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14 de maio de 2024

Asked customer service for help with my inventory not syncing with Amazon. Was told to push products, this then removed all my current products along with their titles, descriptions, images, links.

Set me back a good couples days on my work.

The app did sync my products inventories for a brief period of time until it stopped working, twice.

Some of the settings options don't actually change anything I think it's there for filler to look like there's more options.

To be honest I chose this app as it was the cheapest and I am just starting off this website so trying to keep costs relatively low. It would be worth the price if the app worked.

Reino Unido
22 dias usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 12 de junho de 2024

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We sincerely apologize if you’ve had a less-than-perfect experience with us.

Your critique is valid - we did have a bug with the sync service which prevented syncing of products. Our technical team had fixed the problem and everything is working alright again.

If you want to speak to us, you may reach our team at support@connectr.freshdesk.com and we will be there to answer right away.

4 de agosto de 2023

1. i sent 120 sku to sync only 80 came back rest i have to do manually

2. They have a fake button for sync in 15 min, only sync once in 24 hours partially

3. Support does respond after few hours

Estados Unidos
4 dias usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 12 de janeiro de 2024

This is an unfair review by folks from Andyanand.

It appears there might be a misunderstanding, as we have no record of a support ticket being raised for the issue you mentioned in point 1 and 2. We are committed to resolving any problems our users encounter, and to do so, we need more information.

We did send an email seeking clarification on the app features but have not received a response yet. If you want to speak to us, you may reach our team at support@connectr.freshdesk.com and we will be there to answer right away.

Data de edição: 9 de setembro de 2022

Been using the paid version of the app for a while now. Started having issues last month with Connectr not updating my shopify orders once they were complete. This also coincided with an update of the app. I wrote in on Aug 10 for the first time. It's now 9/9 and I've been back and forth with support on a weekly basis. Always being reassured the problem has been fixed, and always back at them the next week because it has not. I keep being assured the technical team will handle it - but they don't. I've been told they would monitor my account, but they have not. I see issues as I speak, so the monitoring is non-existent. And despite the fact that this has been going on for a month, do you think they have offered to refund my money for that month? Well, they haven't done that either. So, it was good while it worked - but it doesn't work anymore, and if it's not fixed in another week I will be tossing this app and moving on to something from an app developer that knows how to fix their own issues.

The Pet Show Store
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 14 de fevereiro de 2022

Started using Connectr app because it advertised that it would sync inventory between Amazon and Shopify. Just be clear, it only syncs changes in inventory that come from orders and changes made in seller central. If you receive inventory and adjust inventory levels in Shopify, they will be overwritten by the inventory in seller central. So the product does not actually sync FBM inventory between AMZ and Shopify. It only syncs some of the inventory. The interface is very confusing and hard to understand and there is a high risk of accidentally overwriting inventory numbers and products. There is just to much to risk when using this app as it will cause you a lot of time fixing what they did. My staff had to spend several hours re-counting inventory because this app completely replaced our shopify inventory counts with our AMZ inventory (which was 0 because we were setting it up). Their customer service was very difficult and instructions were very unclear. You have to email them back and forth which is really inefficient and a waste of time. We asked for a video chat/screenshare several times and they just ignored the request. After realizing the app wouldn't do what it says, we asked for a refund (took several weeks to figure out it doesn't do what it says) and they said they have a 7-day trial and they wouldn't refund. They refused after saying if we send them the invoices for the app, they would refund it. This just shows they have terrible customer service. So because their app was misleading and because their customer service was awful, they get a 1-star review. We ended up using Amazon by CedCommerce and it works great. It does exactly what we need it to and syncs FBM changes back and forth from AMZ and Shopify. It's very affordable and they will video chat and screen share with you on-demand. They have a great chat feature that they respond to immediately and have helped us onboard the app. We highly recommend checking out Cedcommerce over Connectr. Just to be clear, we don't get anything for recommending them, we just had such an awful experience with Connectr that they deserve a public bad review and a recommendation of another product over them. To Connectr: You should have just refunded the money like you said you would, it was less than $25. You'll lose more than that in customers who won't use your app now.

Foxhound Bee Company
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 15 de fevereiro de 2022

This is a completely unfair review from the folks at Foxhound Bee.

1. We have a free trial of 7 days so that merchants can test out all the features. They used the app for over a month and then demanded a 100% refund. Making an exception we had offered a pro-rated refund, not a 100% refund.

2. They wanted a 2-way sync between Amazon and Shopify. But we provide 1-way sync only. This is clear in our documentation. With our experience, 2-way sync has the potential to mess up the Amazon inventory. We have multiple options to sync Amazon to Shopify. Because of the activation of sync, the Amazon inventory got copied over to Shopify. This is the expected behavior.

3. Being a small team we don't have live chat support. Again, we don't claim 24x7 live support. This helps us to keep the app costs low.

4. We are glad they found an app that suits their requirements. Each app has unique capabilities.

We wish to deliver a great app experience to all the merchants. Unfortunately, it did not go well with Foxhound Bee. However, their review is not a true reflection of the service we provide.

