Custom Contact Forms by ESC

Custom Contact Forms by ESC

Eastside Co

Smart Contact Form Builder

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Easy to setup and customize

Create unlimited, customized contact forms that blend into your store with ease.

Track user journeys

Gain customer intelligence such as ‘pages visited’ with the integrated analytics report to understand how they navigate and use your store.

Integration saves you time

Easily connects with Klaviyo, MailChimp and Zapier to integrate forms with any part of your business.

Custom Contact Forms by ESC 정보

Contact Forms gives you total control over your store’s forms. It’s packed with useful features to help you understand your visitors and communicate with them in meaningful ways.

Unlimited forms and simple implementation

Build as many contact forms as you like and embed them anywhere on your store. Use the auto-installer with live editor to preview forms on your site, or copy the code snippet and paste it where you want the form to appear. Forms will automatically inherit your theme’s CSS to blend seamlessly into your store, and we don't use iFrames.

Build completely custom forms

Create contact forms exactly as you want! Choose text fields, text boxes, file uploads, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons. Our form designer lets you change colors for a bespoke look.

  • Add text and images anywhere in your form
  • Make any fields required (with friendly and intelligent error messages)
  • Choose your button text
  • Incorporate Dynamic Conditions on your forms - for example, hide the 'phone number' field if a customer selects 'email' as the preferred method of contact
  • Send visitors to any page after they submit their response

Live form editor and preview area

Customize and preview contact forms on any page to test and make sure they’re perfect before putting them live.

Multiple recipients

  • Send different forms to different email addresses; send each form to multiple email addresses


  • Build a custom autoresponder for each form: set the ‘from’ name and subject line
  • Add a title, subtitle and text
  • Customize your autoresponder with logo and image
  • Preview your autoresponder for easy editing
  • Provide great customer service: responses delivered to your inbox instantly!

Track user journeys and understand customers

Meaningful context around visitor inquiries: form submissions come with a report on the 10 pages visited before they submitted their response, and account details if logged in. Analytics reports provide response details from the past day, week or month.

Easily access all form responses directly in the app

Receive SMS notifications whenever a form is filled in

Integration with Klaviyo, MailChimp and Zapier

Easy integration with Klaviyo and Mailchimp means email addresses are automatically added to your lists.

Use Zapier to pull forms into Gmail, Trello, Google Apps, and many other services, and trigger custom actions or notifications. Just paste the API key from the app into Zapier’s setup process.

Robust spam and bot protection

Custom Contact Forms uses multiple spam protection techniques so you don't have to sift through responses from bots, including the option to add ‘Google Recaptcha’ on forms.


  • mailchimp,
  • zapier,
  • Klaviyo

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King of Shaves USA

Super easy App to get around Shopify's poor contact form. This allows for easy customisation and sending to multiple email addresses. Perfect solution at a relatively inexpensive price.

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 2일

Hi there

Thanks for taking the time to write a review of the app - we really appreciate it and we're glad it's helped on the store.

Kind regards

Eastside Co


The forms are ok but the customer service/support is a no go. In an answer only 50% of questions were answered and since then their support is dead. Waiting since +2 weeks for a reply. This app is only recommended if you will never need assistance.

Image Boutique Shop

Very helpful, exactly what i was looking for!