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Developed by K3 Retail

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  • Quickly create and edit your product variants, including grids
  • Easily manage your variant inventory levels
  • Clear and simple overview of sales and inventory

colorandsize is an application which integrates with cloud based POS and eCommerce systems, making managing your product variants a pleasure, saving you time and money - clear and simple.

Creating a style available in four colors and six sizes in Shopify takes two and a half minutes. Using colorandsize to do the same only takes sixty seconds. This means creating your average seasonal collection using colorandsize could save you a full working day - clear and simple!

Receiving inventory in Shopify is a real pain. Using the powerful tools in colorandsize gets this task done in seconds. Color and Size saving you time, clear and simple.

Changing a style’s price in colorandsize is a breeze! It vastly simplifies and speeds up your style editing. colorandsize - clear and simple.

A clear and simple overview of your sales and stock by color and size effortlessly puts valuable information at your fingertips. This really helps you to manage your stock and to optimize your sales! colorandsize - clear and simple.

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$15.00 / month



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