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Contact Form

Contact Form

Developed by Out of the Sandbox

Price: $14.00 Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Start receiving customer feedback in seconds
  • Customizable tab colors match your shop perfectly
  • Trusted by over 1000+ Shopify stores

NEW - Pricing Updated to a One-Time Fee

Try the Contact Form FREE for 30 days

The contact form is easily added to your shop without having to modify your template. A tab is enabled on every page in your shop, allowing customers to quickly and easily send you a message without interrupting their shopping experience.

Use the contact form for customer support, product requests, newsletter subscriptions, product enquiries, and more!

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  • Unlimited emails

  • Seamless integration with your shop

  • Only seconds to install

  • Customizable settings

  • Spam prevention

  • No external branding

  • No template modifications for the contact form overlay

  • Option to embed the contact form into any page

  • 30-day free trial

Tab Options

  • Feedback

  • Comments

  • Contact

  • Help

  • Join

  • Wait List

  • Product Request

  • Questions

  • Subscribe

  • Support

  • Coupon

  • Free Sample

Developed by Out of the Sandbox.

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Contact info@outofthesandbox.com

Contact Form reviews (20)


Very nice and easy to install app. I only wish it could be customized a bit more.
I really like the work Outofthesandbox does and currently use one of their web designs, Parallax, NICE.


Great app!


Very easy to set up and functions well - currently on the 30 day trial, will wait and see if we will pay for it. If there were a few more customisation options (look/feel of the contact form, having more options of where the tab can appear on the page are a couple of suggestions) then would have no hesitation.


Awesome app but I think there should be a bit more development before they charge for it - on mobile it renders foggy and too large, with no customization outside of color. Otherwise, it is extremely easy to use and run with


The App Store offers lots of contact forms, but we recommend and install this one for our clients every day. Why? Because it looks great, it's cheap, and it works. What else could you possibly want from a contact form. Take it from a 17-year internet veteran: Quit trying to reinvent the wheel with your own contact page and give your customers the simple, readily-available contact form "tab" that they'll actually use. In other words, install this app!


Doesn't render properly on mobile devices.


Love the look and ease of installation but should be able to be embedded in a page.


Wow. Less than 15 minutes, and this is fixed to one-time fee. You can believe all the good stuff you hear about Brad and Out of the Sandbox.


I take back my frowny-face: the price was changed from a monthly fee to a one-time cost. I'm anxious to give it a spin.


We were looking for a form front end to work with our CRM that fetches and parses email to make tickets. This one uses the sender's email address as the FROM - something we needed for our tickets to get created properly. Other solutions did not, including the one described in the Shopify Wiki.

Installation and setup took all of 30 seconds. I contacted the developer with a question/suggestion and received a fast, professional response. I replied with a question about embedding as a simple link and received cut/paste-able code in minutes.

As for those who complain that this should be built into Shopify, IHMO it is not fair to give this app a frowny face. The developer stepped in to add something missing. Simple to install, works exactly as advertised, receives prompt and effective support. Arguably Shopify deserves a frowny face, but not this app or developer.

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