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Excellent Support and User Friendly!

Our online shop uses this app to convert invoices into commercial invoices so that we can ship internationally. The app works seamlessly with Shopify. It's so user-friendly. I almost can't believe it. I had an issue that required me to get in touch with their support team. I left it with Andrii and his team, and they fixed it within a very reasonable amount of time. I found the customer service to be incredibly responsive, and would recommend this app to any small or large company looking to simplify your process of creating commercial invoices. I can't recommend it enough!

Babybox and Family
大约2个月 人在使用应用

This app is solving a lot of problems for us, and the support I have had from Andrii around specific customisations we needed for our business was second to none.

Mark Littler
大约1个月 人在使用应用

Very simple and straightforward to use. We often have to send orders to customers overseas and this wonderful app saves a lot of time otherwise spent filling out paperwork. Also the technical support is par excellence, if ever there is any kind of issue with the app it is sorted ultra-fast. Can't recommend highly enough!

4个月 人在使用应用

As a clothing brand based in Indonesia and distributing to customers located worldwide, we require a commercial invoice for nearly all customer orders. Historically we had been creating a commercial invoice for each order in Excel using our shipping partner’s template, manually transcribing each customer’s order details from Shopify. Obviously, this process was time consuming, prone to user error, and simply not a sustainable process as our business grew. Enter Customs Buddy – the perfect application that meets all of our needs by automatically generating a commercial invoice for each customer order with one click. We required a few minor adjustments to accommodate the unique requirements for distributing out of Indonesia and Andrii (the lead developer) was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve never dealt with a more responsive and attentive Shopify development team – Andrii went out of his way to make sure the app was configured for our unique needs. Additionally, his team just released a new set of features that better display address details on the commercial invoice! If you are a store shipping product to customers overseas and need to create a commercial invoice, look no further than Customs Buddy. It’s made our operations so much more streamlined and with a pricing model that is consumption based ($0.10 per commercial invoice) we only pay for the value of the app we realize.

Afterlight Leisure
6个月 人在使用应用

Easy to use app. Creates customs invoices (commercial invoice) with two clicks. The customs invoice displays exactly the information they need to display and has worked well through customs in multiple countries. The reason I have used this app is because my Shopify webstore is not fully integrated with my 3PL centre, and therefore they need a customs invoice for each international shipment. Problem was solved very quickly with this app. Also support answered my queries extremely quickly. Recommended

Arctic Edge Norway AS
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This app has completely solved my problems with printing out commercial invoices. Highly recommendable.

Enchanted Forest Fibers
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Electric Borneo Cat B.V.已回复 2021年8月4日

Thanks a lot for your review! We are really happy that Customs Buddy helps you to run your business!


This is a great app. Creates commercial invoices with ease and with the latest update will generate invoices in bulk too. Easy to set up and configure. App developers are very communicative too. Highly recommend.
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Electric Borneo Cat B.V.已回复 2021年8月5日

Thank you for the review! Your input was crucial for the bulk invoice generation feature. We wish you great sales.


This app works great. Team is very responsive and they do their best to accommodate your needs. I highly recommend!

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Customs Buddy is EXACTLY what we were looking for. Our shop has multiple international shipments per week and the shippers require info that was not printing by default on the Shopify Commercial Invoice. Along came Customs Buddy and we no longer have to manually edit the PDF and add this info each time. We can setup our tax id, contact info, etc. one time and never have to enter it again. What a time saver! Even better, their customer support is OUTSTANDING! We noticed that something we entered was not printing and within a few hours they corrected the bug and released a new version. I've been in IT for over 30 years and it can take months to get something fixed (if at all) and this was more than I expected. Bravo!!

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This app is amazing and the customer service too. Andrii went above and beyond to make some custom changes for us so that we had everything we needed. The invoice is perfect for customs clearance now. I recommend! Thank you so much once again :)

Vagabond Life
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