9 de abril de 2020

says free, but they charge u even for free 25 credits,

25 credits given, 100 credits was promised, Charged unnecessarily, service not as promised

shopify shouldnt allow such confusing app and there should be return and refund policy for such frauds

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 9 de abril de 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We sincerely apologize if you’ve had a less than perfect experience with us. We’d love to talk to you more about your issues and hear your input so we can work on it. If you want to speak to us, you may reach our team at support@connectr.freshdesk.com and we will be there to answer right away.

App offers 25 free credits for all the users. We checked your account, you have availed the free credits and pulled products successfully. Our team has not promised 100 credits at any point in time - this is a misunderstanding, you may check the email trail again.

Connectr app has been vetted by Shopify and hundreds of Amazon Sellers are trusting it to connect to Amazon. If there is something not working you may let know. We offer a 7-day free trial to completely test the app. You installed the app on your store sunshineshoppe on 06 March 2020 while uninstalling on 09 April 2020 after the trial expired. Hence, you got charged once.

Our entire focus is to make it easy to help sellers on Amazon manage their Shopify store. Again, If you want to speak to us, you may reach our team at support@connectr.freshdesk.com and we will take care of all your issues.

24 de agosto de 2020


This app deletes products

It will overwrite your product information, unpublish products, delete products, change variants.

DO NOT under any circumstances, install this app!

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 27 de agosto de 2020

This is an unfair review. Our app never deletes, unpublishes, or overwrites products without user action. We have log records to prove that you manually deleted and pushed products using the app dashboard.

We, however, own up to a bug in the app due to which unwanted products got pushed in your store. Our team quickly fixed it and ensured it does not repeat.

Data de edição: 25 de janeiro de 2021

This app is absolutely the same as the app I had before called Shipr for Amazon FBA and I had to uninstall it as it was useless and I had to still manually go to amazon and type in every order myself. I tried this app but I knew I will have the same issues. I had to uninstall it but got charged monthly fee right away. I emailed them to get my refund but no one ever responded. Scam. Update on my previous review. After I submitted my review customer service contacted me right away though before they ignored my emails and started threatening me that I won't get my refund back if I don't remove my review. Are you for real? Is this the customer service you provide? Don't trust good fake reviews you see here. They have just charged me for another month though I uninstalled it the same day I installed this app. This is ridiculous. Their app Shipr is the same thing. Stay away!!! Update! This is just unbelievable how bad the customer service and the developer of the app. As bad as the app itself. Instead of keep arguing with the customer she (developer) could just refund the charge and be done with it and I would remove review. Instead she keeps fighting for this $10. You can KEEP it! Hope it will help you. Ridiculous. I hope no one will use this app.

Estados Unidos
16 minutos usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 25 de janeiro de 2021

This is a completely unfair review from the folks at ever-hot.com.

1. They first installed the app on Dec 22, 2020, and then uninstalled it on the same day. The 7-day free trial expired on Dec 30, 2020. Then they re-installed the app on Jan 11, 2021, by accepting the app charges that clearly showed no trial period. Hence, the store was automatically charged by Shopify on our behalf.

2. Instead of raising a refund case with us, they emailed at mailer@shopify.com and expected us to refund the amount automatically. Mailer@shopify is a no-reply email ID that does not forward the emails to us. Our support email is support@connectr.freshdesk.com.

3. When they did not get a reply from us, they simply left a 1-star review with no fault of us. Only at this point, we come to know about their case.

4. We have no legal obligation to refund the amount. Despite that, we considered refunding if they removed the unfair review.
5. Instead they think that this is a sneaky trick and threaten to leave another review! They just did that by leaving a 1-star review of our other app Shipr.

6. In the review they also accuse us of having fake reviews without any proof whatsoever. This clearly shows their malicious intent. All the reviews that we have are from valid customers happy with the app.

7. Our app processes thousands of FBA orders each month. It did not work for ever-hot.com because of misconfigured settings. We were willing to assist them to resolve all the issues.

8. It is impossible for us to charge even 1-cent extra than what is confirmed by the merchant. This is because we use the official Shopify Billing system that automates the charges. Subscription ends automatically as soon as the app is uninstalled. Sometimes there is a charge after uninstall since the billing cycles do not match. All this is automated by Shopify. Anyone having experience working with Shopify apps can confirm this.

This is a completely unfair review that forced us to reply. We have all the proofs to back each of our claims.

14 de março de 2023

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1 minuto usando o app
Thalia deixou uma resposta 28 de março de 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our app. We appreciate your feedback, but we would like to clarify that our app has never been advertised as a free app. We understand that this may have caused some confusion and frustration on your end, and for that, we apologize.

We take pride in providing a quality app that meets the needs of our users, and we strive to be transparent about any costs associated with our services. We hope that you can understand that the development and maintenance of an app requires resources and investment, and we have priced our app fairly to cover these costs.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We value your feedback and hope to continue to improve our app to meet your needs.

Thank you for your understanding.