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  • Understand Google Analytics data for each page and take action on it.
  • Seize marketing opportunities for your Store.
  • Fix major issues that impact your store’s rankings.

How to find marketing problems that might impact your Store's performance on Google

If you've ever looked at your Google Analytics Dashboard but didn't quite understand what you're actually looking at and how you could use that information, then you'll love Contentlook.

This tool helps you interpret the data about your Store and transform it into actionable tasks. Basically, it will find marketing problems you didn't know your site was facing. Then, it will guide you through a few steps to help understand and solve the problems with your team.

You could spend thousands of dollars on Marketing Consultants, SEO analysts and Google Analytics experts. Or you could use Contentlook for a fraction of the cost.


  • Full performance Audit of your Store (SEO, Traffic, Social, Blog, Link, Authority)

  • Find marketing problems you weren't aware of

  • Guidance in solving your problems

  • Insights and alerts based on personalized data about your site

  • An easy way to manage campaigns within a team

  • Get a complete overview of each page in your Shopify store

Get Actionable Insights by Interpreting Google Analytics Data

You can't know if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Marketing Campaign are actually paying off if you don't have a way of measuring them. After Contentlook finds marketing problems within your store, you can create campaigns in Contentlook to take action on those issues.

Sometimes, it's an easy fix. Other times, it takes a more time-consuming strategy in order to get the results you want. Within each campaign, you can define goals such as inbound links, SEO score, social shares, and many others.

You'll receive an email notification each time a page reaches your limits or is falling behind. Assessing product pages from a marketing and SEO standpoint will become easy.

Contentlook will also take your Google Analytics information and turn it into visual data and insights you can start working on right away. You'll see the evolution of your metrics in clear graphics and comparisons.

You can even find marketing problems specific to your store from the insight section. For example, Contentlook can identify which of your pages load extremely slow (which can lead to high bounce rate).

You can learn from your past wins as well; Contentlook tells the story behind your Google Analytics data.

Your Personal Marketing Assistant - Contentlook

With all these features, you can find marketing problems and turn them into opportunities for your Online Store. You can do it on your own - without the help of experts.

The 14 Days trial is a great chance to put it to the test for free. You'll get access to all the app's features before you decide to purchase.

Find marketing problems today.

Here a few of the top questions we get asked and the answers we provide:

1. What is Google Analytics and why is it important for my Shopify Store?

Google Analytics is a free software that gives you digital analytics of your site. It's one of the main tools any site owner should have. By setting it up, you start receiving specific and important metrics about your site. This information can tell you:

  • Where does your traffic come from?

  • How many pages do people open in one session?

  • What is the average time people spend on your page?

It's a great SEO resource that any Shopify Store owner needs to use. Because it helps you track and measure your site's improvements. Without it, you'd be doing online marketing and SEO without knowing what works and what doesn't.

But learning to find and understand specific data for certain pages in your site can be tricky. And sometimes, even if you find that information, you might not know what to do with it.

That's why we believe Contentlook can help you enhance that data with the help of visual elements and actionable ideas of what you should do next.

2. How can I find marketing problems within my site?

With Contentlook, the answer is simple. Whether it's marketing or SEO issues, Contentlook can not only help you find them but also solve them.

The tool will point you in the right direction with step-by-step instructions you'll need to follow to reach the solution.

3. How does Contentlook gather all the information about my online shop?

Contentlook crawls your online store pages and the social media sites to gather its own information when it comes to social media, number of words on a page, and your SEO score. But for traffic, time on page, referrals and so on, it relies on the information Google Analytics provides for your site.

It showcases this information in a more clear way and lets you create tasks so you and your team can start working on improving the site. You can even integrate it with Trello so you can have all your work in one place.

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From $29.99 / month

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