Store to door delivery manager - routes, drivers and dispatch.

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Manage & dispatch deliveries

Manage & dispatch. watch live and history. Manage multiple drivers. Group deliveries by zone. Up to 150 deliveries per day on Shopify plan.

Easily optimize routes!

Set deliveries for a driver, optimize them with a click of a button. Easily edit optimized route. Save & update the new route to the system.

A simple web driver WebApp !

Drivers are be able to load their assigned deliveries. Mark as loaded,start & navigate, take pics, signatures, contact customer & comment.

有關 ColourCodedDS

CCDS Route Optimizer App

  • NEW! - Now you can choose to install only the CCDS Route Optimizer App for only 20$ a month!
  • The CCDS Route Optimizer App is a simpler approach to plan and optimize your routes.
  • No drivers.
  • Only your store deliveries and route optimizer or manual route creation.

Colour Coded Delivery System

  • New Version: 2.9! - Updated 05-Oct-2021!
  • Get and manage all your store’s orders and deliveries.
  • Add and manage your drivers. (Up to 10 drivers per day with Shopify only plan)
  • Select deliveries and assign them a driver.
  • Create an optimized route for a driver. (Up to 150 tasks per day with Shopify only plan)
  • Send/Update optimized route to driver app.
  • Drivers can pick up goods with barcode.
  • View live actions and processes on the dispatch screen.
  • Explore past actions and deliveries with history.
  • Drivers can take photos and or signature.

Color Coded DS is a deliveries/drivers management platform.

Allowing the store owner to manage deliveries to multiple locations. With multiple drivers and route optimizing. A store to door solution for either websites or companies that ship by themselves or employ a shipping team or Supplier.

Easily selecting what goes where and when. Following its status and history. With a driver web app - One click to start delivery and open Waze to navigate.

Once a driver starts/ends/delay a delivery it will change color on the dispatch.

Color Coded Deliveries - The status of the delivery is also visual with colors.



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  • +972506463464

定價 9 天免費試用

Shopify only plan

每月 $45

  • Up to 150 deliveries per day with 10 drivers.
  • Create optimized routes for selected drivers or deliveries.
  • Drivers web app with navigation.

Route Optimizer

每月 $20

  • Plan routes from store orders.
  • Unlimited routes.
  • Print/Edit/Manual Edit with Drag & Drop your routes.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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The app does not even work..I tried installing it multiple times and it wouldnt even install! Definitely weird.



These Issues have been fixed.

Now, New version 2.9 is here with new fast U/I!

Thank you for the feedback.