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246 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Instant access to over 4,000 fashion & beauty items available immediately for dropship.
  • Automatic quantity update every 4 hours to keep your inventory updated.
  • Add thousands of products to your Shopify store with just a few clicks.

Collective Fab is a leading fashion and beauty dropshipper located in Southern California. We offer fashionable, edgy, and stylish young women's fashion and beauty products available immediately for dropshipping without upfront inventory costs.

We've been a Shopify partner for over 2 years but have recently joined the app store due to our clients demand for quick and easy integration. We have over 600 active businesses using our dropshipping program on a daily basis. 

Our catalog has over 3,500 items with new arrivals being added daily to meet the constant changing trends and demands of the fashion industry. We carry an average of 3,500 items in stock item at any given time. All products are shipped from our facility (California) directly to your customers with your company information (blind dropshipping).

What do we carry?

  • Shoes

  • Clothes

  • Plus Sizes

  • Accessories

  • Swimwear

  • Beauty 

Collective Fab inventory management software is designed to be user-friendly so anyone can operate without technical knowledge. We also provide video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use our software and services.

Collective Fab app allows you to:

  • Instantly add thousands of products to your Shopify store with just a few clicks.

  • Automatic quantity update every 4 hours to keep your inventory updated. 

  • Bulk edit pricing to add your own markup. You decide your profit margin.

  • Add single items or bulk import via CSV.

  • In-app live chat for support.

How do we get support?

We understand that many businesses reply on us for run their own business and that communication is key. We offer an in-app live chat support, where you can chat with a live support agent anytime between 9am-5pm pst Mon-Fri. We also have a ticketing system that allows us to effectively manage all inquiries. We try our best to respond to all emails/tickets within 24 hours or less.

Collective Fab allows you to open a fully stocked online boutique quickly and easily without needing to purchase inventory, equipment, or deal with shipping. Focus your valuable time on marketing your website and building your brand and let us handle the rest!



Collective Fab reviews

246 reviews
  1. 5 stars (136 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (52 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (37 reviews)

I just sing up and I am deleting it, I'm giving them 2 star because they do have a lot of nice stuff but TOO PRICEY!!!! No thanks.


The clothes are cute and fit into the style of my boutique, BUT they are wayyy to expensive. Customer service is a train wreck, I’ve been trying to get an exchange for a customer for almost 2 weeks! I’m grateful the customer is a friend so they are understanding to what I am dealing with. I plan on cutting ties with Collective Fab very soon and finding another dropship company.


Didn't work for us. Our store is not open yet and we decided to try this app as we make inventory decisions. Most items are cute but a bit overpriced and many items/sizes show as "sold out". There are no phone numbers listed in case you have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly, and responses to our emails were either very slow or non-existent. In addition, shipping fees are on the high end. We decided to cancel our subscription due to our concerns, since we feel that the issues we noticed with pricing, product availability and customer service may affect our store's credibility as a reputable business.


This site in a complete waste of time and money. Don't fall for it. I wastes 4 months on them. Processing takes forever. And they never reply to your emails. Some items come as $0.00 so watch out of that.

Only thing that kept me from giving them a 1 star is the programming makes It easy to add products to your website.


Collective Fab is great for first time users and beginners. It is stupidly easy to integrate into your Shopify. The merchandise offered is on trend and customers love It! I also love that they offer blindshipping!

My rating is lower because of the response time received on my questions. The prices they charge for wholesale is a little on the steep side which causes me to mark up the merchandise even higher than I would like to on my site. The site is easy but also not as put together as I would like when it comes to being a new member, navigating through products and tutorials.

With all that being said, I have gotten in touch with Kevin and he was super helpful and assuring. I cannot wait to see what else they have in store!

I will be updating this review in July and after my site officially launches to the public and not just a select group.

Like another user Love Kari Dee, I have to change my previously good review. I have been using Collective Fab since July. I ran into little problems here and there and always got a quick solution from Kevin. Now, 3 months into my business, I have had to issue out several refunds due to customers NOT RECEIVING THEIR ORDERS! One of those was an international order and one order was actually for me! I have not received help from Collective Fab AT ALL! Luckily, I have found another dropshipper vendor and I have also found other vendors for me to use and store the items at home. There are 2 orders sitting in this app that have been fulfilled but not received and they are over 2 weeks old. Shopify members beware! I am highly disappointed, angry and embarassed. I am not sure if I should temporarily shut down my site so I can regroup or what?!


SUPPORT: I never got or received any help from them, regardless of free trial or subscribe. All my emails were never answered, no reply, no feedbacks.

USEFUL: In a sense that the sync from the app thru your store is flawless. Photos are great, products are good.

EASY TO USE: their inventory list is not working at all. Changing the price from their app thru your shop is not working.

RELIABLE: Nope. I was not getting any answer at all.


I have been working with Collective Fab for about 2 months and I was hoping it would improve.

The positives:
-I really like the images for plus sizes and some of the styles are pretty amazing (at least from what I can see in the images).

The negatives:
-Customer Service is pretty much non existent. I would email them directly or through the app or through shopify and they would tell me that I need to email them directly for better service (I already did). It would take up to 2 to 3 weeks to get an answer on things

-When I would get an answer (and I started to copy Kevin on these), it would be late, and the question I asked would not be answered. I asked a question on May 21 of this year about if "length" meant from the top of the shoulder or not when measuring. I responded again on June 6 asking if I was going to get an answer and received an answer on June 8. The answer was "You have a beautiful site. I would recommend to add a condition in your COLLECTIONS to HIDE items that have inventory 0. This will make your inventory a lot clean to the customers. Please see attached. Please see our size guide.". I have no idea what question they are answering.

-The size charts only measure one side of a piece of clothing. As someone who has been in apparel for over 20 years, this astonishes me for a U.S. based company (they are in LA). They said to just double the measurement given but that doesn't take into consideration the width of the item on the sides. I emailed Kevin a while ago with an honest review of CF and even offered to help them fix a few things because there is so much potential. I never heard back.

-The size charts are not consistent by item. Which doesn't make sense since the model is the same. There were some size charts (again, in the plus size area) that would fit a woman sizes 4 to 8 and others that would fit a woman sizes 24 to 36. RANDOM. It doesn't make sense.

-Another reviewer mentioned this. When you are looking at items, you need to click into the item to look at the descriptions, size charts, and all the images. Once you do that and decide to add or not add the item, there is no way to go back to where you were on the collections page. You kind of have to start over each time and find your way.

I'm really frustrated and sad that I had to write this review. The plus size world needs amazing product and I was hoping this would be a great partnership but they really don't seem to be concerned.


They were easy to sign up with and it was easy to upload products to inventory. But the stuff around with orders and refunds and response from support team is beyond ridiculous! For the price you pay for shipping I expect to get products within 7days not 3 weeks!!!


I had their service back when they were another company Bella Vi. THE absolute worst experience ever, this company almost ruined me I had to close my shop and regroup. it started when the inventory was not updating items showed in stock on my site but sold out on theirs. then the delay in shipping is notorious. one order was delayed so long that an item ended up being sold out. plus their customer service is not located in the states I found that out later. avoid them at all cost. and to be honest I think they get their products or are affiliated with urban og as they share the same stock quantity.
UPDATED: Kevin i guess he is the owner reached out to me to try and fix it. the shipping did in deed speed up but it still did not work. the stock level is never fully stocked i guess because you and 1000 other boutiques are sharing the same stock. and there is really no money to be made as their wholesale price is retail to begin with.

From $29.00 / month

$29/month billed monthly.
$19/month billed annually.

14 days


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