24-2017 Hello all who is reading this. I am back with an update to my review. Kevin W. contacted me over email and he shared with me the new improvements with regards to Collective Fab's support and shipping. While I could not take advantage of the opportunity to try them out again because I've gone a different direction with my business, I will say this. The app is great and it does make it a whole lot easier to manage your business and allow you to focus on other aspects of your store such as marketing. The products are great. I've ordered a few for myself and they are of excellent quality. Your customers won't be let down when they receive their items. I do sense that Kevin is genuine and is trying to do what he can to meet the satisfaction of many. He did reach out to me to address my concerns and complaints. After much consideration regarding my review and poring over the emails, I've decided to raise my rating to 3 stars.

UPDATE 5-16-2017: What was once 5 stars is now down to 1. This update should have happened sooner but I was busy trying to get my eCommerce business back up and running again. Well, I still stand by my previous review that I left back in October because it was only about the app. The app, I love! This update, however, is about Collective Fab's overall service. Collective Fab was a great idea for drop shipping but they have A LOT to improve on in the customer service department. The last issue I had, an item did not get sent out. I thought maybe it was because it was after the holidays or something. No one emailed me about it. Close to two weeks went by and I sent an email asking about it. Someone finally responds and tells me that the item I ordered for my customer was not in stock. Oh great, another inventory issue AGAIN. I asked them why no one contacted me. They claimed they did two days after I placed the order so I asked them to show me proof. They sent me a snapshot of a timeline note in their Shopify account. I talked to support from Shopify who looked at the snapshot and they said that it was not an email, only a timeline note in their Shopify account. I emailed and cc'd it to all at Collective Fab. The response email not only had an unapologetic tone to it, I was told not to CC everyone or else my email won't get answered because everyone will assume that my email was already handled. Um, bullshit. As a business, why would you assume that an issue has already been handled? Wouldn't you want to find out to make sure someone is taking care of it? The reason why I had to CC all my emails is because usually, several damn days would go by and still no response. So when I CC someone, I get a response. I hated having to do that but it became the best way to get a response from someone, especially when Live Chat (Emily) wasn't available for the longest time around the holidays last year. Anyway, whoever sent that email telling me not to CC everyone never left their name at the end of the email so I don't know who it was that emailed me. I ended up getting my refund back from Collective Fab for the out of stock item and I had to refund my customer who then said she was going to tell people not to buy from me. I don't blame her. I understand. I'd be unhappy too if I waited a long time for an item I really wanted and never got.

So, there you go. The Collective Fab APP itself works great. It does what it was made to do. The service on the other hand, does not do what I wish it could do. Instead, you get horrible customer service and you get charged a flat rate shipping cost starting at $6.95 (because it's based on weight) for them to take several days to finally ship out your items so it could take over a week for your customer to get their items. I had to come to terms with the fact that the $350 dollars I paid for the stupid turnkey website is a loss and I let them go this January.
I also want to mention that I recently learned of Urban OG. I don't know if they are in any way affiliated with Collective Fab or if Urban OG is where Collective Fab gets their inventory because their products and models are exactly the same. So far, Urban OG's wholesale prices are high so I am wondering if Collective Fab has gone through a re-branding again. The good thing about Urban OG is that all of their contact info is on their website. I actually called their number and got to talk to an actual person. So, maybe they are a wholesaler that sells to Collective Fab as well as everyone else.

PREVIOUS Review for APP ONLY 5 stars October 20th, 2016: I'm all about automation these days. I needed something that will keep my inventory up-to-date without the need for manual syncing. Collective Fab's app is perfect for that. My inventory now automatically syncs every fours hours and most importantly, I no longer have customers buying out-of-stock items! A great feature that I also really like is being able to push individual products directly to my store without having to create CSV files. Of course, if you choose, you can also create CSV files as well. Whichever way you choose to sync your products, this app has options that'll suit your syncing preferences. For me, the best part of this app is the Live Chat. Since Collective Fab is wholly based online (no 800 number) Live Chat has been my go-to for any issues or questions I have. There is always someone there from 9am to 5pm to help me. This is not just a great asset to my store, it is a necessity. :)


I am having a very hard time with this app. Honestly response is not as quick as I am comfortable with and the tutorials are not very effective.


They were easy to sign up with and it was easy to upload products to inventory. But the stuff around with orders and refunds and response from support team is beyond ridiculous! For the price you pay for shipping I expect to get products within 7days not 3 weeks!!!


First of all, let me say thank you for developing this kind of app for us shopify users. This was literally exactly what I needed and I stumbled upon it by accident lol. I needed a way to make my store look more legit without spending too much more money on wholesale. So I began looking into dropshipping, and I found you guys. Since installation, I have had more people on my site, they stay longer, and come back to look around often. I haven't made a sale yet since installation, but based on my newfound traffic, I'm sure I will get some soon. I do think some of the prices could be a bit lower, but they are not bad at all. The only thing that could be improved is the fact that a lot of your boots are only available in a size 6 or 6 and a half. Maybe restock the best sellers in all sizes?

Other than that, like I said, the app is amazing and exactly what I needed to begin scaling my business. It was easy to install and adding the items to my store was a snap! Keep up the great work :)


Collective Fab is awesome. They are constantly looking to improve which is refreshing for boutique owners like myself who are also doing the same. Their products and service are grade A!


The customer service is awesome. They reply rather quickly. I would only suggest for the inventory on the main screen would be the same as when you click on the product


I am still fairly new to this app and Collective Fab in general, but can honestly say that I absolutely love it. It is so easy to install and even more easy to use - no coding to worry about. I am able to spend my time now doing more important things such as marketing rather than manually updating inventory. I love the fact that new arrivals are readily available and help is so close by. I found that the feeds were failing when downloading large files, but quickly fixed that problem with advice from the tech team. I rearranged my entire site to accommodate what Collective Fab offers and haven't looked back. LOVE IT!!! It is so worth the monthly fee! - Alexandria, www.blowoutboutique.ca


Collective Fab is a trusting company that is continually making efforts to improve their system to make your dropshipping business easy to run. I appreciate that they are not just looking to make money but they care about your business and it's success.


Customer Service is getting better. They reached out and helped me with my issue.


Have been using this for a couple of months now. So far so good. I wish certain things could be changed within the app, but I can't complain, there's really no other app like this!

From $29.00 / month

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$19/month billed annually.

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