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Modifié le 2 juin 2021

Sadly we are still having problems with processing refunds and exchanges. If an item is bought online, you can not process simple exchange in store, you have to refund online order first and then generate brand new sale in store and ask for another payment. A lot of customers are not happy with that, so we have to do it manually on paper, then we have to amend stock levels manually as well. It is too inefficient and causes problems with our book-keeping.
For the refunds, if the customer does not have a receipt (we sell custom-made items so we know they are ours), it is too difficult to locate an original cash sale. Again we have been processing refunds manually on paper, which causes all sorts of problems.
I was assured by the developers that a feature "refund without receipt" will be implemented in the future, but have not been given an indication of the time frame and I do not think it will happen any time soon. This app is great, if you do not need refund or exchange function. But we will be looking elsewhere.

Clonboy Limited
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
ConnectRetail a répondu 28 mai 2021

Dear Clonboy, we are so sorry with such inconvenience to you. We totally understand how you are feeling now because we were unable to provide you with the best experience. Our Developers are still trying our best to complete the Refund Exchange feature and we are going to release it in the near future.
Our Customer Service team will send you a notice about this feature as soon as possible. Until then, we still hope to be your companion with business improvement.

18 septembre 2020

i have used this app before, but something went wrong with it, and it was deleted from my store. Now i cant install the app. I get this error message.
Invalid nonce.

Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
ConnectRetail a répondu 18 septembre 2020

Hello there,

I'm sorry you experienced this. I believe this is just a technical issue. I'm trying to reach out to you to solve the problem. Hopefully we can work it out completely!

9 février 2023

#Positive things first:

The support is very fast and friendly. They deserve two stars (actually more but the functionality of the app is just not as good as it should be)

#Negative things:

1) It's super buggy. You have to reload the cash in order to catch all newly added products into ConnectPOS

2) It completely messes up things with tax - if you have multiple tax rules or overwrites in your shopify store, it won't be working

3) They have soo many different configuration settings - like what the heck... you need to spend your life time in trying to figure out what to click, set up and most of the time the support has to log in into your account to fix some new bug that they found...

4) We were in touch with the support almost every day and every day they were suggesting using their native app instead of the web app. But have you actually seen how it looks? Just terrible - all pictures are blurry, it is super slow and doesn't find new products either.

Again, as probably many of you feel: it is pity that shopify pos is not supported on mac. We won't be using it any longer.

Steel Vintage Bikes GmbH
8 jours d’utilisation de l’application