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Redigert 26. april 2024

Contlo provides a comprehensive view of customer behavior across all touchpoints. Its multichannel campaign management enables personalized marketing strategies. Contlo is a top choice for businesses aiming to elevate their marketing efforts with insightful data-driven approaches.
Thank you for being part of Contlo!

8 måneder bruker appen
24. januar 2024

Super seamless integration. Prompt services. Would highly recommend to start-ups and growing businesses.

9 måneder bruker appen
30. januar 2024

Best platform to reach out to customers in an omnichannel and personalized manner along with the best customer service.

DHC India
10 måneder bruker appen
12. januar 2024

The app interface is very good and very easy to understand. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to level up their email and whatsapp marketing. Additionally the contact support is very good. Kudos to the team!

Gud Gum | Planet-Friendly Chewing Gum
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
6. november 2023

I've been using Contlo for quite a while now, and it has completely transformed the way I approach marketing. Contlo's AI marketing application has been a game-changer. With user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and run campaigns, even if you're not a tech whiz. What I love most is the AI's ability to analyze data and make data-driven recommendations.
The email marketing features are a highlight for me. I can create personalized, dynamic email campaigns that have significantly boosted my click-through rates and conversions. Overall, I highly recommend Contlo to any business owner looking to up their marketing game.

Derma Essentia
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
15. januar 2024

It's an user friendly application with a good user interface. Also proper assistance was given from the beginning by their team.

Factor Notes
3 måneder bruker appen
12. januar 2024

Contlo is the best for e-commerce stores. The automated customer abandoned processes have significantly increased conversion rates by intelligently addressing potential drop-offs. The app's seamless integration of email, SMS, and WhatsApp provides a versatile platform for running targeted multichannel campaigns, reaching customers through their preferred communication channels. Moreover, the engaging pop-ups, customizable to align with brand aesthetics, enhance user interaction, contributing to decreased drop-offs and conversion rates. In essence, Contlo is a must-have for businesses seeking an intuitive and powerful solution to streamline customer engagement and drive growth.

Butterfly Edufields
23 dager bruker appen
3. januar 2024

The platform's multi-channel capabilities seamlessly integrate with email, SMS, and whatsapp, providing an omnichannel approach for consistent brand experiences. Automation is at the forefront, streamlining tasks and empowering marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
Contlo is a game-changer in retention marketing, offering precision, personalization, and efficiency for businesses aiming to build lasting customer relationships.

12 måneder bruker appen
13. oktober 2023

Contlo has been a fantastic addition to my brand's marketing toolkit. It has streamlined my email marketing efforts and consistently delivered outstanding results. I highly recommend Contlo to any business looking for an efficient and reliable email marketing platform.

Rhinoshield India
5 måneder bruker appen
27. april 2022

I've been using this app for last 3 months and can vouch for there extremely friendly support and the functionality of the app. With them marketing automation has become a cake walk. We have seen increasing customer engagement and better ROI with Contlo. Good luck to you guys.

Over 1 år bruker appen
Contlo Inc svarte 17. juni 2022

Hey! MommyPure Team. We are extremely happy to hear that our app was helpful for your e-commerce store. Our Team is constantly working on bringing brand new features to this app that will further enhance the customer journey. It is great working with you.

Co-founder, Contlo