ContextSearch ‑ Instant Search

ContextSearch ‑ Instant Search

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Mobile-First, Instant, Mini, Contextual Product/Store Search

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Mobile-First Design

Add our intuitive, mini search option & delight your customers with our search UX optimized for mobiles.

Instant Results

Provide a better search experience with search-as-you-type results & instant suggestions.

Better Search = More Sales

Increase conversions by increasing discoverability of products with our intelligent, contextual suggestions.

Über ContextSearch ‑ Instant Search

What is ContextSearch?

ContextSearch is a mini, instant search, optimized for mobile phones. With our mobile-first design, intuitive/customizable UX, and contextual results, help customers find what they’re looking for. Instantly!

Why Search?

Adding an onsite search option increases conversions and it's also widely accepted that onsite search increases discoverability of products. E-commerce research also suggests that customers who perform a search convert better.

  • Mobile-First Design: With the increasing shift in e-commerce traffic on Shopify from desktops to mobile phones, our mobile-first design will not only help customers find what they are looking for in a mobile-friendly format, but will also increase your brand reputation.

Key Features

ContextSearch is designed with the most common customer use cases in mind, providing easy-to-integrate options and customizable search option, while also being performant and light weight. Make your website fast, responsive and search friendly.

  • Instant Results: Search-as-you-type feature provides instant results.

  • Quick Suggestions: Provide relevant product suggestions even as you type just a few characters.

  • Intuitive UX: Simple & responsive UX provides a great search experience.

  • Customizable Design: Colors and options to blend with your website design.

  • Light-weight, Performant Search: Designed to be light-weight, quick & responsive.

Increase Discoverability

With context search, provide instant relevant search results to customers. Intelligent SERPs combined with instant suggestions are key to increasing discoverability of products.

  • Increased Discoverability = Happy Customers + Increased Dwell Time

Increase Dwell Time

Better search options and increased discoverability not only engages your customer base, but also Increases click-through rates and the time customers spend on your website.

  • Increased Dwell Time = Increased Conversions

Increase Conversions

Reduce drop-off rates and provide contextual and relevant results with context search and increase conversions.

  • Increased Conversions = Excellent ROI

ROI & Conversion Factors

Get excellent ROI from your website traffic. Most Shopify websites spends $$’s on acquiring traffic. While increasing website traffic is important, with our onsite search options, also focus on converting your traffic better & increasing ROI.


  • Contextual search-as-you-type features.
  • Instant contextual results for “did-you-mean” suggestions

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