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359 reviews
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  • Save time, money and nerves: Track 30+ ecommerce metrics in ONE Dashboard
  • Make sense of your metrics with peer benchmarks and join the largest ecommerce information network
  • Boost revenue and profitability with tailored recommendations and best practices based on research of thousands of online merchants

#1 Rated Reporting App on Shopify

Create your free Compass dashboard in 1 minute (no technical skills required). Join the largest Ecommerce Information Network and unleash your full growth potential.


  • Compass empowers small and medium-sized stores with enterprise-level analytics and reporting without the need for an army of analysts
  • Get better benchmarks, industry insights, recommendations and best practices than Macys and Nordstrom get from top consulting firms and agencies for a fraction of the cost

  • View data from different sources in one single dashboard (for example Shopify, Amazon and Google Analytics)

  • Track more than 30 ecommerce metrics for example Customer Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, Refunds and Customer Acquisition Costs)

  • 100% risk free - all basic features are free

  • Create your dashboard in less than 1 minute (no IT skills required)

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction with 97.9% 5-Star reviews

  • Fast and friendly EMail support with less than 12 hours response time
  • Product Features:

    Benchmark Report -
    identify problems and focus on what matters most

  • Benchmark your ecommerce metrics against similar companies

  • Learn about your store’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Answer questions such as “How is my Conversion Rate for Adwords traffic doing compared to similar stores selling similar products?”

  • Example benchmarks: Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Repurchase Rate, Revenue Growth

  • Insights Report -
    get a prioritized list of top levers to drive your store's revenue and profitability

  • Leverage Compass' Artificial Intelligence to identify your key growth opportunities based on your historical data, peer benchmarks and industry research

  • Learn how to execute on the respective opportunities from exclusive research on best practices of thousands of merchants

  • Acquisition Report -
    identify which acquisition channels to scale or to optimize

  • Review the Return-on-Investment of your acquisition channels (e.g. Facebook and Google AdWords)

  • Optimise your Marketing budget allocation

  • Revenue Report -
    keep your finger on the pulse of your business

  • Track your revenue channels in one report (for example Shopify, Amazon and PayPal)

  • Example metrics: Customer Lifetime Value, Refunds, Repurchase Rate, Average Order Value, Revenue

  • Executive Report - control your teams performance and set objectives based on peer forecasts
  • Get a high-level overview of your store’s performance

  • View forecasts for a realistic goal setting

  • Example metrics: Revenue, Visitors
  • Why Compass:

    Compass is used by thousands of stores with a total Gross Merchandise Volume of more than $13 Billion/year. Our customer get access to one interface providing them with a single view of all important ecommerce metrics, benchmarks and industry insights. We designed Compass to make it easier for you to track, read and understand your data.

    Compass is on a mission to level the playing field in ecommerce by giving small and medium sized merchant access to better insights than Amazon has today. We are doing that by uniting merchants around the world into the largest Ecommerce Information Network.

    Compass reviews (359)


    Was looking for a way to see how i was performing and got so much more, being able to benchmark against similar stores is such a valuable feature!!!


    Amazing app, easy to understand and tons of insights about your site.


    Love the app! displays everything i can ask for, very happy this app was recommended to me and i will definitely recommend this app to other shopify users!


    Very helpful insights that are easy to understand


    Hello, just recently downloaded this plugin at coast2coastbargains.com to help us sort through some specs. for our black Friday sale.
    Let me say this, it has tons of features and absolutely pointed things out to us beyond measure. We are still ironing out some things but, that's the point. We can see everything and best yet, its free.

    Thanks - Edwin


    Absolutely love the idea of this app. It clearly will show to use all your sale channels reports in 1 dashboard. We use Shopify and Amazon as a sales channels. So now I'm able to see all what I need in 1 dashboard. It's a game changer for me because I can see what is happening with sales. Once I have this data I can really see where I need to take a change to move company to right directions. Thanks. Love this app.


    Very helpful and gives great insight into my store! Very lovely and great! :) Thanks.


    You can see nothing under FREE mode, so the 0 fees or free is just a trick, better indicate the actual Price to attract the paid-willing customer.


    The app is very useful for anyone like myself that don't have lot's of time to waste. With a few clicks I have a very comprehensive dashboard where I can see a bunch of relevant KPIs (key performance indicators) such as cost of acquisition per paid channel and life-time value of my customers.

    I worked in a few startups before and I know how hard is to build this software. More importantly, I fully appreciate the fact that I can get lot's of insights from my store and my marketing campaigns with almost zero effort. Install Compass is really a no-brainer!

    PS: I met the team and the founder personally and trust them very much. I got an email from them to write a review as many other apps also email me for the same reason.


    Great app!

    From $0.00 / month

    Freemium with paid premium features.


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