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Redigeret 17. januar 2019

It was working great initially. Now its back to the Shopify template which is NOT what I want my clients to see. Have gone back into the app to reset back to what I created and its not showing up...I didn't know this until a friend of mine visited our site and screen shot to me what she saw. So I'm not sure how long I've been paying for a service that was essentially not working.

So update. Not sure if this going through or not, but its not letting give the 2-3 star rating I want.

REVIEW UPDATE: The customer service person quickly responded to my concerns after writing this review and was able to help me to trouble shoot my issue. The main thing is to make sure you DISABLE the password feature in SHOPIFY. Their program will work. Thanks for your help!

Be Bougie
Næsten 3 år bruger appen
Redigeret 18. august 2016

It is user-friendly and gets the job done.

SAR Hongkong
3 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 1. marts 2016

A very nice app - functionality is good and the style works really well. I did have one period where the page was not loading, we were getting A LOT of traffic, so i removed the app and set the domain to an Instapage landing page instead.
Pro Tip: Make sure you follow the instructions to 'deactivate' first BEFORE you remove the app. I didn't and found myself in a real tizz.
Their support team was extremely reactive and helpful in fixing this though.
Overall good team, good app - just make sure you read the instructions.

2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 13. juli 2018

Really wanted to use this app but I could not get it to work. Called into shopify 4 times who also contacted Sovi and they replied to me a day later. I let them know that I had a firm deadline and they were still slow at trying to fix the issue. I wanted them to at least try to fix it before I was charge to see if it was worth it. I'm sure I'll still get charged even though I deleted the app since I could not get it to work.


After finally working with the developer, my coming soon page is set up and ready to go! He was super helpful from there. Thanks so much Stephan!

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
13. januar 2018

The background slider is lovely. The app is very intuitive to use. It is a major disadvantage that the desktop background words, or the mobile-optimized version, but not both at the same time.

Delicious Glow
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 8. juni 2017

UPDATE: I have heard from Stephan about the issue, he offered to help find a solution or give me a full refund. Unfortunately, I had already found another app to use. But I do appreciate him reaching out (several times) and trying to make things right and ultimately refunding my money...because of his effort I'm bringing my rating up.

Before purchasing,I sent in a question - that was answered pretty quick. Purchased the app and between myself and a developer I'm working with, we've sent a total of 4 emails about an issue and we've received ZERO response. I went with this one, and paid a little more for it, because of the functionality that it claims to have - but doesn't. I would not recommend using this app or any other created by Sovi Creative due to the lack of customer service for customers that have already paid, customer service was great before I purchased it.

8 dage bruger appen