Connectr for Amazon | FBA

Connectr for Amazon | FBA

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Import and sync products from Amazon Seller Central | FBA

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1-click import from Amazon

Capture everything from Amazon including variants, images, prices, inventory, item categories and full product description.

Inventory and price sync

Sync inventory and prices from Amazon any time you want. Or setup auto-sync to direct the app sync the product every 24 hours.

Ship with FBA

Fulfill orders on Shopify using your Amazon FBA account. Leave stock with Amazon and fulfill both Amazon & Shopify orders with 1 dashboard.

Sobre Connectr for Amazon | FBA

Connectr App helps import and sync products from your Amazon Seller account to your Shopify store. Complete product listing gets imported - description, images, inventory, price, variants, etc.

How it works?

  1. Pull from Amazon - Using the official Amazon MWS API, the app will read products from your Amazon Merchant account, extract relevant information, augment it with external data and temporarily store it in the Connectr database.
  2. Push to Shopify - Pushing products will create new products in Shopify complete with title, description, images, prices, variations, etc.
  3. Ship via FBA - Configure the app to fulfill Shopify orders via FBA. This even works for products that are not pulled via the Connectr app.

Save time importing products

Simply link your Amazon seller account and import all your products quickly and automatically with no manual data entry.

Import Specific products

Instead of pulling all products you also have the option to pull specific products from Amazon. Alternatively, you can link existing Shopify products with listings on Amazon.

Complete product listing

Detailed item description, images, prices, inventory, variants, SKU, weight, etc - everything gets imported seamlessly.

High-resolution images

The app imports all high-res images on a best effort basis.


Product variations get imported as well, with the parent-child relationships maintained (Shopify limits apply.)


Both FBA and FBM products can be imported. You can pull inactive products as well.

Smart Data

You can configure to automatically add product tags while importing the products. Furthermore, you can pick and choose the data fields you want to include in the product description.

Sync anytime

Inventory and price of all the products can be synced anytime you want.


Setup the app to automatically update the products every 24 hours.


Update Amazon inventory based on orders on Shopify.

Button link to Amazon

Place a 'Buy On Amazon' button link on your Shopify product page to redirect shoppers to your own product listing on Amazon.

Import Amazon Customer Reviews

Import customer reviews of your Amazon products and display them on your Shopify product pages.

Ship with FBA

Import Shopify orders and ship the items via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon.) This helps to manage the inventory at one location i.e. Amazon FBA while fulfilling orders on both Amazon and Shopify.

Export Data

The product data can be exported in a CSV file anytime.

Multi-Region Support

Link multiple seller accounts to import, sync, and fulfill items from all of them.


Our service is independent and is not affiliated with Amazon in any way, shape, or form. Any impression you might have got otherwise is inaccurate.

Integração com

  • Amazon Seller Account,
  • Amazon FBA,
  • Amazon Merchant,
  • MWS

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Basic Maintenance


$0.01 per SKU pulled from Amazon

  • Unlimited SKUs

  • Complete Listing

  • Auto Tags

  • Inventory Sync

  • Price Sync

  • Multi-region

  • Import Reviews

  • Export Data

  • Button Link

  • Ship with FBA

Free plan


  • For stores under the Shopify trial period

  • Upto 25 SKUS

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em dólar norte-americano (USD). As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

4.3 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Vancouver Organic Micro Market

This app is great moving product details and images from Amazon to your shopify store. Really saves a lot of time and customer support is really helpful and quick to respond.


Simply the best Amazon Importer out there. First thing is the ease of use - the screens are clean and perfect. Second its very flexible allows me to import few or all produts based on conditions. Third, their support is fast. Happy with the app, wish all apps on Shopify were like this.


This app is absolutely the same as the app I had before called Shipr for Amazon FBA and I had to uninstall it as it was useless and I had to still manually go to amazon and type in every order myself. I tried this app but I knew I will have the same issues. I had to uninstall it but got charged monthly fee right away. I emailed them to get my refund but no one ever responded. Scam. Update on my previous review. After I submitted my review customer service contacted me right away though before they ignored my emails and started threatening me that I won't get my refund back if I don't remove my review. Are you for real? Is this the customer service you provide? Don't trust good fake reviews you see here. They have just charged me for another month though I uninstalled it the same day I installed this app. This is ridiculous. Their app Shipr is the same thing. Stay away!!! Update! This is just unbelievable how bad the customer service and the developer of the app. As bad as the app itself. Instead of keep arguing with the customer she (developer) could just refund the charge and be done with it and I would remove review. Instead she keeps fighting for this $10. You can KEEP it! Hope it will help you. Ridiculous. I hope no one will use this app.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

25 de janeiro de 2021

This is a completely unfair review from the folks at

1. They first installed the app on Dec 22, 2020, and then uninstalled it on the same day. The 7-day free trial expired on Dec 30, 2020. Then they re-installed the app on Jan 11, 2021, by accepting the app charges that clearly showed no trial period. Hence, the store was automatically charged by Shopify on our behalf.

2. Instead of raising a refund case with us, they emailed at and expected us to refund the amount automatically. Mailer@shopify is a no-reply email ID that does not forward the emails to us. Our support email is

3. When they did not get a reply from us, they simply left a 1-star review with no fault of us. Only at this point, we come to know about their case.

4. We have no legal obligation to refund the amount. Despite that, we considered refunding if they removed the unfair review.
5. Instead they think that this is a sneaky trick and threaten to leave another review! They just did that by leaving a 1-star review of our other app Shipr.

6. In the review they also accuse us of having fake reviews without any proof whatsoever. This clearly shows their malicious intent. All the reviews that we have are from valid customers happy with the app.

7. Our app processes thousands of FBA orders each month. It did not work for because of misconfigured settings. We were willing to assist them to resolve all the issues.

8. It is impossible for us to charge even 1-cent extra than what is confirmed by the merchant. This is because we use the official Shopify Billing system that automates the charges. Subscription ends automatically as soon as the app is uninstalled. Sometimes there is a charge after uninstall since the billing cycles do not match. All this is automated by Shopify. Anyone having experience working with Shopify apps can confirm this.

This is a completely unfair review that forced us to reply. We have all the proofs to back each of our claims.