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5 reviews
December 26, 2022

WAY WAY WAY over priced, poor customer service. Highly recommend that if you're looking for POD services you look else!

Time spent using app: 28 days
Contrado replied January 5, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Do take the time to get to know us. We are actually not overpriced - unless you are looking for fast fashion items which won't last for a long time and contribute to the ecological issues we are all painfully aware of nowadays. I wrote what follows for another similar feedback but I think it applies in this case too: we produce high-end products you can add to your product range and your online Boutique. Please note that all our products are not only printed all over on the fabrics first (either via pigment or sublimation or reactive which you might know is both a lengthy and expensive process) and they are also hand-made within our own factory. We do not subcontact. At all. We work with actual artisans in love with what they do and deserve that recognition. We also support all costs ourselves as well. Looking at the clothing range on your website, I could only find items with small prints on little squares or circles on your products. This is not what we do and we made it clear on our Shopify app listing as well. All our items are hand-made, with extra options as far as your own printed colour brand logo on a label printed individually and stitched onto your product. All printed on demand which in itself is costly. I can see you had the app for 28 days but I think that to know us and make an actual objective judgment, I would strongly suggest to purchase some sample products first, and speak with us. Once you try us and stick with us, you won't go back (though I agree we can all improve). As i mentioned to the other person, I would love for you to reach out to me directly gwenn[at] Please do. We might get somewhere, we might get nowhere but at least I hope I can make you see why our prices are what they are and make you want to actually start sampling with us. And propose a different offering to your customers as well. Because we do actual Quality that is meant to last. And this is both ethical and sustainable. An example: why don't you offer our amazing recyclable tshirts for example Though we obviously have a lot more hand-made products like our leather bags, or real silk dresses etc. I do not know your customer base enough but I am happy to hear you out and see what we can do to work together if you give us a chance. Thank you.

December 17, 2022

$35 for a kitchen towel... thats not even a good retail price.. what do you expect ,me to sell these for. REALLY THOUGH.
I own a screen printing shop but wanted a POD for some random items, but I can buy kitchen towels from $.50 to $3 and put a $1 print on it my self, and retail it for $9.99 like the price is for most kitchen or tea towel,


Humboldt Republic
United States
Time spent using app: 23 minutes
Contrado replied January 5, 2023

Thank you for your review. I hope you will give us a chance to work with you and show you why you should work with us if you want amazing high-end products added to your product range and your online Boutique. All our products are not only printed all over on the fabrics first (either via pigment or sublimation or reactive which you might know is both a lengthy and expensive process) but they are also hand-made within our own factory. We do not subcontact. At all. We work with actual artisans in love with what they do and deserve that recognition. We also support all costs outselves as well. It is great though that you want to try other printing methods (vs screen printing which might not last forever and only allows you to print on little squares or circles on your products). Even tea towels are hand-made, with extra options available with several additionnal wavy colour edges we stitch. And did I mention your own printed brand logo on a label, and that goes without saying we offer an actual amazing 228gsm cotton linen printed on demand (which in itself is costly). I think that to know us, it takes more than just spending 23 minutes installing our app and then making a judgment without actually speaking with us or purchasing some sample products first. Once you try us and stick with us, you won't go back. Are we perfect? No, nobody is though we keep working at improving everywhere we can. I would love for you to reach out to me directly gwenn[at] Please do. We might get somewhere, we might get nowhere but at least I hope I can make you see why our prices are what they are and make you want to actually start sampling with us. Because we do actual Quality that is meant to last. And this is both ethical and sustainable. Last point, I can see you offer mostly tshirts on your website, then why don't you offer our amazing recyclable tshirts? Take the time to try us. We are worth it.

Edited May 16, 2022

* Update to their response. As you can see this is what you will deal with from them. Denying fault and lying about their quality. Please check their reviews on Facebook. I wish I had previously to attempting to work with them. You can find my review there that allows for attachments of pictures that shows the quality of what they sent me AND a screenshot from a picture on their own website of their product photo with major tarnish on it. They did reach out to me 3x pre their response and all times denying the quality of the product and only to offer me a discount for a future order to change my review. If you're dropshipping do you want your customers to experience this especially at the prices you will need to charge to make a profit? Do you want to lose money because they won't admit fault and won't replace or reimburse? Also so many of these reviews on here use the same verbiage which leads me to question their authenticity. These are NOT high quality products and their customer service is the lowest of the low. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE and potential degrade of your brand and company due to them. I was so excited about this company when I first came across them but their quality of products is not the same across the board. Especially for the pricing and their customer service is the worst I have ever came across. Here’s what happened. I ordered a sample wallet. Leather great. Took it out of the bag to photographed for marketing. Put it back in the bag and noticed dings on the crappy hardware AND MAJOR tarnish on the zipper. So I reached out asking if they had better materials for their hardware to match the quality of the leather. Their response…. We only offer the highest quality products… we checked with our team and we quality check everything before it goes out. We can offer you a 20% off discount. First of all you didn’t quality check because this is what I received. Second, I sent you pictures of it and the order number less than a week old. So only the highest quality materials are meant to tarnish, rust and be so soft they ding in a week and with one use ( not even use….. Just taken out of the bag and photographed)… ? Not even Claire’s jewelry does that. THEN if you look at their OWN PRODUCT DEMO PHOTOS on their OWN website and zoom in multiple pictures on their OWN website featuring their OWN products have tarnish on the hardware! I mean come on. But they won’t even own up to it and blame it on me. I loved their pillows but I don’t trust their quality checking process obviously and would have to order each one in to quality check myself, then ship out AND then if I had an issue have the blame put on me ( the client ) and lose money because they don’t even offer to replace… only a 20% discount. I care deeply about the quality of products I offer and customer service with my business and it seems if I worked with them this would go down hill fast. NOT A LUXURY company at all. Stay FAR AWAY if you care about your own customers experience. Please read Facebook reviews too. I really wish I had before waisting tons of hours creating work to help created by them. Same complaints about product quality and them not taking ownership :/

