Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate

Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate

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Translate your store and sell in multiple languages!

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Native to Shopify

Choose a native translation app for your store. Translation Lab works seamlessly with Shopify’s new multi-language feature.

Simple Interface

One-click setup, simple interface – start translating instantly with Translation Lab! No coding skills needed.

Full Control

Have full control over the translation of each and every content resource in your store.

有關 Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate

Bridge the language gap with Translation Lab, tap into new markets, generate traffic, and boost sales.

Why Choose Translation Lab?

  1. Translation Lab works natively with Shopify's multi-language feature. That means that no additional code is added to your theme, and there is no external backend that can crash or slow down your store.

  2. Have full control over the translation of each resource in your store - products, collections, theme, checkout, blogs, pages, emails & SMS, meta fields, shops, shop policy, payment gateway, links, product variants, etc.

  3. SEO-friendly - search engines will index your store in all translatable languages. The app will create unique URLs for each translated page in your store. Meta tags and hreflang tags etc., are detected and translated.

  4. AI translations - translate your store instantly using Google’s state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation System.

  5. No coding skills needed. With a 1-step setup and simple interface, Translation Lab is the perfect app for any Shopify business looking to go multilingual.

  6. Sell in multiple languages, reach new markets, attract more clients.

  7. Translation Lab is compatible with all major SEO apps.


Bulk Translations

The app allows for variant grouping for easy translations, e.g., translate all strings for a specific resource type (all products, etc.).

Export/Import Translations

Export any resource type to a CSV file format and automatically import translations.

Language Switcher

Place a customizable language switcher in your store with flags or language names.

Language Management

Select a default language for your store and secondary languages at the click of a button.


Our support team is here to help you make the best of the app and answer your questions. We provide email support Monday-Friday.



4.9 5 顆星

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Essential Cosmetic

Best experience ever. Very helpful. I really really appreciate your help. You guys are amazing. Big wow

Merle Norman RGV

The Translation Lab App and its Sherpas service is out of this world!
They responded to my emails super fast and always explained everything in a simple yet clear way, sometimes even including an explanatory video or image. My website is quite large, with many sections that require translation, but they helped me with everything without a hitch; they helped and explained how to find texts, the creation of excels, the import of different translations, etc. I am very happy with them; not only that, but their App is incredible and allows you to individually edit absolutely everything within the theme. You can even put your own spin on how you reach out to customers! Congratulations Sherpas, you’re amazing!!

SB Sublim

Good, fast and great support! It would be great to add a search bar to the metafields translation for advanced custom fields.