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Cart Upsell, Drawer Cart Builder, Free Shipping Bar, Cart goal

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Free shipping bar to sell more

Display a free shipping bar with a price-based one click upsell. Let customers reach their cart goal with zero product search friction.

Increase AOV with cart goals

Use your free shipping offer & cart goals to motivate your customers to increase their cart value and add more items to their cart.

Native upsell progress bar

Automatic yet adjustable to match the free shipping bar to your store design on mobile & desktop. Advanced cart goal based in cart upsell

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About Completo Free Shipping Bar Upsell and Cart Goals

Why should you use upsell In-cart & use the free shipping bar method? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. The main reasons people are abandoning carts are:

    • Unexpected shipping costs.
    • Long checkout that gets interrupted by everyday distractions.

    To keep your customer updated on the shipping costs, Completo shows a free shipping bar (progress bar) and announces free shipping when the customer reaches the cart goal.

  2. Getting the most out of each customer: it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to acquire a new customer. That is why making sure you receive as much value as you can from each customer is important.

  3. The dopamine rush. We all like reaching our goals or milestones, and so do our customers.

An In-cart progress bar Upsell gives each customer a sense of success by reaching a Free shipping threshold milestone to unlock free shipping while encouraging a bigger smooth sale.

Why choose Completo?

The first smart customizable & responsive cart goal based upsell progress bar that directly correlates with your free shipping offer. Upsell in cart with a smooth and intelligent incentive.


Free shipping bar

  • In-cart progress bar (dynamic free shipping bar)
  • Storewide free shipping bar
  • Responsive to phone, desktop & tablet
  • Simple to use

In cart upsell

  • 3 price-based upsell suggestions, automatically chosen to complete your customer's cart goal. -Add items to the cart with a single click. -Select product collections/cart-related collections
  • Boost revenue.
  • no more search friction.
  • One-click for cart update & cart upsell.
  • auto design of store with custom options.
  • Supports regular cart pages, drawer cart & mini cart

Coming Soon!

  • Free Shipping Popup
  • Cart goal Popup -Upsell with cart customization -Advanced shopping cart customization
  • Free shipping announcement bar -Free shipping progress bar
  • Free Shipping Calculator -Automatic free shipping counter
  • Free shipping upsell recommendations
  • Free shipping cart page progress bar
  • Cart drawer upsell
  • Cart free shipping bar with cart goals
  • Free shipping drawer cart upsell
  • Cart Upsell Bar -Upsell free shipping bar
  • Free shipping over a certain amount
  • Unlock free shipping feature -Smart upsell recommendations

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Free Cart Upsell


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  • All app features:
  • In-cart upsell
  • Free shipping bar
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  • In-cart upsell
  • Free shipping bar
  • Fully customizable

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  • Up to $500 generated by the app
  • All app features:
  • In-cart upsell
  • Free shipping bar
  • Fully customizable

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This app is awesome! It helped our store's average order value to increase by $10 per order. Simple to integrate and the support is amazing. Thank you for creating a great app!


Completo is a great, slick app that does something not many apps do and actually gives your customers an incentive to buy your upsells. It has a wonderful customer service as well.

Great Support! To be honest I haven't had the time to really experience the app, because sadly I realized, that it's not exactly what we were searching for our particular problem, but the support was very great -> fast and helpful.