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Developed by Katz Web Services, Inc.

23 reviews
Price: $7.00 / month Free Trial: 45 days More info
  • Super-simple setup - Install in under 60 seconds. No brain damage required.
  • Customers automatically added to Constant Contact when placing orders.
  • Add existing customers to Constant Contact.

Note: Contactified requires a Constant Contact account

Contactified is $7/month with a 45 day free trial.

Contactified features:

  • Super-simple setup - Install in under 60 seconds. No brain damage required. Learn about the setup.

  • Customers automatically added to Constant Contact when placing orders
    When new or returning customers place an order on your store and opt-in to your newsletter, they will be automatically added to the Constant Contact list(s) you choose.

  • SSL Encryped - Encryption keeps information private as it's sent to and from Contactified. Just another way we help your peace of mind.

  • Add all existing customers to Constant Contact
    Add all your customers into Constant Contact at once - simply choose the list(s) you want, and they will be added.

  • Add specific existing customers to Constant Contact
    Choose specific customers to be added to Constant Contact list(s) - way easier than logging in to Constant Contact!

  • Add Customer Groups to Constant Contact
    Want to add all US customers to one list and all Canadian customers to another? Can you spare 10 seconds? DONE.

Learn more about Contactified on Contactified.com

Completely rewritten, and with better support. We're determined to get your good review below!

Contactified reviews

23 reviews
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  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

Sync's customer's purchases, but won't do manual syncs. I have customer's tagged for certain groups and emails, but when I go to sync them to a particular list, doesn't work. Support seems to be very hard to find for this app as well. Disappointing and unimpressed. This app has been the same for a long time, doesn't seem to be anyone managing or improving. TIME FOR A NEW DEVELOPER!


This app worked perfectly for me and does what it says it will do. If you're using Constant Contact you will want this app.


I am unable to connect Contactified with my Shopify Store. I tried to contact the developer 3 times by e-mail, starting from early last week and twice by phone and have received absolutely NO response from him. Meanwhile customers are complaining that when they sign up for email, they are receiving an error message.


Will Not Allow me to Log in. Does not say what log in should be. Is it the same as my store log in? If so, dose not work. Does not allow for any other Log in to be created. Junk


Easy to use. Save lots of time by not having to manually input each new contact.


Great App! Easy interface, and fantastic customer service!


This app helps capture leads easily, and syncs them quickly. The developer/support team is very responsive and finds a solution to any issue, making it a very trustworthy product and service.


Works Great and builds the list well! Thank you


Much happier now! I reluctantly gave it 1 star last week....because I didn't know how else to get anyone's attention, since their contact form didn't work! But since then, Zack has contacted me, fixed his online contact form so it works in any browser...and then fixed the app so now my new customers are automagically entered into my Constant Contact list. Works great. Thanks, Zack!


It's a great app. Very helpful and easy to integrate with our regular Constant Contact

$7.00 / month
45 days


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