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Content Glass

Developed by Rhizome Networks LTD

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  • Making your website unique instead of one-of-many products catalog.
  • Stratify your web-store with layers of contextual information and activity.
  • Increase users engagement with your website by adding the ability of generating multiple points of interactions.

New Cookies-Notice widget

We added new widget that can be used for showing the cookies notice frequently shown on website. The widget is very easy to setup and configure.Click this link to read more: Cookies Notice widget admin guide

New Privacy Policy

We updated our privacy policy. The new policy is apply for any user that uses Content Glass service. Please read the new privacy policy that clarify many of the privacy aspects in the work of content-glass platform.

What does Content Glass do?

Content-Glass let you, and visitors, the ability to share widgets on contextual layers running on top on your websites, without need to change anything on website code. Thing of it as multiple "glass surface" set on your website.

How information is shared?

Information is shared in the form of Widgets that owner or visitor drag on a website from widgets-gallery. You will probably use visual widgets, however the concept of widget is not limited to visual data. Widgets may be used to hold information and or running some logic, also without being visible.

- Note, while version-1 is give end-user very limited control of widget properties, version-2 will provide much more control of widgets including custom styling and setting states of appearance.

Whet layers are built-in?

Current app is equipped with 6 built-in layers, a widget can be attached to:

  • "Page" - widget appears when specific URL shown. (The URL is the 'state' or context for sharing the widget)

  • "Domain" - widget is attached with the domain name, so it will be appear across all pages of the same website.

  • "TLD" - widget is attached with top level domain, which is probably not relevant in most of the cases.

Each of these can be either 'private' or 'public'. Only the owner is able to move widgets to the public layers, so that widgets can be viewed by all. Visitors are only able to share widget on private layers, so widget is scoped to peers.

Version-2 users will will let you create your own custom glasses, plus adding many more improvements like making these glass-surfaces cross-web (not limited to specific website).

What are CG apps and extensions?

Content-Glass Web client is a framework for creating apps that run on top of websites. There are two type of apps:

  • Standalone - a container of features that utilize CG API and load glasses. For example this app is a standalone CG app.

  • Add-on - an extension that can be auto-load and auto-run by standalone-app. Add-on can be used for creating custom tools on top of your websites without need to change anything on your website code. Add-on extensions can also be used for providing additional glass-surfaces, for example 'help-glass' is an add-on that add glass-surfaces for creating and showing 'help' on your website. This add-on is available from preferences page.

Some use-cases for Content-Glass app

  • 1. Making special notices on your website (create widget and move it to public layer).

  • 2. Adding various glass-surfaces to your websites, such as help-glass or reviews-glass.

  • 3. Creating custom tools

  • 4. Let users share with each other on your website.

  • 5. Collaborative activity, such as shared shopping-list widget.

  • 6. Cross website glass-surfaces (version-2)

  • 7. Leave textual note, image or short video message to visitors when your store is close for development or maintenance

Content Glass reviews

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I'm a card carrying member of MENSA that scored a perfect 800 on the quant portion of my GRE and I'm fuzzy on what this app is and what it does. But I'm not a professional programmer, either, despite my high aptitudes in all things analytical.

Whoever wrote this page needs to rewrite it for plain English speakers if you ever hope to gain any sort of mass user appeal.

Also, it's disconcerting that the app seems to put some type of widget, without permission, in the upper right hand corner of one's Shopify website. I looked and looked for a place to remove this and couldn't find it. So I'm going to uninstall the app.

I'm going to contact the developer and see what they have to say about this review and if they can shed some light on their app. For now, I'll give it 3 stars just because I don't think it's done anything bad to my site and it hasn't done anything good, either.

I'm open to revising this review and upping the stars number depending on the developer's feedback to my query.


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