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Content Glass

Developed by Rhizome Networks LTD

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  • Increase users engagement with your website.
  • Provide an advanced user experience ad increased value using shared widgets ad add-on apps.
  • Move beyond the narrow limits of just another products catalogue.


Content Glass is a platform for creating widgets, add-on apps and general purpose shopping tools that enrich user experience and power your website with multiple layers of contextual information.

Content Glass app include built-in sharing tool - CG-Button, that supports multiple widgets that can be shared, and can also be extended with your own widgets.

You can utilize the built-in application framework to create and run widgets and apps that extend your store without need to handle the development process of integrating with Shopify app platform and API.

CG API & CG-Button

Content Glass (CG) is a platform and API for creating State Oriented Sharing apps. By installing this application a script will be added to your website. This script loads CG Web Client API (Application Programming Interface) into your website that is used for running CG-Button app on your website and optionally various CG add-on apps.

CG-Button is a Content Glass app that is used for creating widgets that run on top of websites based on some given conditions such as page URL or user properties. CG-Button is also a container for running CG add-on apps.

Using CG widgets and/or add-on apps you can practically add multiple layers of information and user-experience to your website. Your website turn from mere catalog into social service. Value is added to your website that help to increase user engagement with the website. More than that, your website will be integrated with CG services that offer additional levels of engaging with users, for example Interest Groups or Experts Glass services.

Widget can bring value to both, store owner and end-users. As end-user you can share a widget with friends so that when your friend visit the website the specific page the widget will be presented.

Note: Unless you provide special permissions by preferences portal, widgets shared by end-users are private meaning, they are exposed only to owner and the assigned peers-group set by widget owner.

As store owner you can share widgets publicly with all users or privately with certain users. Future CG service will provide the option of sharing widgets with specific groups made of store customers and/or established sharing relations. Sharing widgets does not require you to edit your website so it become very easy to provide ad-hoc information to end-users in various ways (text, image, video, other).

The variety of widgets that can be shared or used on store is practically endless due to the fact that CG let you add custom made widgets into CG-Button. CG-Button provides some basic widgets but new widgets can be developed using CG API. The same concept apply to add-on apps.

CG-Button provides some ready-made widgets you can start with. Here are few examples:

  • Text-Box - simple text box for leaving plain text messages.

  • Picture-Box for sharing picture.

  • Video-Box for sharing video taken from URL or recorded by you.

  • Note with various backgrounds.

  • Iframe-box - Widget for sharing Iframe so you can combine views from multiple websites into your store.

  • HTML-Box, a widget for sharing custom HTML and CSS content.

  • Personalization widget for sharing customized state of your websites (e.g. other background color, removed text sections, etc').

  • Shared shopping list and more...

Add-On Apps

CG Web client API is a container for running web applications. This container can run two classes of web applications:

  • Standalone apps: CG app running on a website with full control of UI and functionality. For example CG-Button installed by this Shopify app is a CG application for sharing widgets and running views.
  • Add-On apps: one or more secondary apps, loaded by the primary app and may be used for extending user-experience (with or without using CG sharing API). For example Store-Navigator add-on.

Add-on apps are automatically detected and loaded by CG API. Add-on app may be used for example for loading a library with custom made widgets into CG-Button. This way you can provide users with unique sharing and shopping tools - you create widgets that present the tool logic and CG is responsible for loading the tool script, presenting the tool to the user (inside widgets selector) and if required also storing the tool widget given some conditions widget an. In other words custom widgets can be used as shopping tools.

Add-on may also be used for creating fully functional applications for your website. For example an add-on created for noniades.myshopify.com uses CG API for creating e-cards that combines text message, personal video message and a poem from the collection of products offered by the store.

While CG-Button provides the basic sharing-tool functionality add-ons are the entry point for making your website distinguished!
Width CG is easy to make your website much more than just another products catalog!

Having CG API installed on your website you will be able to install ready-made add-on apps, provided by Rhizome Networks or custom made add-on apps created based on your requirements, either by Rhizome Networks and in the long term also 3'rd party developers.

Extended documentation & Video

This video shows an example of using CG on Shopify. In the YouTube channels you can also find other videos you may find interesting.

For extended documentation please refer to these links:

  1. Web client users manual - a guide that provide basic understanding of CG web apps (e.g standalone Vs add-on) and provide basic knowledge of CG-Button functionality.

  2. Managed app users manual - a guide that explain the concept of CG managed-app (as in the case if this Shopify app) and scan the basic settings of the app you are going to install.

  3. Widgets users manual - a guide that explain how to use widgets provided by CG-Button. While working with widgets such as note or video box may be handled intuitively, working with other widgets such as Personalization, Shopping list, connectors, HTML-Box etc' may requires some guiding which is intend to be provided by this users manual.

* Content Glass books are in evolving state. It is recommended to visit from to time to update with new chapters.

App Assumptions

By installing this app it is assumed that you agree with the following:

1. CG Client API and its primary sharing tool CG-Button will be installed by default on your website. You can later hide it (if it make sense, depending on case).

