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Connect Co. Shipping

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Enjoy a seamless last mile delivery experience

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Integrate Seamlessly

Directly send bulk orders from your store to Connect Co. and save yourself the time of painstakingly entering orders into system manually.

Estimate Shipping Costs

Dynamically show your customers the cost of shipping based on location.Multiple delivery options provided(Same-day,Scheduled,Standard).

Track Status

You can track the status of the delivery directly from your store so you don't need to juggle multiple systems.

Sobre Connect Co. Shipping

This app can be installed by any merchant that has signed up with Connect Co. and has obtained an API key. All orders that are placed after the app is installed will be shown in your store back end under the Connect Co. Shipping app.


The initial configuration page will allow you to decide on how you want the app to work for you. Apart from the default details which are required, a few key options are described below:-

  1. Show Connect Co-delivery estimation in the front end If you enable this option, your customers will see a delivery estimation button on their cart page. Here they can input the destination city and it will dynamically calculate the cost based on the cart weight and show the shipping options available for that City. You can add a mark up too. The benefit of this functionality is that the City gets populated from a dropdown as per Connect Co.'s requirement so you won't need to make any edits to the order when it flows to the back end due to City discrepancies. If you do not want the customer to have this functionality and you only wish to affect this app in the back end, please disable this feature.

  2. Show Scheduled/Same-day delivery available in the front end If you have already enabled 1 above, you can decide if you wish to give your customers these added delivery methods which will show depending on the availability in the respective City. You will also have the option to change the description of each of these delivery options based on your internal process considering cutoff times etc.

Once you have completed the setup, the app will give you the following options.

  1. Sending your orders from Shopify to Connect Co:- You can select which orders you want to deliver through Connect Co. and send them in bulk by clicking the "Bulk Sync" button. Alternatively, you can send orders individually by clicking the "Sync" button next to each order. If there is an error in any of the orders that were bulk synced (most likely due to the "City" field not being matched correctly) a pop-up will notify you and you will need to individually edit and re-submit those orders. The sync status(Synced or Failed! Sync again) will be clearly shown so you will be aware of which orders you need to edit.

  2. Printing waybills:- Once an order has been synced, you can select the orders and generate the waybills directly from the app either individually or in bulk. This will not show if an order hasn't been synced.

  3. Checking the delivery status:- When you want to check the status of a synced order you need to click the "Live Status" button or "Bulk Status" button. After the updates are complete, please refresh your page to see the statuses against each order.

Note: That this app will not prevent you from shipping orders through another courier.

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