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13 de julio de 2024

Terrible text translation in the last month/two. Before was much better. App cant translate easy texts.

Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
Sherpas Design respondió 19 de julio de 2024

We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience with our app.
We've tried to reach you in various ways but haven't had any luck.
As a valued long-time customer, you know our translations are usually top-notch.
Please reply to our emails or call us back directly so we can investigate and resolve the issues you're facing!

Thank you for your understanding,
TLab Team

18 de octubre de 2023

Op zich goede vertaling, maar mist een goede tutorial over hoe je het moet inrichten en gebruiken. Niet alles wordt in de AI tool of bulk translate vertaald, dus dat moet je per pagina alsnog handmatig toevoegen. Helpdesk verwijst je naar Shopify voor inrichting van de taal per market en shopify verwijst je weer terug naar Tlab.

Schild Inc
Países Bajos
6 días usando la aplicación
3 de diciembre de 2021

We reinstalled this app for the purpose to enable our brand to sell international, but for some strange reasons this app fail to enable us to sell in allot of countries. Please look into separating languages and countries as allot of countries beside the UK speaks English, French, and Spanish. This issue limits our business from selling or marketing to allot of countries. German (Deutsch) is spoken in Germany, Austria and other countries, English is a language not a country, French not a country, is a language spoken in France, Canada and other countries, Spanish not a country is a language spoken in Spain, USA, North America and other countries and Italian the language spoken in Italy, USA and other countries. TI needs to separate the above issues.. Your app fails to understand the difference between Country and Language, hence the reasons we will be uninstalling this app again and go with your competitor. It fails to meet our needs at this moment.

Omii Hair
Reino Unido
19 días usando la aplicación
23 de octubre de 2020

Nice interface but not for us. We are a little bit disappointed as once deleted the scroll down is still present on our website.

6 minutos usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 24 de septiembre de 2023

Sadly, I need to edit our review and lower the stars. The interaction with the app could be better, especially when managing many languages. We would add terms to the glossary that won't translate and some custom translations that won't work. translations have been pending for months, and they have yet to implement a bulk solution, so you will need to translate review per review each time for each language.
Adding new products or modifications will not be automatically translated, so you'll need to run everything again manually each time, which is time-consuming. This solution is too demanding and time-consuming, rather than being a set-and-forget approach, which is what the app leads you to believe with its AI capabilities.
Support, while responsive during weekdays, is not available on weekends. So, any issues you encounter, you must wait until next week.

Canvas by Numbers US
Estados Unidos