2. An account will be created for you on www.contentglass.com that will be used for accessing preferences, manage add-ons apps and access other CG services.

3. Your account will be subscribed to newsletter that is used mainly for sending important notifications and updates.

4. You agree with Content Glass service terms and privacy policy presented here.

5. Shared information is on user's own responsibility. Rhizome Networks is a software company that deals with software and not with rules. Still, using CG for promoting terror, promoting hate, illegal acts or abuse is forbidden. Use your common-sense, dignity and morality especially when you get the permissions to share widgets related to your business with public group across the web (see Interest Groups). Remember that Content Glass was intentionally created with state-of-mind of not being a spamming tool.

6. You are aware that Content Glass is evolving software and problems may occur from time to time that may affect functionality (for example note you shared as part of campaign is not presented) or may affect your business (for example add-on apps that involve with integrating between widgets and products) for the period until fix. And you are willing to take the risk.

Content Glass Account

Content Glass account is created automatically when you install this app. When you uninstall the application the account persist so you can come back in the future for the same settings. In the case of uninstall and reinstall the same account will be used that is associated with the Shopify domain name of your store.

The account is used for setting the application preferences and is accessible from your store app admin when clicking app's preferences link.

Account requires login using the user created for you on first install. This user has a name equals to Shopify domain of your store and Email equals to your store email.

For example if store domain is xyz.myshopify.com than user name for login will be "xyz.myshopify.com", and of course you will have to use a password.

The Email you are using in your store must be valid Email and in the case you are using spam filter you may need to train your spam filter to accept emails from admin@contentglass.com.

When account is created confirmation email is sent to your store email. The confirmation email include a link you will use to set your password. If for some reason you did not received this email, check the spam quarantine box. If it is not there please contact support for the purpose of manually setting your password. Remember - your store email must be valid or else we can't contact you.

When you click the preferences link of Content Glass app you will be redirected to services portal on www.contentglass.com, where you can set the preferences for your app. If you already logged-in you will not have to login again. If you are not logged-in you will have to login for accessing services portal, using the user/password received upon install.

Your account is of type managed-app meaning it is set with special role that grant permissions for accessing CG services portal and manage the Content Glass application you installed.

If you want to cancel your account you can do it from your user's profile page. To prevent confusions it is recommended to keep your account if you consider to use the application in the future especially if you made custom settings for adding 3'rd party add-ons. When you cancel your account, account state is set to cancelled however a record of your account is kept.

If you want us to delete your account compactly or that you want to re-activate your account after cancelling you can open a support ticket asking us to help you with required operation.

Preferences & Settings

Application preferences is managed on a dedicated portal assigned for your install on www.contentglass.com. We call this CG service: managed-app. Managed-app service is accessible from app's preferences link on Shopify dashboard, but it can also be accessed from the main menu ob CG website (See Services -> managed-apps).

Here are few of this things you can set from managed-app preferences page:

  • Customizing few aspects of CG-Button.

  • Disabling CG without uninstall the app.

  • Restrict sharing tool only for store admin.

  • Changing CG-Button orientation.

  • Define pages on which users can share widgets publicly.

  • Declare manifest URLs for custom add-on apps.

  • Install ready-made add-on apps.

  • Access the other sections and features of CG Services portal.

The sharing tools

When you first install this app, and if all works fine, you will see a blue tab on the top border of your screen. This tab is the indication that CG-Button sharing tool is running on your website.

As store admin you are the only user that is allowed to shared widgets that will be exposed publicly. Other users can share widgets that will be exposed only with their contacts. Using app preferences you can define pages on which other users can also share publicly. This is optional of course.

Notes about sessions

  • Tab position: Content Glass default is to set the tab in the middle of top edge. In many sites this may not be suitable with other tools or existing UI. You can change this position easily on app preferences page. If you need help with that, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Alias domain: When you set your store with custom domain you need to specify the custom domain in the the 'Alias Domains' section of preferences (if was not set by default).

Need help?

Finally, if you need help or have a question don't hesitate to contact via support mail support@rhizomenet.com or using the tickets system.

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I'm a card carrying member of MENSA that scored a perfect 800 on the quant portion of my GRE and I'm fuzzy on what this app is and what it does. But I'm not a professional programmer, either, despite my high aptitudes in all things analytical.

Whoever wrote this page needs to rewrite it for plain English speakers if you ever hope to gain any sort of mass user appeal.

Also, it's disconcerting that the app seems to put some type of widget, without permission, in the upper right hand corner of one's Shopify website. I looked and looked for a place to remove this and couldn't find it. So I'm going to uninstall the app.

I'm going to contact the developer and see what they have to say about this review and if they can shed some light on their app. For now, I'll give it 3 stars just because I don't think it's done anything bad to my site and it hasn't done anything good, either.

I'm open to revising this review and upping the stars number depending on the developer's feedback to my query.


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