Heather Freitas
United States
Time spent using app: 18 days
Contrado replied May 16, 2022

Hi Heather, let us look into this for you. A member of our team will reach out to you very soon. Looking at the picture you sent, this is not the level of both products and service we aim to provide any of our customers so let us solve this for you. I am confident we can. PS I just went to the leather bag making team and checked the stock which is fine. I have taken pictures which we will send to you so you can see for yourself too. Let's work on this together?
Hi again Heather, we tried to email you earlier and though it is only 7:45am for you I see you updated your review so we just tried calling you and left you a voicemail. Apologies if you felt this was too early but I assumed you were up. We want to solve this with you. Answer us?

Edited December 13, 2021

Terrible product quality, awful Shopify integration, despicable customer services... these guys cost us thousands of dollars, lost customers and weeks of wasted time- save yourself and run!! PS. Reading the reply from Contrado I feel I need to include more detail... Contrado's Shopify integration was incorrectly matching product sizes. 52 orders had been incorrectly fulfilled when we realised what was happening. Contrado denied there was a problem. Then they refused to take any responsibility. I tried to escalate the issue to a supervisor, and to talk with someone on the phone, but they refused. All I had was a chat and email, and they would not offer any solution- they offered a US$300 voucher by way of compensation! Then, they locked us out of our account! We could not access the orders for processing, or tracking. Support chat always said that they are fixing the problem. We removed the Contrado products from our store- a waste of over a week of work from my team, and I initiated a charge back through my Business Visa Card. About six months later we did get our refund of those 52 orders through Visa international. A nightmare from beginning to end- what a waste of time! Also, customers complained of poor product quality with running seems and bad fit.

OM Planet
New Zealand
Time spent using app: 9 months
Contrado replied November 30, 2021

Thank you for your feedback. I feel about your experience which is the opposite of our ever improving offering, new products, services and growth that we offer and so many others are sharing in. We would like to wish you well.

Looking back at your time with us over a year and a half ago, I really wish things ran smoother on all sides. The sizing issue you originally raised for some face masks was fixed and we offered full compensation after some initial back and forth though at that point you went another way which concluded in our favour. With this hopefully clarified, we didn’t stay idle since you last interacted with us:

We constantly improve our app, went live with several major releases to help our dropshippers, e.g. more seamless product syncing, automated payments and more. We introduced a free sample t-shirt offer recently to try us out as we are confident about the quality of our products (do also look at our hand-crafted leather bags! They make heads turn in a great way!). When it comes to service, we really aim to not only help dropshippers, but work together with them and solve whatever comes our way, and we have more dedicated resources who really try their best to work with our customers, and our dropshippers especially. We love our dropshippers and we want to offer them an amazing experience throughout. Are there always things to improve? Yes, that’s the case for every person and every company all over the world. Do we listen and do we work at improving things? Yes we do, it can take a bit of time if changes are consequent but we keep improving, and we keep dropshippers who work together with us in the loop too. I really hope you can see how genuine this answer is and how much we actually care. We wish you well.

March 17, 2021

What a journey. First i was happy easy use and great to design. Than starting alot of errors and sync problems. With alot of items made it was time consuming and horrible. I had made 1000 designs on different products. The high prices of products and many choice you stick with it with patience because you hope that all will be good. Than starts the horror i ordered 16 samples. Contrado offered to sent 1 item as sample. I made it 5 different items to check the quality. When finally get the items i was shocked to see the quality and items for the pricing they are sellin there products. A jogging bottom 88 euro and really thin material imposible to re sale for higher price. A leather back from almost 200 euro. Damage after 1 time wearing the ink came of. Imagine sellin this for a high price to your customers. This will damage your brand. After talkin with contrado they offered me a new bag and new items. Weeks are past still no new items. After some phone calls emails and live chat. I did not get any action or emails back as they say they will do. No i am done of waiting. I still did not get any reaction on my other 11 items left. I ask for money back but till today no any reaction. I payed but dont get my products. I think is strange to ask high prices for products with poor quality. And worst payed items what are not made to not send the money back. Even the items what they have told to re make and resend. I never recieved. Is not nice to do business this way. I am not a person to leave a revieuw but this had to be told. Take care of doing business with contrado. It is not what it looks like unfortanelly.

Liberties clothes
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
Contrado replied March 18, 2021

Thank you for your feedback which we are looking into for you. In any case, I am so very sorry that you are facing such struggles. Some leads already: I can see that we had agreed to do some testing for you and introduce new fabric options to some of the garments which could be amazing for all of us (hence the additional time it is taking there). In regards to the bag, it was dispatched yesterday. I hope we can solve this together so you can see how much we care, how much we hare been invested so far already in not only fixing but introducing new options following your original feedback, and are very much looking forward to making things better for you. We will be in touch very soon privately as well.