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Pasilobus, Inc

Disclaimer: This review is left by Pasilobus, developers of Comity.

This is a brand new app published over the previous social media plugin, which was listed under this page, called Bubble. All reviews from 2017 belong to the old plugin.

Comity is a new social media management & marketing platform completely redesigned from scratch with integrations available to most popular applications.

Shopify integration allows you to see the latest changes and updates happening on your store, so you will not spend time finding products & content to promote on social media. Comity also seamlessly synchronizes all your social posts as a Marketing campaign to the Marketing section of your Shopify dashboard, where you can see traffic & sales generated from your social media posts and see the impact of your marketing efforts.

We hope that all Shopify merchants will benefit from Comity. Less time for social media management means more time to focus on what you really care about — like helping your business succeed!


Simply a great app, post products, articles, and pages whenever you need to at your convenience.


I love Bubble. Very easy to use app for sharing a product. A couple of clicks and your product is on facebook or other platforms.


Bubbles, bubbles ... social networking all from my store and a click away, I share it all ... can't wait now for Bubbles to integrate Instagram and that will be a powerful tool that will save me so much time ! Thanks to Pasibolus :)


The app does not do what it was advertised to do. Mainly, it does not let you schedule posts in advance. When I contacted the app developer I was told they were working on it and gave me 3 free months with the product. I was happy with everything else the app offers so I accepted it. If they can get the product to do what it advertises I think my review will become better. My current review is based on false advertising of the product


great app, very easy to use and they have great customer service. It makes it very easy to share things on social media. I am very happy to find this!


The people are nice but the product doesn't work yet. It doesn't even feel like a beta's like an early alpha but they are inviting people to use the app anyway. In other words, do not waste your time or money on this app right now...there is too much they still need to fix.


Whoa...this is hardly $5/mo, you need to get a "Buffer account", and that starts at $99/month...lets mention that in our ad, shall we...omission is still BS.

Coloraddicted Com

Excellent app !!! It has automated my social media tasks and saved me so much time. Definitely recommended !

R W Summer Imports

I just started using bubble a day or so ago, although I've had it for a while. It seems easy enough. like it so far.

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