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Content Glass

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About Content Glass

What does 'Content Glass' do?

Content-Glass provides an ability to extend websites without changing website code, by adding conditional layers on top of websites. Information on layers is set and presented in the form of CG-Widget (for example Note, Picture, Video..).

How does information share?

CG API creates virtual layers on top of your website or app (version-2 will let you configure these layers). Website owner and/or visitors can set widgets on these layers. Widgets are exposed given some 'state' (conditions). We call this mode of sharing: state-oriented-sharing.

  • Version-2, will let you define your own "content-glasses" surfaces as well as controlling cross-web exposure states of widgets and styling of widgets.

Whet layers can be used for?

CG-Button app (version-1) is equipped with 8 built-in layers for attaching a widget: * "Page" - widget appears when specific URL is shown. * "Domain" - widget is attached with the domain name, so it will be appearing across all pages of the same website. * "TLD" - widget is attached with 'top level domain', so it can appear across all websites. * "TLD Page" – widget is attached with specific page across all websites that share the same TLD. Each of these can be either 'private' (limited to peers-group) or 'public' (shown by all). Note that only admin user can attach widgets to public layers.

What are CG apps and extensions?

Content-Glass Web client is an API and framework for creating apps that run on top of websites. There are two types of apps: * Standalone - a container of features that utilize CG API and load glasses. For example, this app (CG-Button) is a standalone CG app. * Add-on - an extension that can be auto-load and run by standalone app. Add-on can be used for creating custom tools on top of your websites without need to change anything on your website code. Add-on extensions can also be used for providing additional glass-surfaces, for example 'help-glass' is an add-on that add glass-surfaces for showing 'help' widgets that can be presented in multiple modes. Add-on apps provided by us can be installed from preferences page.

Few examples to try

  1. create widget and attach to public layer for showing special notices on your website.
  2. Install (or build) add-ons for adding multiple glass-surfaces to your websites, such as help-glass, reviews-glass, texts-glass, ads-glass and more.
  3. Create custom shopping tools.
  4. Social-networking on your store - users share with each other on your website.
  5. Collaborative activity, such as buying together with shared shopping-list widget.
  6. Take your store out of its 'site' boundaries, using cross-web glass-surfaces (version-2)

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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Free to install

$9 for optional Content-Glass add-on apps that can be installed once this app is installed.

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3.0 of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Pure Hearts International

I'm a card carrying member of MENSA that scored a perfect 800 on the quant portion of my GRE and I'm fuzzy on what this app is and what it does. But I'm not a professional programmer, either, despite my high aptitudes in all things analytical.

Whoever wrote this page needs to rewrite it for plain English speakers if you ever hope to gain any sort of mass user appeal.

Also, it's disconcerting that the app seems to put some type of widget, without permission, in the upper right hand corner of one's Shopify website. I looked and looked for a place to remove this and couldn't find it. So I'm going to uninstall the app.

I'm going to contact the developer and see what they have to say about this review and if they can shed some light on their app. For now, I'll give it 3 stars just because I don't think it's done anything bad to my site and it hasn't done anything good, either.

I'm open to revising this review and upping the stars number depending on the developer's feedback to my query.