Free 25+ Vital CX Apps

Free 25+ Vital CX Apps

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Rocket your Sales with CommerceXpand's All-in-one Vital Apps

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Higher Conversion Rates

Engage and re-engage customers with alerts, countdowns, stickies, and more. Drive more conversions and revenue with all apps in one pack.

One App, Many Functions

Easily replace all the stand-alone apps you need to optimize your business operations and customer experience with many apps in one package.

Increased Customers and Sales

Automate your redundant manual tasks. Attract new and repeat customers and boost sales and profitability with all apps in one.

Acerca de Free 25+ Vital CX Apps

CommerceXpand is a one-stop replacement for many stand-alone apps to manage your business’s multiple aspects. This many-apps-in-one package is a collection of 20+ vital apps to simplify and optimize your store operations.

Increase Conversions and Boost Revenue

Abandoned Cart Management

Track abandoned carts and recoveries constantly. Send custom reminder emails to customers abandoning carts at checkouts. Auto-send scheduled reminder emails and compare recoveries to track recovery progress.

Bulk Product Editor

No more manual product updates. Apply filters to find products or categories to bulk-edit. Change tags, types, compare at price, and other details to show customers accurate info.

Cookie Bar

Configure cookie bar type and messages to comply with GDPR. Enable it for all the countries or the EU countries only.

Currency Converter

Auto-convert store currency based on customers’ location. Extend it to Shopify Multi-Currency and configure the style to match your store’s theme.

Image Optimizer

Optimize images to speed up your store and boost SEO. Optimize alt tags, filenames, other image attributes, compress images, and track progress with Analytics.

Sticky Add to Cart

Use an attractive Sticky Add to Cart and make checkout faster. Add a Quick Buy button and allow customers to buy directly from the product listing. Use custom themes to engage shoppers more and drive sales fast.

Back in Stock Alert

Notify customers of product availability. Use a custom subscription button to let customers become subscribers and recapture them with back-in-stock email alerts.

Countdown Manager

Use FOMO to drive more purchases in less time. Create a countdown timer and customize its color, text, and placement to drive sales.

Pre Order

Let customers pre-order unavailable products to ensure future sales.

Product Bundles

Upsell with product bundles. Configure product bundles, change product count customize bundle appearance, and show original and discounted prices to attract purchases.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Provide personalized customer support with live chat.

Recently Viewed Products

Display products on product page or cart page.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

  • Inactive Tab Message
  • Favicon Cart Count

Protect Your Store

  • Content Protection
  • Block Redirection
  • Best Seller Protection

Finetune Details

  • Geo Redirection
  • Scroll to Top
  • Order Export
  • Auto External Links

Capture Leads and Build Trust

  • Product Reviews
  • Announcement Bars

CommerceXpand is a combo of many apps in one to help enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement. All these apps work seamlessly together and support all the standard themes.

Se integra con

  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Geo Location

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May Flower India

Amazing and thought out selection of apps that help you in small ways which otherwise wont be possible with this platform. Highly recommended team of experts who adhere to your custom needs as well. Must have!

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16 de septiembre de 2021

Dear Chirag,

Thanks for giving us an amazing review!

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Isaac Lakhi

Excellent functionality. Seamless integration. Works efficiently and reliably. Would recommend to any e-commerce merchant.

Respuesta del desarrollador

17 de agosto de 2021

Dear Isaac,

Thanks for giving us an amazing review!!

We are delighted to hear that you had such a great experience with our product.

Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our customer experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on.

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